Magic Is Not

No, it isn’t!

I see plenty of pages discussing what, according to the author, magic is or is about. However, I see far too few pages, articles, etc. detailing what magic is NOT.

I could, if course, go all “Dr. Seus” here and prattle on for days about all the things magic isn’t. That’s not the plan.

Rather, I want to set straight a few misnomers and misconceptions I see running rampant in today’s “spiritual revival” or metaphysical resurgence.

Please forgive the use of all caps below. I feel so strongly about these matters that I willingly breach the “don’t shout” rule of Web content.


The two “M words”. if you will, share a great deal of common ground, but they pass one another along the way heading in different directions instead of existing adjacently. Mysticism is escape from material and ascent to the higher planes, the quest for spirit. Magic is drawing down a piece of heaven to the earth, grounding it and making a new reality through the effort. The different pursuits occasionally appear to “brush up against” the objectives of the other, but they remain distinct and independent of one another.

Mysticism may aid the refinement of magic, but it is not magic nor viced versa.


Magic by itself has nothing to do with enlightenment for the sake of enlightenment, nor is it inherently about being a better person or connecting with gods or angels to form relationships thereabouts. People will tell you otherwise, that indeed magic is spiritual refinement and the quest for the higher self and aligning with god and your soul’s purpose and….

It’s all horse shit! Whether intentional or not, these people are lying to or trying to brainwash you.

Magic is a field of knowledge and study, containing a set of skills. Improvement within these internal parameters is its own reward, the results of which ca then be taken into or applied unto whatever pursuit one ca imagine.

So magic can be used for spiritual development, and effectively at that, but it IS NOT OF ITSELF one and same with said development.


I dare not leave this one out. I, like so many millions raised in modern Christian churches, was told and did believe the whole of my childhood that magic is of the devil! There is an old saying: All magic leads to the devil, eventually. This old quip is quite true, but it means something other than what it appears to say.

There are evil magicians, I suppose, to the extent that people can be “evil”. We all do evil things, I imagine, and the monster never sees a monster in the mirror but the notion of magic inherently being wicked is foolishness at best.

It (magic) is a skill and a process and a field of knowledge we study. We can choose to use what we earn from this work however we like.

“Black magic” is considered by many an applicable term for ALL magic used to effect people other than the magic user. While I disagree with these cooks I do try to stay up on the state of contemporary lore, so I’ll go along with the premise.

I, as a regular healer of animals and people and someone who loves to cast money charms for friends and strangers, am among the blackest of the black magicians, and I’m cool with that. Evil? I think that’s a stretch, though I admit I can be an asshole at times.


Magic and psychic ability are similar, interwoven even, but not the same. These two must be carefully separated at the start of your study to avoid common and crippling pitfalls. Check this blog post for an in-depth explanation of this important distinction.