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How to Learn a New Stone's Properties DIRECTLY from the Stone
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Crystal & Gemstone Magic on September 5, 2022 0 Comments
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Your Crystals and Stones will Share their Secrets with You if You Learn to Listen.

You found or were given a stone and aren’t entirely sure what you have.

Or perhaps you do know the name of the crystal or stone but are unfamiliar with its metaphysical properties, correspondences, etc.

Not a problem. Here’s how to gather information directly from the mineral!

In fact I’ll give you multiple ways to attune and receive info from any mineral you care to hold and give some attention. You can even use these methods to discover new attributes in old rocks, stones, or crystals.

In fact MANY gemstones and crystals offer benefits you won’t see in the popular literature, but YOU can discover them with just a little effort and focus.

First thing’s first, and I recommend a moment or two of relaxation and meditation before proceeding. As always, you’ll want to enter your magical state to encourage the flow of proper energies and frequencies.

Method #1 Direct Communion

Find a quiet place, preferably outdoors or at least in the presence of some house plants. Relax well and perform any basic grounding exercise you like.

Hold the stone or crystal in your receptive hand (opposite the hand you write with) and let your weight settle underneath you.

As you hold your piece, relax your shoulders and let the weight sink down your torso. Relax your abdomen and then your hips, allowing the weight of your body to fall onto your thighs. Release this heaviness further, into your calves and finally into and through the soles of your feet, until you feel the weight of your form beneath you, keeping you in balance and anchoring you to where you are positioned. If you’d rather be seated that’s fine, the same method is used to center weight under your bottom instead of your feet. Imagine your presence sinking a foot or two into the floor or ground underneath you and consciously relax into this sensation.

Now focus on the rock, stone, or crystal in your receptive hand. Reach, using your mind, deep into the center of this piece and let your attention come to rest. Telepathically say to the stone: little gem (or crystal, etc.) you are now mine and I am yours. I give of myself to you, and in return you share your secrets with me.

Sit quietly and listen, receive. If something very vividly comes to you, write it down and return to your still and listening state. Often people will not immediately receive clear and obvious communication, and that’s fine, because communion is really just about being still and sharing/exchanging energy with another being.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov:

Little gem (or crystal, etc.) you are now mine and I am yours. I give of myself to you, and in return you share your secrets with me.

What you want to do is essentially remain in a neutral state, not adding any thoughts or feelings and just surf on the energy of the connection you have with the piece in your hand, absorbing the energy it returns to you. After a few moments, or whenever you feel you have taken in what you need, return to a normal conscious state and allow thoughts to form.

Write down any immediate impressions or words, ideas, etc. you may have coming out of this communion. Don’t force anything, as it may take time for your rational mind to process whatever your intuition provides from its “meeting” with your mineral. Sometimes I will receive a flash of aha! a day or two after communion (I’m a little slow at times).

You can always repeat the exercise, or use one of the following methods, if you feel you didn’t get what you asked for.

For some people, holding the crystal or stone against the forehead, over the third eye chakra, is more effective than holding it in the receptive hand. Try both and see where it gets you.

Photo by Olha Ruskykh:

Method #2 Channeling Crystal

Sometimes holding the target stone in the receptive hand while wielding a channeling crystal in the projective hand can yield solid results. A “channeler” crystal point of clear quartz or amethyst will do nicely.

The “channeler” is a rough crystal point whereupon one of the facets at the end or tip of the point has seven or more sides, Typically the facets have six and sometimes fewer sides or edges. Here’s a photo for clarification.

Count the lines along the outer edge of this facet. How many do you see?

A chip or break along one edge can create an additional “side” where the outline resumes after said break. This is far more common than a crystal with seven distinct and naturally occurring sides along a facet.

Danburite is also a great channeling crystal. It helps you sense and sometimes see and hear subtle energy that is undetectable (for most of us) via the normal senses. I have found Danburite useful for decoding the vibrations I receive from communion with crystals and other entities.

Crystal balls or spheres, often quartz, obsidian, or amethyst may also help here, and apophyllite points can also receive and clarify subtle or spiritual energy/information. You have plenty of options and the method is pretty much the same whatever channeling device you choose to use.

Follow the procedure of Method #1, but here you will apply, or consciously direct, the channeling crystal to draw out and make sense of what your target mineral is offering.

Method #3 Elemental Earth

From the top point, stroke down the left side and continue to follow the pentagram until you return to the top again.

Invoke the powers of Elemental Earth using the earth-invoking pentagram shown above. Face North. From the top point, in the air or on the ground, using your index finger or a wand, stroke downward and keep following the pentagram in a single unbroken line until you return to the top. Next, “pierce” the form of the pentagram by thrusting your hand or wand through its center and proclaim “Terra” or “Talamh” or “Earth”! This will bring into your consciousness, aura, and body the elemental/spiritual/magical energies of Earth.

The earth energy, in magical context actually

  1. implies more than the rock and soil beneath us and,
  2. may not even refer to the physical product of earth

…. but that’s a lot to unpack and I’m not doing it here.

For purposes of this operation, you are indeed referring to the earth beneath us, to the Goddess of said place/stuff, and to all the spiritual or magical energies pertaining to this use of the term “earth”. Once invoked, direct the spirits and powers of earth to reveal to you what your target crystal or stone have to offer in the way of metaphysical attributes and magical properties.

If you prefer not to invoke energies into your being at this time, you may place your stone or crystal on the ground and trace the triangle symbol for elemental earth around it. Of course, you could also set it on paper and actually draw the symbol with a green marker if you like. In this case you will command or commune with the spirits and powers of the earth and direct them to give you the information you seek.

Elemental Earth

If using this method and you begin to feel particularly dialed into the earthen sphere, you might try the word of power or conjuration: “Paluksirra” (pah-loo-k-sear-ah). Say or chant this deeply and with authority, and then take your awareness to the crown chakra while focusing on the crystal or stone; ideally you will have a connection with the spirit of the stone at this time.

Method #4 Call Upon Phorlock

You may, either in tandem with any of the above or as a stand-alone method, decide to call in the big guns and ask a spirit or angel of the earth sphere, by name, to assist you in uncovering the traits and powers of your crystal or rock. Phorlock is an “angel of earth” in the hierarchy of Uriel, and is quick to respond when called upon.

Having relaxed, grounded, and so forth, take up a piece of angelite, seraphinite, or petalite and use it to focus and attune to the angelic realms. It may be useful to “climb the elemental ladder” from earth through water and fire, to air, and then focus into the ether or spirit. the aforementioned stones make it quite easy to contact the angelic, whether or not you consciously register a dramatic change in feeling or awareness.

You can say something along these lines when ready:

“Of the earthen sphere, Phorlock, I call.

Phorlock! Phorlock! Phorlock! Phorlock!

In the name and authority of Uriel, hear my call and let thy agency respond! Reveal to me the knowledge of this stone (crystal, etc.). Give me the gnosis of this thing that my good works may employ it forthwith!”

Or you can simply chant the angel’s name over and over and intermittently ask for the knowing and gnosis of this stone/crystal. Your call.

Give these a try and let me know if they help. Remember, this not only works for new and unfamiliar stones and crystals, it can also help you uncover unknown attributes of minerals you already have and use!

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