Images of Saturnine Spirit?

Is this an agent of the sphere of Saturn?

Investigating Your Own Sorcery

Terms get tossed around a lot I know. I use the label Sorcery, I believe in a traditional context, when I attach it to magic specific to the calling, binding, and otherwise working with named entities, spirits, intelligences, and so on. Spirit evocation, angelic magic, even planetary magic often would fall into this category.

A while back it occurred to me that I have never read or heard anyone talk about trying to capture EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) during ritual magic. I found this amazing. You see, not everyone sees the spirits they interact with during ritual magic or other magic reliant upon entity contact. (I think a majority of practitioners actually don’t see them.) For this reason, experimentation is needed to develop the senses, find what is working and what isn’t, etc. I started recording for EVP and right away was pleased with the results.

The EVP talk may come up in another post, as I have something better at the moment. The image above was captured shortly after a ritual involving Saturn. I wondered if it may have been an agent of the Black Sun who avoided banishing at the ritual’s end, or perhaps a spirit that came along later to check me out or participate in the ongoig work.

I don’t know for sure, but I find it interesting that no atter what filters I apply to the photo to change light or contrast, etc. the seemingly solid shape with what look like facial features never changes or goes away.

Filter to change tone enhances visibility.
Here’s what I’m talking about if you missed it above.

I’m not alarmed by this of course. I’m thrilled. this is potential validation of my efforts.

I’ll post more stuff like this when I have it.

I recommend taking a recorder ad camera to your ritual space at least from tine to tine, even before or after ceremony. Who knows what you might catch?

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