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Esoteric Magic, Practical Magic - What's What?
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic on January 8, 2022 One Comment
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practical and esoteric magic

It’s a fair question: What’s the difference between practical magic and esoteric magic? What do these terms mean?

I can make this super simple for you as follows:

Practical magic is about getting things done. Protecting a home, finding new money, confounding a stalker, healing, summoning a spirit, are just a few examples of how you would apply practical magic.
Esoteric magic, on the other hand is about doing magic for the sake of magic. Ritual work as a form of skills practice, casting spells to increase magical power & capability, studying the arcane traditions in an effort to understand the great Mystery of life are examples of esoteric magic in action.

It should be obvious that both methods have a place in the world, indeed in the life of an individual magician. I live by practical magic and make a point to use esoteric magic to refine my Art, and for the pure joy of performing the magic.

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