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Easy Conjuration of Mercury

Using a Magic Marker to Evoke and Summon the Essence of the Miracle Maker

Using a Magic Marker to Evoke and Summon the Essence of the Miracle Maker




All right. So I’m just gonna lay it out here, a simple operation (part of, rather) I recently and since have used call upon the currents and forces of Mercury. My aim with this post is brevity. (I try to do that once or twice a year ya know, not consume my whole evening carrying on and on and on.)

Content Rated “Comfortable Beginner” to Intermediate

For this reason (brevity) I won’t be explaining every concept in detail. This i sort of written for a reader who is already engaging in magic at some level and may find my insights either useful, amusing, infuriating or whatnot. By “comfortable beginner” I mean someone who is new but has the hang of a technique or two and has the confidence to just wing it, throw some mojo out and go after some magic.

Newbies Stick Around Tho…

I enjoy reading material that is beyond my skill level or understanding and I urge new people to not shy away from this. You will learn something from content that goes over your head, and then down the road as you advance in skill you may recall some of what you read in such instances.

Planetary Magic Can Be Simple and Relaxed

You don’t always need a formal, super-serious or even ritualistic approach to planetary magic. Indeed many methods of Natural Magic are highly effective at attuning one to planetary forces or calling the same powers into your operations.

Here is a piece of an operation I use to conjure, meaning produce or call into my presence, the power sphere known as Mercury. Variously called Hermes, Thoth, Hecate, Nebo, and Odin through the ages and often referred to today as Ophiel, Kokaviel, Mediat and many other titles.

I typically start with meditation, lighting a prepared orange or purple candle, and recitation of my Mercurian words of power, which are words given to me in years past, probably associated with spirits and intelligences of the planet, that I use to connect with or draw to me currents and fields of energy corresponding to Mercury.

Some of my words include Metu, Bea, and Monim Gormun, The reader is certainly free to give them a try and see if they help.

Seriously – A Magic Marker and Paper!

I then use a pen or marker to draw the following symbols. After the first few times I found I can just go right to the drawing of the symbols to make a sound connection, which I am then able 5to effectively apply to the magic at hand.

It’s amazing how simple symbols can key a change in our energy field so potent and vivid. Follow these instructions and put the force conjured to the test. I’ll give you an easy testing method hereafter if you don’t have any immediate magical operations for this or if you want to test drive it first.

Symbols Explained

A little rough I know. These are on a tile I made for permanent and quick use, and I may replace with a clearer image later (probably not).

Left-to-right and starting at the top left corner here is a quick unpack of what we have to work with.

World Tree Rune Used instead of Hexagram to conjure planetary energy. Draw this from bottom right to evoke Mercury.

Mercury’s Sigil Or the modern version, I should say. Easy way to tap right into the trickster.

Ingwaz Rune Both male and female energy, like the hermaphrodite Mercury, also associated with Path 31, or Aeon, on the Tree of Life which leads from the material world to Hod (ruled by Mercury) or vice versa. The conduit to and from the House of Spells is an poft used road when dealing with Mercury.

Eihwaz Rune Corresponds to Mercury and often the connection between Mercury and Mars, so war-face-mercury if you will. Also a good general rune for willpower and magical success.

The Summoning Glyph Deserves a whole post of its own but great device for calling to you cosmic or elemental forces. Note position between Mercury sigil and Tiriel below it.

Ansuz and Manaz Runes Two runes in this spot. Ansuz is mind and communication Mannaz is esoteric/magical power and the knowledge of such things passed down from the ancestors to us. Astute readers will see the three runes on this line spell I AM when transliterated.

Hexagram of Mercury Remember to begin in the lower left corner.

Sigil of Tiriel Intelligence of Mercury in Virgo and Gemini. Check the date of this post to see why I used this. Intelligence of a planet is an executor of will, through whose name, authority, and mark one may call the spirits, forces, powers, natures, magics, and reconciliations (or miracles) of Mercury.

That little diddy is a fave of mine for calling power through an intelligence. I call to six slots, the first five are static as shown above and the sixth I add per the specific planet summoned. Think it through what I am saying here is pretty obvious.

Invoking Pentagram of Air Used as last step to invoke all this mojo and jazz into me by way of the air quality, or mind. See what I’m doing there?

I need to emphasize that my explanations above are merely why i believe each symbol is effective, and I could be totally wrong. What I do know is this has been really useful in producing tangible, impactful energy for numerous operations.

Above all I wanted to pass along the simplicity planetary magic can be and hopefully get your creative and inspired energies a’going.

Put this to the Test!

Take out three dice. Use the standard 6-sided cubes that people gamble with.

Cast this incantation and channel the power you have just summoned into it:

O’ swift and splendid Mercury,

Lord of dice and lottery,

Share your epic luck with me,

that which I call the cast shall be!

Choose what you will roll, and then roll it on the three dice. You may choose a simple total, such as 14. Or you may go the numerological route and choose the reduced final, which in the case of 14 would be 5. (1 + 4 = 5). Maybe you get a flash of intuition and are led what to call before you roll or perhaps you intend the outcome and project it into the dice’s future. Be willing to scratch the first couple of rolls if you must, but be prepared to be stunned right away by uncanny results.

Let’s keep it real. Roll three times and if you don’t get a win let it go for now.

You have to stay relaxed and have fun to keep this energy flowing. It’s best not to assign much weight to the outcome while you are rolling.

If it doesn’t work, who cares?  It simply means you are a loser and a failure – JUST KIDDING! If you aren’t in possession of the Mercurian current it won’t work, so take a break and start over later.

If you can stay relaxed yet focused and you know how to attain a magical state of consciousness this will work for you. I can often command the dice in this manner for numerous, consecutive rolls.

I stop if I don’t call the right outcome on the first or second roll and I do this exercise a few times weekly which puts us well outside the scope of chance. Doesn’t it?

Mathematicians, correct me. Looking at my journal for the past month I have three exercises. The first yielded wins on roll 1,2,4,5 and losses on 3 and 6. The second session busted the first roll and won the next four, after which I stopped. The third time, earlier today, I felt on fire and got the first two rolls, busted one, nailed the next three, took a break, then returned to hit four more correctly before another bust, after which I flopped once more and stopped. I generally attribute drops after several wins as the energy fading. I am open to hearing these results are within chance.

I generally have a live operation to work with and the dice play is just that: playful practice and skill building. I know how properly channeled energy, including the results of this symbol-based conjuration, translate to results with spells and rituals so it doesn’t matter to me that I convince anyone of anything.

However, I think this is a good way for new magicians to boost confidence and have some real experiences to check their failures and frustrations. Many readers will touch the real thing for the first time here, and I’m honored and proud to be a part of that.

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