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Cleansing Breaths
By Bean Sprout Posted in Magical Preliminaries, Magical Training on March 18, 2023 0 Comments
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In meditation and metaphysical conditioning in generally the breath and awareness thereof are critical, key components. Perhaps this is because our breathing is such a fundamental part of biological function. Indeed, for our species and many others breath is intrinsic to the phenomenon of life itself. On a level beyond even the simple, technical point of using awareness of the breath to be rooted in this present moment, a contemplation of this functional necessity of living brings to bear an awareness and even actualization of what it is to be alive in your body.

Cleansing Breath: What’s it For?

While “breath awareness” meditation is likely the most commonly used breathing technique, with “rhythmic breathing” a close second, there are at least dozens of other methods for using the breathing pattern to relax, focus, unfocus, direct energy, or alter the state of consciousness. Another popular technique within magical literature and training is that of the cleansing breath.

Typically served in sets of three (“take three cleansing breaths.”) this modality of breathing is typically used to:

  1. Clear the mind, physical body, and subtle bodies (chakras, aura, etc.) of psychic debris, blockages, and unwanted energies.
  2. Energize the user physically. psychologically and psychically.
  3. Still the mind.
  4. Stabilize the frequency of the immediate area.

Cleansing Breath Exercises

Please sit or stand with your back erect and your shoulders even with your hips below them. This straight posture is conducive to both airflow and subtle energy moving along the natural channels within you.

Relax as much as you can in the moment. Often deeper relaxation takes place after the cleansing breaths, which tend to serve as a starting-point exercise.

Exhale sharply through your mouth to empty most of the air from your lungs and as you do so, visualize a dark cloud of stagnant unhelpful energy being expelled with the breath.

Next, inhale slowly and evenly through the nose, imagining glowing energy filling your lungs from the bottom up. This energy, when the inhale is complete, expands through your entire body and aura.

It is important that you do not rush or force the breathing. Breathe deeply but let it be natural.

Once your lungs are full from the inhalation pause a second before breathing out. Alternatively you might feel it is right to exhale right away. As you breathe out through your mouth let the air empty from your lungs top-to-bottom, visualizing once more negatively charged energy and psychic debris leaving you with the outward breath.

Do not force the breathing process at any time. Push air out with intent but let it flow naturally.

This inhale and exhale process is one full cycle. I recommend three full cycles when using cleansing breath to initiate other exercises or meditations. If doing as a stand-alone exercise do nine full cycles.

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