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Into the Plane of Elemental Air
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Elemental Magic, Five Planes Paradigm on January 1, 2023 0 Comments
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Magic of the Air Energy or Element

“Advanced” Air Magic?

This post covers an easy practice that can be used for magical development or for practical applications of magic. The star of today’s article is the element air, but I expect to write similar articles for the other three (maybe four) elements in the near future.

While some of the content to follow is beyond the beginner’s understanding, it will still be instructive for the newcomer to read and contemplate. Above all, put your hands on the subject discussed and DO this stuff, rather than following along only via abstract thought.

(I do recommend at least one readthrough before executing any exercise, as a general rule of practice.)

Energy as Planes

The four terrestrial elements have their being both in material existence and within the fifth element, which is the etheric plane. Ether flows through each of the cardinal four of air, fire, water, and earth to form a network or matrix into which the magician, knowingly or unknowingly, taps to fuel his or her operations.

By utility of this matrix, we have the fractals, or all of the elemental forces contained within each individual quality or energy type (element). We also have the framework by which we may scry, or look, and project, or travel the ether in much the same way the ritual mystic may tap into the astral substance.

A student of the Magic Theory proposition, really more of a hypothetical worldview or perhaps a practical paradigm, is encouraged to consider the various qualities of energy (elements, ether, astral light, etc.) as having or being their own plane of existence and thereby interacting with the other planes similar to how points on a 2D map might be said to interact. How do points on a two-dimensional map interact?

They don’t really. They just sit nice and still for the user of the map as he plots and draws lines or whatever he wishes to do to work out some problem of distance or travel. So it is with subtle energies worked with as planes.; the constant vibration and shifting is ignored, and we may treat them as still points on which to train our imagination, vision, and movements.

Pentagram of the Elements, in Futhark.

Looking or Moving into the space of Air

As we know, the air element is an expansive motion and a principle of infinity. It is the work of mind and the substance of thought, archetype of freedom and vast circular movements. The plane of air is home to humor, music, discourse and debate, and the agents of Mercury.

Let’s have a closer look at these specifics, shall we?

Either tracing a form in the air and visualizing the proper colors or, (ideally) with pen and paper draw the alchemical triangle to represent the element of air, seen below. You may face the east as you do this or burn an air-y incense or chant “Adhair” or “Ventus” if you like.

Draw or visualize the yellow triangle of air (with horizontal slash through)

Gaze into the center of this symbol, allowing your eyes to rest just below the horizontal line (or at a place where you can easily absorb the whole image). Open your hands and straighten your fingers, and then streeetch four fingers and thumb on each hand as widely open as you can while you gaze into the air symbol. Allow your fingers and hands to relax from this motion and at the same time send a beam of yellow energy from your solar plexus into and beyond the sigil before you.

From your third eye center, drop your awareness down to the heart center and then outward, following the beam sent by your solar plexus into the sigil or air. With eyes open or closed, whatever fits the moment, look through the yellow triangle as if it were a window and view the plane of energy we magicians characterize with the name air.

Don’t think or imagine just see and accept. Don’t even interpret much at this time. Honestly act as if you just looked into a window and let the scene(s) unfold for you without pushing anything. Whether you see many things or very little, this is perfect for now.

After a moment or so, update your image or drawing with a smaller version of the air triangle, in gold ink, inside of the first symbol as shown below. This is air of air, which borders spirit of air, or the domain of the rulers and high spirits governing the energy of air.

The Portal to Air of Air

Use your intent and willpower to pass your awareness through this second, smaller image where you will find the higher spiritual domain of air. You should feel your presence shift from where you are sitting and standing so that part of your being is in this new place you are directing it to be.

This may take practice and that’s fine. Practice. Put in the time and you will be rewarded. This is bilocation and it is etheric projection.

Your experience will vary from a slight recognition of a different environment to a total immersion that runs like a movie clip. These are all valuable and can give you tremendous gnosis and understanding to propel your magical abilities higher.

I’ll borrow part of a very old Taoist phrase that perfectly fits this exercise not only on the mindfulness level it was initially written for but also for our purposes of exploring the element of air.

Flow with whatever may happen and allow the mind to be (completely) free…


Meaning to the best of your ability don’t program this moment with your imagination. Instead, let it unfold for you.

There are similar practices to this where you program a scene first and then proceed with an exercise like the one above. Those too are good but I hope you will first attempt this projection exercise.

when the exercise is done, and you will recognize this moment when it arrives, pass backwards through the small gate and also through the large window (through the little air symbol and the large one) and feel yourself resettle into your position on this material plane. Sit for a moment before moving about again.

Journal as much as possible, or whatever you can remember and put into words. Doodle, sketch, use poetic lingo, anything you can do to preserve some of the experience is a good thing.

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