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Magical Correspondences

Magical Correspondences are the relationships between people, places, and things based on their energetic similarities the connections they share with other powers, intentions, spirits, and so forth. This philosophy is based on the idea that everyone and everything in our reality consists, is made up of, the following:

  1. The two natures of masculine and feminine.
  2. The four energies of earth, water, fire, and air.
  3. The fifth energy which binds the first four together, facilitates the natures, and gives channel for the powers (next item) to coordinate and have/share their being.
  4. The seven powers of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury, and Luna.

These things are present within all of us and within everything we can see and touch, plus everything invisible or intangible to us. All things manifest or unmanifest, in this world or the Other Worlds reflects these natures, energies, spirit, and powers.

Common magnitudes or associations of these factors within two or more things results in a correspondence. Here’s what this looks like on paper…

Silver coins, the color purple, the herb lavender, a Willow tree, water, quartz crystal, and the spirit Vaol (vah-ole) all share in common strong currents of Lunar energy, and so would all make good correspondences for Lunar, or Moon magic.

Lists and Tables

I have in mind to add some lists and tables here, and probably some PDF downloads. Apologies that’s not done yet but frankly I didn’t expect to see you here given this blog gets about 8 visitors per year at the moment. OK that’s a lie, you got me.

I just don’t have the work done yet, but once I do you now know where to find it. Have patience if you will.

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