Enter the Magical State

I made this post a sticky due to the fundamental nature of the topic discussed. It is very unlikely that an aspirant magician will have any meaningful success in the absence of the condition covered below.

The common factor in every bit of magic you perform is you. Body, mind, and matrix that unite to form a unique human being, you are the doorway by which your magic will enter this world and the conduit connecting our material plane and the unseen realm so subtle energies and forces can be exchanged as necessary for your magical operations.

The magical state (M hereafter) is, obviously, a manner of being wherein the aspirant magician is

  • * Fully relaxed in both the physical and mental context.
  • * Energetically stabilized, which usually infers being grounded, centered, anchored in the present but also free to shift, or choose whatever state of awareness is appropriate. Allow for variance of exactly what stabilized means in accordance to the circumstances or needs at hand.
  • * Fully integrated within the Personal Energy Matrix, i.e. alignment of chakras, physical-etheric-astral body harmony, clear and balanced aura, etc.  Union of mind, body, and spirit, etc.
  • * Attuned to the Universal Energy Matrix; the energies of the magician united and in seamless communication with the energetics of the immediate environment, the forces of nature, subtle currents, and so on.


Some authors and teachers call this gnosis, meaning clear mystical knowledge and personification of that knowledge in action. Others touch on altered states of consciousness and use terms like god-consciousness, higher self, and daemon.

The condition is characterized by a sense of total ease, inspired creativity, and elevated perception. In this state an individual feels no sense of hurry or pressure and experiences a oneness with all of his or her capabilities, which manifests as supreme confidence in action.

Athletes know of a similar state, wherein peak performance flourishes and the chance of injury diminishes, even in the midst of incredible feats and epic displays of prowess. In the 1980s and 90s this experience was known as “the zone”. These days the term “flow state” is more often used.

The alpha brain state is very similar to, perhaps identical to, M. When processing alpha waves, the brain slows down biorhythms like heart rate and breath and produces clearer cognitive perception and quicker reflexive responses than other brain states. This concept is widely discussed today as we increase our understanding of the various brain waves and their functions and distribute this knowledge far and wide via the Web. Any effort made to learn about, and study alpha brain states and practices will enhance your magical training greatly.

Whatever terminology is being used, the magical state, or M, is both prerequisite and co-dependent of coherent magical energy. M is the psychic primer that necessarily precedes any and all magic, while simultaneously is itself a magical act. It’s easy to grasp what I have stated in the past two sentences, but enacting the thing thus held in concept is potentially a different and more difficult task.

Modern students use a range of techniques to actualize, or act out M, or to realize, make real, the magical state. A few examples of popular and effective methods include:

* Long sessions of rhythmic drumming
* Ecstatic song and dance
* Sweat lodges
* Mindfulness or transcendental meditation  
* Ritual baths
* Fasting and/or isolation
* Sex
Techniques or methods for entering a magical state.

Here is a very simple, easy-to-use method for entering the magical state.

Counting back from 10 to 0

Fix your intention firmly on the working of potent magic. With determination and refusal to compromise, prepare to flow with the mysterious rhythms of the ancient Arcanum.

Give yourself to the process by letting go of all other concerns or considerations, just for this moment. You are Draiochta, or the magical being. Perhaps you are descended from the magicians of the ancient world, hence your interest in the subject now, in this lifetime, in a world that has mostly turned its back on the old ways. If not, could it be that you chose to incarnate in order to experience magic for the first time as a human being? There is a story about magic somewhere in you, else she would not have chosen you for the learning and the practice. Grab hold of this thread and be excited for the journey ahead.

Begin with the number 10, either held mentally or spoken aloud. Hold only this number for a couple of seconds and then think or say “9”. Allow the number 9 to be the sole occupant of your mind at this time. After a second or two, proceed to number 8. Continue in this manner, allowing your mind to dwell only on a single number at once; do not think ahead to the next count or linger with the previous numeral.

This exercise keeps you in the present and relaxes your body and conscious mind, helping you make contact with the subconscious and with the magic that is your intent. By the time you reach zero you should feel a definite change. Fluid, focused, powerful are some of the words I’d use to describe the ideal feelings. If you like or sense you should, return from 0 to 10 in the same manner; patiently and deliberately.

The key is in the simplicity. Do your absolute best to focus on or hold ONLY the number in front of you. If you can stay with one number at a time, your mind will relax, yet be clear and alert, and your body will shift into a state of ease and readiness.

You now have full access to the power of your unconscious mind, and to the Mind of All. You are in harmony with the astral currents, and your physical and etheric forms are well-aligned. You are ready to receive, conduct, generate, and project the unseen and arcane powers and energies that constitute the working of magic.

Other practice forms, activities, and experiences for developing and refining your personal-magical state over time include:

  1. Meditation of any kind
  2. Yoga
  3. Mantram or chanting
  4. Circle casting
  5. Lesser Banishing/Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram
  6. Kabbalistic Cross
  7. Martial arts practice
  8. Musical training
  9. Artistic work like sketching and painting
  10. Word play; poetry, lyrics, storytelling
  11. Getting out of bed to watch the sun rise
  12. Smoking or drinking Mugwort (or any other herb you like)
  13. Spirit communication of any kind
  14. Divination, such as dowsing, Tarot cards, or Runes

Above all, cast lots of spells and perform as many magical operations each day as you can find time and energy for.

For recall what I have said; the magical state is both a required condition for the flow and function of magic and it is itself an act of magic by virtue of existence.


  • Avatar photo Trey says:

    So I’m getting from this what you call “the magical state” is one and same as alpha brain state, or what in Zen practice is called mushin?

    • That’s pretty close to if not right on. I think alpha brain state and flow state, etc. are aligned with what I’m talking about here. Mushin could itself be a magical state or it could be a further state considered after initially attaining “M”. All this really is quite ambiguous when we try to articulate it via speech, and of course we are warned of exactly this by the teachers of Zen, et al. Suffice to say you’re on the right track sir, now to carry one and put to practice the concepts.

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