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Incantation for Casting Runes
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magic Spells, Runic Magic on February 16, 2023 2 Comments
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Here is an easy incantation for improving your experience with the casting of Futhark Runes. This can improve divinatory results and generally connect you with both the runes and the Runes.

Prior to your casting of the runes and alongside whatever other preparation you like, recite the following:

Runes of the ancient tribe I call out to thee!

Markings of elders past, respond to me!

Alphabet of my ancestors I will see,

Letters for what is, what has been and will be!

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    1. Sorry I didn’t see the blog notification of your comment. Do you have my email for future use? I’ll send that your way but for now, in answer to your question “what about the runes” when it comes to timing? Or how about even planetary and elemental correspondence for the runes?
      There is no easy answer as the runes we cast are actually representatives of the Runes that are cosmic forces that even the planets in a sense must “answer to”. It’s almost as if the Runes are above correspondences…. almost but of course not truly.
      However one rune or Rune may correspond with multiple elements and planets depending on the context of its occurrence or use. As far as when to cast for divination any time is fine, but you could pick a specific time based on the questions you will ask or the issue at hand.
      For example if I wanted to use runes for guidance with a relationship problem, be it romance or friend, I could cast on Friday, the day of Venus who presides over harmony, relationships, family, etc. Or if I am at war with another and seek guidance I may cast on Tuesday.
      Using the runes in magic is similar. If I want perseverance in a project maybe again Tuesday (Mars) at a time during the day when fire is in its course I would apply Fehu and some supporting runes.
      I hope this helps. I will have a book on the runes ready to publish this year I’ll send you a review copy if you like.