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Gnosis: What Does this Word Mean?
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic, Occult Philosophy & Magic Theory on July 17, 2022 0 Comments
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Spirits answering my call one fine day.

Gnosis – that weird word that relates somehow to the Gnostics. Means knowledge, right?

Well yeah purdy much, but on a different level from the standard Western word, ‘knowledge’. That’s why it’s often used to describe not only an experience, but a state one enters into, akin to or identical to my magical state.

The best way I can describe the difference between memorized learning and repetition, or even the internalization of a concept or skill through practice, and gnosis is to say that gnosis is experience-infused-with-knowing.

I’ll reprint that all big and bold…

Gnosis is experience-infused-with-knowing.

Not knowledge, but knowing as in, both an action and a certainty.

This is the gift received by the magician or mystic from “above” or the spirits or upper worlds. It is the counterpart to inspiration and sibling to revelation. It is when you KNOW to the depths of your being because you saw in a flash of insight or feel like you lived or lived in the wisdom if only for a brief moment.

Sometimes that initial rush fades with time and you must refresh it. Other times your knowing will be just as epic a year or many years later as it was the first moment it occurred.

Just wanted to touch on this as it came up in recent convo and it is such an important ideal in our work.

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