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In Defense of the Spontaneous Magical Act
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Rants and Ramblings on March 20, 2022 0 Comments
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Many authors and teachers and other authority types, so it seems, will caution against so-called spontaneous magical work. It’s dangerous they claim. Sloppy and lazy, the notion has been called.

True magic, these fuddy duds tell, is about careful planning and meticulous execution. This is true: solid planning and care to attention and detail are important. A good ritual or spell is worth our time in study and preparation, for sure.

I say nothing to take away from the latter idea.

I do call B.S. on the “movement” against spur-of-the-moment magic, howeva.”

Not only is it obviously sometimes necessary to lay down some magic right here and right now, it’s also potentially a lot of fun and a beautiful artistic expression to walk into the study or temple and just start riffing.

My magic is my art, and my art is magic.

Just as the musician can pick up a guitar and “jam” with a friend or two impromptus, so I (we, our kind) may take up the wand or tarot deck or crystal or Rune and just let go, let it out, cut loose,

Unleash some magic to the music of whatever aspect of my being has brought me to this unexpected place of action!

In fact I’m doing it right now and this crude, unpolished little blog post is part of the (un)ceremony, if you will.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’re new have a poke at some of the other posts and links and I assure you it’s normally a lot more interesting and informative around here.

I’ll be back soon with some actual content.


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