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Combine Green Jade Life Force Stone w. other Crystals for Magical Enhancements
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Crystal & Gemstone Magic, Crystal and Stone Combinations on May 23, 2022 0 Comments
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Green Jade, among other things, enhances and protects your vital force

Like many green stones, Green Jade corresponds to the life force or vital energy. I’m talking about the subtle but amazing energy that animates our bodies and sustains our minds.

(Hey if this is a new idea to you check out this page to get up to speed!)

Different aspects of this force have been named and studied variously by many global cultures. I think most modern practitioners of magic are familiar with prana, chi, etc., but did you know these terms, while pretty much discussing the same concept, actually diverge slightly based on context?

Use the Force

To avoid confusion on this blog, I will use the terms life force/energy or vital energy/force when referencing the subtle current of energy conducted by our physical, etheric, and mental bodies as we occupy this material plane. Vital force, for instance, is the energy present within a living thing and underlying all other currents, such as heat or magnetism, etc.

Whether or not the vital force causes life, it (the life energy) is present only in what we would call biology or biological creatures. A spiritual being, such as an angel or the presence of a deceased ancestor, while composed and consisting of various subtle energies, does not appear to circulate the same life force as you and I.

It is, therefore, a bit of a mystery how Green Jade, Ruby Fuchsite, and other gemstones or crystals are able to stimulate the presence and flow of vital energy within a handler. I never claimed to have all the answers, and this post is about how to channel such benefits, not about what causes them to occur.

Anything we choose to do in this life is driven by vital energy. Thinking is a living process. Certainly, inspired motion is very much alive. Magic, no exception, you are reaching via the life force into elemental lattices when you focus on grounding energy, et al and merging your living essence with the causal substance as you visualize whatever sort of success you’re casting for.

Simple Correspondence Practices

Here are a few examples of how you might charge your life force for a specific experience or for greater success in magical operations, using simple correspondences. Begin by meditating or playing with your piece of green jade. Activate the vital force stimulation of the piece by intending this to happen. Try to feel the green energy inside you and pay attention to any subtle currents you feel in your hands or about your aura. When you are ready, proceed with these examples or other combinations you wish to try:

Green Jade with Aragonite
Green Jade with Aragonite

Aragonite is an earth-energy stone, specifically tied to the Goddess. Use this combination after grounding work to explore the grounded state and reap the most from the earth energies. Hold in the receptive hand, along with Green Jade, and recite “Sacred Mother beneath me, hold me close and merge with my essence through these stones.”

Green Jade with Moonstone
Green Jade and Peach Moonstone

While we’re on the topic of bonding with Goddess energy, another good stone for this is any type of moonstone. Pictured is a Peach Moonstone. Hold and chant: “Come down Lady Luna to the palm of my hand and hold us three likewise in your hand.”

Green Jade with Lepidolite
Green Jade and Lepidolite

Use Lepidolite to enchant your life force with the highest and best good for your being. That is worth reading a second time to capture the value of what is being suggested. Simply meditate or visualize blessed energy of white, pink, purple, or the color that arises in your mind filling your body from the stones in your hand.

Green Jade and Red Jasper
Green Jade with Red Jasper

For protection, fire, assertiveness, and other warrior-grade energies, combination with Red Jasper will do the trick. Hold your stones in the projective hand and repeat as often as needed: Might of the red power fill me and move with me on this hour.”

Unlimited Possibility

What other combinations are possible? Well…

How many stones do you possess? How many attributes would you like to assimilate magically into your life force, thereby integrating said attributes with your very essence?

There’s your answer. Enjoy.

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