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How to Cast a Magic Circle with the Pentagram
Banish Psychic Clutter and Raise the Circle in a Single Motion
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magic Circles, Magic Symbols on November 7, 2023 0 Comments
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This is a simple method best suited for intermediate magicians but straightforward enough that a beginner can start work on it and learn as they practice.

Cast a Pentagram and Magic Circle in One Motion

Yeah. That’s what we’ll be doing so, without much ado let’s get right into it.

Using the banishing pentagram of earth, you will simultaneously clear psychic debris and unwanted influences, including spirit pests, from your aura and personal space AND raise a complete magic circle around you as the central point.

To do this, you will trace the pentagram in the air in front of you just as you would do in the LBRP. As you do so, you will visualize the Cross of Matter connecting the elements in their quarters and then guide/see the circle forming through these points and about you. vivid imagination and determined will at the ready, let’s go1

  1. Face Magical East and say Hekas ekas Este Bebeloi!
  2. Using either your wand or wand finger, begin with the earth point, or lower left corner of the pentagram. Visualize to your left a point of light in the North/Earth quarter.
  3. Stroke upward to the Spirit point or upper point of the pentagram.
  4. Continue the pentagram by stroking down from Spirit to the Fire point, or lower right corner, of the pentagram. As you do so, visualize a beam of light coming from the point at the Earth quarter, passing through you and stopping to your right in the South/Fire quarter.
  5. Stroke from the Fire point up to the Air point or upper left corner of the pentagram. See now a point of light appear in front of you in the East/Air quarter of your sacred space.
  6. Trace from Air to Water, the upper right corner, of the pentagram and as you do this see a beam of light emit from the Air quarter, pass through you, and stop behind you in the West/Water quarter.
  7. Your next stroke is from Water back down to Earth on the pentagram. See the circle around you begin for form with an arc from Water behind you, through Earth to uyour left, all the way around to Air in front of you. Thus half the circle has formed.
  8. Make one extra stroke with your wand or finger, moving again from Earth to Spirit. As you do this, see the second half of the circle form with an arc moving from Air, through Fire, and to Water, where the circle is completed.

Practice doing this all in a single fluid motion. It’s quite easy and the “trick” as they say will be keeping your visualization of the pentagram and cross/circle synchronized and vivid.

Your declaration of Hekas Ekas Estebebeloi banishes, your pentagram clears debris, and your circle raises protection and power at your disposal for the work ahead. There is nothing wrong with quick and easy so long as your fundamentals remain in place and your focus & will are strong!

Use this method to save time and move quickly as needed.

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