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Exciting or Stirring Up the Magical Virtue
What Writers in Past Centuries Said About the Magical State
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic, Occult Reading on November 4, 2023 0 Comments
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Excerpt from Fancis Barrett’s Magnetism and Cabalistical and Ceremonial Magic

I will be covering some of the collected works of Barrett, entitled Magus which includes three full books and other articles. I think it’s good core material and it’s closer to the source material we descend from as magicians. i find it quite interesting how much mainstream magic in 2023 has retained of the older teachings.

A word about Agrippa and Plagiarism. Critics of Barrett, or I should say fanboys of Conrelius Agrippa, have taken to the web to lament of the atrocious copycatting perpetrated against Agrippa by Barrett. I find this ridiculous and not just because Agrippa was 215 years in his grave before Barrett was born.

Hello??? No copyright is the enduring, in the first place. Next, i would say is imitation not flattery?

We are dealing with content of a technical nature. Barrett gives us today a 200+year-old instruction manual, based on what was in his time nearly a 200-year-old technical treatise or instruction manual on magic and mysticism. Neither Agrippa nor Barrett left us a work of creative fiction to entertain us, a form of art no doubt worthy of respecting against copy-and-paste style usurping. Magus is a how-to course that indeed lifted whole sections right out of a much older how-to course.


The important thing is that we have the material to work with/from. Read Agrippa. Read Barret. To hell with both if you must and read Levi.

I’ll even say, though I’d rather not, read Crowley if you won’t be convinced otherwise! Just let’s leave the argumentative fanboy archetype, one of the uglier aspects of our psyche for sure, out in the cold where it belongs to starve and die, as it offers NOTHING of value to us who seek the arcane path and all it’s hellish rewards and heavenly blisses.

Chapter 9: Exciting or Stirring Up the Magical Virtue

Magic is inherent in all of us, to some degree. This means that we all have the potential to tap into a powerful altered state of consciousness where we can contact and direct magical energies to achieve our goals.

There are many different ways to achieve this altered state of consciousness. Some people use meditation, visualization, or ritual. Others use specific techniques such as chanting, drumming, or dancing.

Whatever method you choose, it is important to be grounded in the fundamentals of magic. These fundamentals have been proven through centuries of practice, from our ancient ancestors to our modern-day practitioners.

Here are some tips for exciting or stirring up the magical virtue:

  • Be clear about your intentions. What do you want to achieve with your magic? Once you know your intentions, you can focus your energy and attention on them.
  • Create a sacred space. This could be a special room in your home, a natural setting, or even just a quiet corner where you can feel centered and focused.
  • Use tools and materials that are meaningful to you. These could be crystals, herbs, candles, or other objects that have symbolic significance for you.
  • Perform a ritual or meditation that helps you to connect with the magical energies. This could involve chanting, drumming, dancing, or simply sitting quietly and focusing on your breath.

Once you have entered into an altered state of consciousness, you can then begin to contact and direct the magical energies. This can be done through visualization, intention setting, or other techniques.

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