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Gemstone Magic initiation | Crystal Gnosis
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Crystal & Gemstone Magic on April 9, 2022 0 Comments
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This is super easy way to tap into crystal, gem stone, mineral magic in general. You can also use it to simply connect with the Earth current of elemental magic.

Your intention is to connect with the magic of minerals and allow the Earth spirits and energy to give you gnosis, or revelation and inspiration of how to proceed. This spell will enhance your connection with your stones and give you flashes of inspiration on new methods of working magic with crystals etc.

Spell Components Needed

  • Choice of Earth grounding stone. Pictured examples are:
    •   Emerald
    • Raw Hematite
    • Raw Mystic Merlinite
    • Hematite polished cube(ish)
    • Obsidian polished cube
    • Quartz pyramid
  • Earth colors green, brown et cetera for any altar dressings
  • Candle of appropriate color
    • Earth symbols Earth spirit names et cetera place on the candle
  • Any Earth elemental symbols you like. Shown are pentagram and alchemical triangle.

You can do this without most of the above if you like. A good Earth energy or grounding stone and the following incantation will suffice. For fellow nerds I include all the accouterments.

After meditation or otherwise preparing for the work, face North. The ritual fundamentalists among you may prefer South depending on the way your circle rolls. North is a safe bet for anyone involved as it aligns with the standard pentagram, quartered circle arrangement.

Relax your neck, then shoulders, hips, feel your weight sink down your legs and into your feet. If you are sitting or kneeling adjust accordingly the Point is to settle your weight beneath you.  Allow yourself to sink, metaphorically into the Earth.

Dwell on all things solid, stable, abundance, the essence of Earth energy and Mother Earth herself. Recite:

Guh roon.
Guh roon.
Lord of the secrets of the Earth
Gan Gan
Om Gan
Gan ah pa tie aye
Share with me.
Guh roon.
Guh roonig.

Repeat 4, 8, 16,  Or any block of times divisible by 4, that feel right to you.  I think you’ll lock this one, enjoy.

Another diddy, much simplified, you can use for connecting more deeply with your rocks and crystals is:

I (long as in I am) atu (ah too) tho (like throw) so (long o sound).
So without clutter…
I Atu So Tho
Repeat as you like.

Also, give this nice gal a visit. She helped me out recently, and I found her content quite useful: Charms of Light.

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