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How I "Teach"
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic on February 6, 2022 One Comment
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When I say teach, I just mean how I relay technical and directional information in these posts. I am not a teacher nor even particularly wise, but my hope is readers of novice through intermediate level, and perhaps even the advanced student, will be able to take a piece or particle from any content they choose to read and apply it usefully in their own practice.
I write how-to style content in two ways:
1. Pretty dry, explicit, just the objective details.
2. Very abstract, feeling-centric, (rarely) poetic and linguistically a bit like guided meditation. This style turns up more often than the former when I sit down to blog, and I’m trying to break the barriers put in place by dogma, unfamiliar terminology, and being new to these ideas. I also believe its highly conducive to magical learning.
I am not trying to toss “word salad” or avoid true descriptors and explanative terms. Point of fact, many of these concepts have a deep artistic component that lends itself to more abstract verbiage.
If there’s any particular (or general) content you want clarified, or if you just want to bitch at me for being “vague” and “fuzzy”… which I am NOT btw * drop me a note I’ll see if’n I can help clarify.

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