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Grounding Your Energy: A Technical Description
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic, Magical Training on March 14, 2023 0 Comments
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I need to set a fee things straight on the whole issue of “grounding”. I’m really tired of seeing half-arsed, incomplete descriptions of this important exercise, especially when they are written by me!


So let me explain briefly..

Sometimes when you get old, or when you’ve been practicing a thing for a while, descriptions become lax because the proceedings are now second nature. In fact you might not even remember a lot of the small movements or little details of your work because they are done without thinking at this point.

I’ve just noticed recently that my descriptions/explanations on basic grounding are quite lacking. I’ve given the basic idea sure, but important details I just cruised on by.

Apologies, and now I aim to correct the issue from start to finish!

Image by Javier Mur from Pixabay

Grounding: What and How

Grounding is connecting to stability and strength, balance and the ongoing flow of earth-energy. This usually (but not always as we will see) involves an actualization of physicality, or hyper-awareness of the physical followed by the channeling of that material density into the intention.

Esoteric Preliminary to Practical Grounding

When I say “earth energies” I sometimes mean natural forces or the aura of our planet, etc. I may, however, also use the term to refer to the elementFo

Elemental earth is a reference to energy in its most dense form. This is of course highly relative with specifics depending upon the unique circumstances of the moment. For now we can say tapping into the elementary energy called earth is a matter of calling upon dense, durable, stable, and strong energy and bringing the same into both your awareness and your being.

This can be done by way of many symbols, incantations, or simply the intention to so do.

So once the proper frame pf intent is achieved the easy place to start is with the physical earth. I’m not gonna do that right now because that is exactly what has caused my recent oversights. Instead, let me remind us all that practical grounding actually begins with the physical body.

The Physical Body

By this I mean connecting the thinking and feeling processes firmly with the physical body. This can be done by consciously “inhabiting the body” which may sound ridiculous as – where else are you going to live?  All this talk of connecting to and inhabiting the body is about getting your mind focused on how it feels to be in the body, immersed in the fleshy vehicle, if you will. This is a profound experience and one many people have not had since childhood, unless they are regularly seeking it out through grounding or other activities.

Ground to the body closing your eyes and looking deep into your body using the mind’s eye. Look into the center of your core, then let the vision go, leave it there at your center of mass and begin to feel your whole body.

Feel your organs and muscles and bones and joints and the surface of your skin by directing your awareness throughout your material form deliberately and one area or aspect at a time. Notice how the body relates to the ground beneath you.

Check your neck and shoulders for tension and let it go. Do the same for the hips and thighs by noting any tension you find there and releasing it fully. As you relax and your body sinks a bit, your weight drifting to the lower areas (feet if standing or other if sitting, prone, etc.).

Inhabiting the body will provide you a real sense of solidity and power. You will gain security and a foundation for physical and emotional endeavors. This is vital to health, healing, and much more but it is also only the first phase in the true grounding of the magician or mystic.

Continue to reach down and into the surface of the planet to receive the full benefits of this practice.

The Planet

Let your weight settle and visualize your energy and your body sinking into the earth. I often imagine my legs about one foot into below the surface beneath me, and/or perhaps imagine myself as a stone statue of immovable strength. Either of these are sufficient for solid grounding, but many prefer another good approach, which is to visualize energetic roots coming from the soles of your feet and burrowing down, down, hundreds of miles into the planet to anchor you firmly in her loving grasp. Whatever your method the goal should be to become rooted into the Mother, Earth.

Once rooted, you become supremely stabilized and balanced. You may then begin drawing up her energy to charge your magic and fill you with strength. This is an important connection to the literal Earth which humans require for optimal health and certainly for potent magic.

This is where most people stop, and it could be rightly called a powerful grounding. Nonetheless it is incomplete, at least relative to what is possible.

Grounding into the Etheric Principle

Complete grounding includes a deep connection to the etheric principle. Ether is the fine subtle substance that exists just beyond the physical on the scale of vibration we use to consider the total reality of the magical paradigm.

Subtle energy or substance is so-called because we have no empirical way to observe it, either by our five senses or via any scientific equipment. We can sense it (subtle energy) and even qualify and quantify it to a degree using our intuition or psychic senses, but this isn’t covered by the definition of empirical. Some people are naturally adept at sensing the subtle while others must learn and practice in order to do so.

The etheric plane resides between the physical and astral planes and is key to understanding – at least partially – how thought compels our bodies to move and, most importantly, how magical or mystical energies are transmitted unto the physical. I, or rather someone smarter than I could write a book about the concept of the ether, but for it is enough to know that it is a state of being that reflects the physical and is the key to interacting with the worlds of spirit and magical energy.

Once you have grounded via the body and earth the next natural step is to ground or connect to the matrix of the etheric body (mirrors the physical) and etheric double of the Earth. Doing so aligns the physical and etheric bodies which in turn allows your aura to vibrate at its strongest plus permit vital force or life force to flow without impediment into your body and aura. Such a state of etheric grounding through conscious intent greatly enhances your p0tential success in practices like astral projection, remote viewing, and any magical acts you wish to undertake. (For an unconscious grounding to the etheric must occur before any of these ad related activities may be undertaken at all!)

To perform etheric grounding simply allow your awareness of your physical form to extend outward bout an inch. Just reading that and considering it likely gave you an intuitive insight. It’s difficult if even possible to provide a physical instruction on how to undergo this process, so we must go at it somewhat indirectly and let our intuition guide us to success. become aware of yor form an inch or so beyond your skin and intend to align your mind with and firmly attach your Will to this extended and subtle body.

You will know by physical and emotive signals when this process works. It’s quite euphoric, but without the confusion or haze of a drug-induced euphoria.

The mantra OM and especially AUM sounded Ah-oo-mmm are great for dialing in this alignment and grounding process. Also stones like pietersite, larvikite and amazonite are very effective helpers of this process.

Once you are grounded into the etheric body, simply extend the intention (and as you develop so too your awareness will extend) to the etheric principle of our planet. It may sound fuzzy and woo to you but I assure you when the realization of this process begins taking shape you will feel it, know it, and with time begin to understand it as an indispensable practice for advancing your magical prowess..


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