Incantation or Prayer for Zodiac Angels


Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels


Angels, or angelic spirits associated with the 12 signs of the Zodiac, are among the easier personal or familiar spirits to develop a connection with. While not guardians or guides per se, these creatures have an interest in preserving and promoting the virtues of their respective astrological signs. Hence by connecting to one or more angels aligned with your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sign, or other zodiacal attribute you are indeed finding guidance and understanding for a part of your soul.

Personally, I recommend at least seeking out angelic guidance for Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. I know I pretty much just said this above, sorry for the redundancy. This is a great way for the new mystic or magician to attain spiritual guidance without the (often) struggle of seeking out your spirit guide or guardian angel (if you believe in that sort of thing.)

Here is an Incantation or Prayer Appropriate for Application with Zodiac Angels

NOTE: Below I use the names of three angels from my own zodiacal configuration. Obviously, you want to swap the names in purple for angelic names associated with your own astrology.

You might find holding  piece of angelite or petalite helpful for making contact with these and other angelic creatures.

Oh Tsuriel, Asmodel, Adnachiel, 

Give me insight as to my true nature.

Bring me gnosis of myself as a star-born creature.

Awaken and sustain my connection to my higher.

Clarify my talents and reveal my desire(s).

Grant discernment of all spiritual communication. 

Strengthen all protective magic of my own creation.

Protect me as you are able and willing.

Tell me how to serve your cause o builder and keeper of my being.

All the above are realistic in terms of a zodiac angel’s capability and probable mandate.

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