Centering and Grounding Exercise

Grounded and Centered

The Value of Being Grounded and Centered

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of being properly centered within yourself and in your activities. The ability to be focused at the center of you helps you remain in the moment with a clear mind, and since the center is equal distance to everything else, you will also be able to flow freely from thought to thought, task to task, and so on. Frankly (as is repeated in the exercise below) if you aren’t at the center of your own worldly experience, are you sure you have a life at all??

Being grounded means to put on an extra measure of comfortable relaxation while simultaneously feeling rock solid in resolve and capability. Plus grounding connects you profoundly to the energy of metaphoric earth and the Mother Earth herself, allowing you to draw as much as you need from the vast reservoir of earth-like energies, like abundance, stability, healing, etc.

The exercise below will help you align your mind and energies with the center and the ground. This is an exercise for building skill and for dealing with the now, or tuning your energy to the right place for handling your business at the present moment.

Center and Ground Quickly and Easily

Sit or stand comfortably, with straight back. Relax, letting your neck and shoulders shrug off extra tension. Do the same for your hips and feel your weight sinking down into your legs, feet, and finally to the ground beneath you. Feel anchored and sturdy, and intend that an energetic cord shall emerge from your hips or base chakra and plant itself deep into the earth, holding you steady and solid.

Now close your eyes and focus upon your solar plexus. This point below your sternum and along the centerline of your torso, between the left and right rib cages, will grow warm and alert as soon as you intend to find it. Visualize a bright but calm red or yellow glowing sphere deep within this spot and connected to the divine fire that powers our sun and all other stars.

As the solar plexus sits in the center of your torso, and the sun is the center of our system of planets, so too are you at the center of your own life. The gullible and misled will tell you this is negatively selfish, but consider: If you aren’t the center of your own existence here in this world, are you quite certain you have a life at all? Be the center if only for this moment or the magical working at hand, as this is essential for your success!

That’s it. Really, practice this and WILL your mind and body to obey your intentions and you will attain the centered-and-grounded state with ease whenever you like.


  • Avatar photo Harmon Waite says:

    So are you saying grounding and centering are the same thing? I thought these were two different considerations.

    • Grounding and centering are two distinct considerations. Grounding is your weight settled beneath you and a sense of connection to the Earth. Centering is presence here and now and at the center of everything you are aware of (even if abstractly). Centered is also a state of relative balance between emotion or intuition and logic. More could actually be said about either state, especially the latter, but you get the gist, I hope. It is easy to combine these separate states or considerations within one quick exercise, meditation, or “check” you might do in the moment.

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