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Magic Handbook | Magic Study Guide

Complete study guide for magical training.

Get your complete handbook for my system of magic!

I originally put this together as my own reference, and later printed copies for others who wanted to learn some of the basics of magic. It’s a reference book for some basic operations that can be used as the backbone of a simple practice, and it covers the essential bits of lore and magic theory for creating or supplementing a magical paradigm.

Paperback and hardcover versions include magical journal or blank book of shadows section as well. This is, if I do say, a pretty nice little tool for the practicing magician.

Available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book

The Amazon listing says the following:

Practical magic guide and general guide to magic studies, this straightforward reference for the student of magic contains most of the common procedures needed to build a strong, working practice. From daily training exercises to formal operations in planetary magic, this work is ideal for the temple space and yet deliberately simple enough to browse while riding the bus. The magic studies guide section consists of Three Clauses or large chapters followed by a blank book of shadows and magic journal space.

Wicca, Thelema, Kabbalah, whatever your tradition of ritual magic or folk magic, the Basic Magical Handbook has something to offer. Every one of the exercises, formulae, and rituals is easily imported into the system or tradition of your choosing.

Best of all, the methods and magic in this handbook are tested and proven to be effective. The goal here was simple enough: cut through the pretentious crap so many modern magic books contain and provide the reader with cut-to-the-bone simplicity to help get results as quickly as possible.

This is not another Golden Dawn copy & paste rehash, and yet there is enough common ground between the contents of the Handbook and traditional Golden Dawn systems to satisfy readers who insist on staying close to those guidelines. For seekers who want different options, these too are given.

Essential lore and “magic theory” are covered to clarify the concepts within and assist the newcomer to magic. The explanations and the ritual work are kept as simple as possible, no filler and very little fluff.

Here is just some of what is included:

  • – easy exercises for grounding and centering
  • – simple method to align the etheric and physical bodies
  • – methods for enhancing your aura and auric shield
  • – words of power for many magical purposes
  • – ritual for calling your four personal elementals
  • – alternate pentagram ritual to be used instead of standard lesser banishing form
  • – how to summon planetary forces using the six-armed cross or “world tree”
  • – exercises for projecting and pulling in different energy currents
  • – simple breakdown of how to work through the causal plane and manifest what you desire
  • – pages for notes and sketches
  • – a large journal section (over 100 pages) for recording your studies and progress

There’s quite a bit more as well. Material is broken into 5 sections for ease of reference,

The notes and journal addition make this handbook a working book of shadows as well as a practical guide.

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