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Lunar Initiation
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magical Initiation on June 10, 2022 0 Comments
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Lunar Initiation
Lunar Initiation

Luna, the Moon, heavenly seat and spirit of the Goddess herself, plays an intimate and central role in every magical tradition now living, and has held prominence throughout the magical history of our species. Pearl of light in the predator filled darkness of night, source of madness and dark enchantments, she occupies a place on the shadow line, both terrifying and nurturing at once.

Such divine personas as Antaia and Hecate are her intermediaries whose charge is to connect with and guide mortal magicians. Such goddess figures are initiators, bringers of light or gnosis (mystical knowledge), and holders of the keys to the mysteries.

The Lunar Tides of the 28-day moon cycle are one of the most intuitive methods for pacing and structuring magical practice. Within this lore we find, obviously, the New Moon or Dark Moon phase, wherein Luna hides her face, giving us the opportunity to stand unjudged and yet accountable for our shortcomings, "evils", and troubles.

The New Moon is a time of epic redemption potential. The slate may be wiped wholly clean for a new start. Regeneration and forgiveness aside, totally new beginnings are also welcomed and made strong by the faceless moon.

Personal singularities or "big bangs", transitions of massive significance may spontaneously take shape near or during the New Moon, and they can certainly be made to happen during this time.

Here is a very simplified ritual to use for leveraging a New Moon as part or all of your magical initiation (or any re-initiation thereafter).

Material Components 

  1. One white candle
  2. Optionally, Lunar sigils, seal, etc.

At any point after sunset on the night of the New Moon (or the night immediately before or after) go to your place of practice and solitude. If this is indoors, you might want to select a special locale for this operation; one that is outdoors.

Light your candle with the understanding that it represents the purity and perfection of every truly new start. In this case, of course, it represents your initiation into the practice of magic.

The candle burning away to nothing is an event that, like all others, begins, proceeds, and finally ends. So it is with both your initiatory moment and your practice of magic.

Contemplate the moon as a symbol of the Mother and of birth (or rebirth). She gives you permission and power to begin the journey ahead, in a sense to be born anew as your magical self.

Here is your incantation or magical chant:

Luna, as thou become new

hidden from my eyes

I too am made new

transformed am I

High Priestess Hecate 

with understanding, light my way

Keeper of the serpent and the key

Initiate me unto thy mysteries.

Repeat as you see fit. Alter in any way you wish.

New Moon initiations are also often used as a time for choosing or receiving through inspiration your magical name. Consider this if you like, or let the issue wait for another time; this is your call.

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