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Magic in the Garden

The Slow Season at Whispering Oaks Farm

It recently occurred to me how very strange it is that I haven’t bogged at all about gardening or garden magic. I guess when you do something as a trade for many years it becomes sort of a given in your own mind, that you perhaps don’t even bring up often in conversation.

That’s speculation. At any rate I am going to start discussing the magic offered by the garden and the theme of the garden as magical place. Working and living in garden space has shaped the person and magician (even the mystic!) I am at nearly 50. so I have a thing or two to say on the topic.

Simultaneously I’m tweaking the SEO for my mom’s business site for Rockhouse Gardens, a greenhouse, nursery, venue, and landscaping service she runs on a property we jointly own and that I call home (she lives down the road a ways). She could use a link or two from a fine Web property like this one, and now she has it. 🙂

I’ll return soon with the garden-related content I just plugged.


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