Magic is NOT Spiritual Development

This will ruffle some feathers, and some will insist I am wrong, but the reality of the matter is, quite simply, this… Magic and “Spirituality” are NOT One and the Same! The two may be part of the same broader fields of metaphysics, esoteric studies, and so on, but they are distinct and separate disciplines. Magic is NOT Spiritual Development

The Golden Age of Magic

The Golden Age of Magic: What Historical Period Deserves the Title? Many practitioners of magic love to romanticize ancient Egypt as the epitome of the great magical genesis. For others Hellenistic Greece represents the creme de la crème of the pursuit of the arcane arts; this is ironic as the Hellenes themselves put Egyptian magic The Golden Age of Magic

Magic the Art of the Magi?

We’ve been told time after time that “Magic derives from an old Greek word referring to the Persian Magi”… This is true, of course. In fact words like magica and magicae etc. probably all are derived from reference to the mysterious and powerful Magi. Eventually these terms branched out to cover all phenomena, practices, and Magic the Art of the Magi?

In Defense of the Spontaneous Magical Act

Many authors and teachers and other authority types, so it seems, will caution against so-called spontaneous magical work. It’s dangerous they claim. Sloppy and lazy, the notion has been called. True magic, these fuddy duds tell, is about careful planning and meticulous execution. This is true: solid planning and care to attention and detail are In Defense of the Spontaneous Magical Act

You were Born Ready

Maybe the folks raised in or drawn to magical practice are also, in large part, neurotic and emotionally fidgety by nature. Or it could be a psychological side effect of contact with a magical interface. Whatever the root of the matter, I know it’s not just me; I am not alone on this quirk of You were Born Ready