Easy Method for Entering a Magical State

When someone is new to magic and inexperienced with meditation how can I help them achieve the Magical State sooner than later?

I sought and found an answer to this question soon after I realized people were, for whatever reason, asking me for help in taking their first magical steps. While there’s no substitute for meditation in the long-term (my opinion) it does take a while to gain proficiency in that practice.

It’d be a bummer, thought I, for one to have to wait at least weeks before they could start having a go at real magical practice. I’m referring here to the time to get comfortable meditating and subsequent use of meditation for acquiring the Magical State.

All of this is predicated on my personal theory that to enact magic, you (or I, whoever) must first attain what I call the Magical State (also called M. State hereafter).

If this is news or new terminology for you, please read this article to get – and forgive me for this one – on the same page with me. (God it’s awful I just cannot resist these lame puns and guffaws.)

In order to transition smoothly and with fair ease into M. State, I have tested and now recommend the very simple process below. I use it myself when I just want to check-state as quickly as possible or to enter a spontaneous magical operation.

  1. Relax your body by rolling your neck out gently to one or both sides, then raising your shoulders straight up and let them drop into full relaxation. Notice any tension around your hips and let that go, watching it fade away.
  2. Tell yourself “I am a magic (man/woman/widget/etc.) and I have the magic plan!” Concentrate without fretting over it and repeat this once in a way you can really feel and mean.
  3. Take one deep, easy breath in to fill your lungs almost completely. No need to worry about filling up all the way but if it happens that’s fine too.
  4. Allow the air to start back out as soon as it feels comfortable or right to do so. This may mean an immediate exhalation or could involve a brief holding of the breath before you start letting go and releasing that air. It’s ALL about comfort and rightness of feel so no pressure and no striving please.
    1. One of these is all you need but if that just felt so damn good (and it sometimes might) that you’d like another by all means help yourself. Try to limit yourself to 3 or 4 breaths for now and proceed with the game plan.
  5. All you’ll do next is count, slowly and very deliberately from 10 down to 0. Count aloud or silently, whatever is good for you.
    1. Begin, of course, with “ten” and hold the image of the number 10 in your awareness. This is the only number allowed in your consciousness right now. We absolutely are unconcerned with where this count is going or with any mathematics elsewhere in the cosmos. THERE IS ONLY NUMBER 10.
    2. Within a few seconds you’re ready to move down a notch, and so let go of the 10 and count “nine” aloud or mentally. Arrive at the image of number 9 and hold it in the center of your awareness as the only item or issue of importance anywhere in existence in this moment. For now, you’re not counting at all YOU ARE SIMPLY STARING AT 9.
    3. As you are naturally led to continue, watch the 9 fade away and innumerate “eight”. Welcome into your field of concentration the image of number 8. Just you and this 8, nothing came before nor is there anything hereafter, ONLY 8 ON WHICH TO CONCENTRATE.
    4. I believe you see where I’m going with this, eh? More crucially you see how I am proceeding with the countdown, which is to keep the mind firmly planted IN THE NOW while still engaged in an important activity.
    5. Upon reaching zero and then sitting with the 0 briefly, repeat your good breath from step 3 if it feels right. If you don’t need this, proceed to step 6.
    6. Whether you take that final breath after 0 or not, here you will say something to the tune of “Let’s do some friggin’ magic.” using of course your words and not mine. The point being to give yourself the cue: it’s go time!
    7. Be pleasantly surprised because this does work. If taken seriously and done deliberately, with Will Power, you should each time upon completion be in a basically altered state sufficient for magical working.

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