Magic Spell for ACTION or Overcoming Procrastination

Let’s keep this one simple and not write a novella (I tell myself.).

As the title implies this magic spell is all about acting and moving and putting an end to stagnation and procrastination. This is the spell to get you unstuck and in motion when it matters most so simplicity and assertiveness are the way forward.

Annihilation of Procrastination (Solo Operation)
Category: Practical magic
Methodology: Natural Magic
Type of Operation: Incantation
Difficulty: Beginner, Easy
Intent: Get into motion now. Eliminate procrastination or hesitation.
Timing : As needed.
Material Components: Red Jasper, or Red Calcite, or Tiger’s Eye (red or yellow), or Bloodstone (any variety) – You need a stone corresponding to Mars, action, will power, drive, etc. do if not one I’ve listed any piece that corresponds as stated will do.
Optional: Red Candle

If you wish to employ a red candle, light it at the start of the working. Red is the power of action, aggression, will, strength and dynamic power so program the candle with whatever symbols or intentions you wish beforehand.

By now most readers already know this but I will remind all to take a moment for relaxation ad attunement ahead of the operation. Remember, as always, we must enter a magical state of consciousness before any real magic can be performed.

Incantation with Your Action Stone

Hold the action stone in your receptive hand, which is opposite the hand you write with. Sit a moment and let the stone grow warm in your grasp. Feel the surge of red energy flowing into and through your hand, arm, and torso. Mentally dispense this energy throughout your body as it rushes in from the stone.

Focus this charge into your third eye, or the spot between and above your physical eyes, for a few seconds. Drop this focus down into your solar plexus, just below the sternum and where the left and right ribcages meet.

Imagine a red ball of immense power pulsate and grow here. Retain your awareness of this area as you repeat the following spell as many times as you like:

I welcome and bring

Annihilation of procrastination as I sing.

I decimate and eradicate the needs to hesitate and vacillate!

In fact, I make this pact to act

with or without absolute knowing or the need to be exact!

Without delay I walk the way starting today.

Direct action and the notion of locomotion

bring me joy and satisfaction

as I belay further delay and seize the day!


It’s of course important that you mean every word of this spell so if you feel the need to revise a line or two or swap some words out etc. don’t hesitate to so indulge. Repeat as many times as you wish, at least once and probably less than ten is my recommendation.

Let go of the red ball inside you and know it will be used as fuel for the work ahead.

Go kick some ass, returning to the incantation as often as you need from here on.

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