Cursed? More Likely Just Jinxed.

The Magical Subculture is Obsessed with Curses

Tell me I’m wrong. Everywhere we look we find oils and incenses and spell kits for breaking a curse. Pre-made spells and custom-cast conjures to break curses or stop the evil eye, etc. fly off the rack at Etsy and other marketplaces.

Everyone seems to think they are cursed, but it’s less likely than you think.


  1. Another person, whether or not they know they are magical, can curse you.
  2. So can a spirit or deity.
  3. In fact you can inherit curses…
  4. or unwittingly stumble into them.

Aside from #3, that whole “sins of the fathers” thing, these incidents are not exactly garden variety or everyday. I admit that magicians may be st higher risk than the muggles, still I think it is much (much) more likely that, if you think you’re cursed, you’re wrong.

Cheer up Magical Hypochondriacs Because There Probably is an Issue!

You’re probably just jinxed.

Different from a curse, a jinx or jinks is a condition we impose upon ourselves through strong or sustained self-doubt. This doubting of self leads to self-sabotage, self-loathing, and self-defeat.

This mess of looking down on yourself creates thought forms, or powerful spirit-like mental constructs that take on a life and mission of their own. There are good bad and indifferent thought forms, but here we are talking about some nasty critters.

Thought forms work endlessly to generate energy and create patterns of thinking and emoting that ultimately serve the purpose for which they were “born”. On this point a thought form associated with self-defeat will tell you at every turn you’re a loser, will cause you to fumble and stumble, even send you bad dreams and negative impressions of others to support its claims.

In time, if a network of related thought forms get together they can produce powerful currents of energy and even summon spirits and extra-planar entities to work with them. It’s a hell of a mess.

The Good and Bad News: You and Only You Can Fix This Problem.

You can recruit help of course, but not even Circe or Merlin can save you fully from a poor self-image or complex self-belief system. That said any positive influence or encouragement you can derive from others is a good thing.

How to un-jinx is quite a topic, worthy of many posts that I will unlikely make time for unless asked to do so. The main thing I can tell you from lots of experience is to challenge all negative ideas about yourself as soon as you become aware of them and try to categorize your findings as either false (negative beliefs about yourself are not true) or needs improvement. 

The latter category is for honestly admitting you aren’t realizing your potential or just need to build skill in a certain area. We all suck at something and it’s a matter of accepting limitation and improving where we can.

Dwell in the Good You Offer

I didn’t say focus pn, I said dwell in your good. We all have aptitudes and even gifts. Mark these within you and make a living day-to-day by staying in or close to your “shine zone”

If help is here needed roll with the time-tested and powerful practice of affirmations. These can be crafted from various angles, such as…

I am very good at/with X.

Nobody can X like me.

I am just a//an X badass!

I like X and know I will be good at it with practice.

Make one or two, slap onto index cards to remind yourself of them and repeat throughout the day ad infinitum until the idea sticks.

Here’s the Spell!

A good anti-jinx affirmation and incantation is:

I won’t fool myself again with poor ideas that fall like rain.

My origins are quite divine and with that splendor do I shine.

Stones for removing unwanted thought forms include:

Selenite and Iolite (with Blue Kyanite)

Carry these with you for a while if you like and certainly meditate with them daily, having the intention of acting directly against the thought forms that seek to derail you.

Move the selenite about your aura high and low from head to toe and tell these useless thoughts “NO! You ugly forms must pack and go”!

Hold blue kyanite in receptive hand (not writing hand) and iolite in projective hand (writing hand) as you perform any relaxation or mindfulness meditation. After a few minutes, dial into the kyanite and take your awareness from the base chakra (base of spine) along the spine and through the other chakras until you reach the third eye (above and between the eyes). Hold a second or two and take awareness from third eye out through the crown at the top of your head.

Repeat this focused movement of awareness or intention from base to crown and charge the iolite with your projective hand commanding the stone’s energy to repel or dissolve unwanted thought forms. Do this as many times as you like.

The incantation above, along with these two stone exercises and a willful determination to take it easier on yourself and allow your light to shine is sufficient for relieving a jinx, but only through ongoing practice of seeing your good qualities along with your flaws (not just focusing on your shortcomings) will keep you truly free of this awful predicament.


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