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Cleansing Breath
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magical Preliminaries on November 4, 2022 One Comment
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Elemental Air

What is a cleansing breath? Is this some hippie shit or what?

Well, neo-hippies and vegans etc. probably do use this resource, but don’t let that ruin it for you. This simple breathing exercise is an excellent go-to before calming, grounding, banishing, and more plus its essential technique for students of meditation.

The idea here is to use the breath to expel negativity (the bad kind, anyway) and draw in distilling energy. From a metaphysical or technical perspective, this process may work via the interaction between air and ether as you breathe. When you bring air into your lungs, etheric substance and proto-vital energy passes through the throat chakra, where some of it is converted into Vital Energy, or prana, chi, etc. During this intake and conversion purifying life force is made and absorbed, and when you exhale the waste, or what’s left of the bad energy after it comes into contact with the life force, is pushed out from your being to be recycled by Nature.

I can’t prove a bit of this. It is, however, pretty much what Yogis and Taoists and some Kabbalists would describe and attest to.

As with MANY issues within the magical paradigm, it doesn’t matter whether or not this assessment is accurate. What matters is that life, this reality, behaves as if the above explanation were true.

I’ll leave it to you to contemplate the depth or lack thereof found in my tentative explanation of how this breathing exercise does what it does. Below is a description of how to perform the cleansing breath exercise.

Cleansing Breath Exercise

With weight beneath you and poised at the core of your reality and the center of all your energies, huff or snort once and forcefully as if expelling ill wishes and psychic debris as you puff out.

Then inhale through the nose slowly and deeply. Do not force but allow the body to breathe deeply in as you have commanded, pulling air into the bottom of the lungs first and filling from bottom to top. To help with this imagine a spot beneath your belly button pulling the breath deeply in from below your lungs. Intend to bring in with each breath the purifying and blessed energy of the life force or grand spirit.

Once full of air, pause a second if it feels right, or begin to exhale right away. Again no forcing please, and flow with the rhythm that is correct to you. Empty out the lungs from the top first down to the bottom. Breathe all of the air out or leave a tiny amount as feels appropriate. Intend as you push the air from your lungs to cast out with it any and all manner of blockages or “bad” essence or energy.

This sequence is called a cleansing breath because it helps clear the mind, body, and subtle bodies of psychic debris, harmful energy patterns, and the like. Perform at least three full cycles (meaning one inhalation to one exhalation) and no more than seven prior to the sigil work at hand.

The cadence of this sort of breathing is at first given by your body, and can be tuned and refined with time if you wish to experience it in a specific manner. For example, varied approaches to the length of inhale or exhale, plus whether or not, when, and for how long to add pauses during the sequence can create dramatically different results for your energetic state and consciousness. This is due in part to the fact that breathing is the perfect exhibition of the masculine-feminine dynamic (often called Yin-Yang), and of course varying your experience of these dual, fundamental forces will change the energy you have access to in the moment.

I offer the latter paragraph as a “bonus” for later consideration and practice. 😊

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