Cleansing Breaths

In meditation and metaphysical conditioning in generally the breath and awareness thereof are critical, key components. Perhaps this is because our breathing is such a fundamental part of biological function. Indeed, for our species and many others breath is intrinsic to the phenomenon of life itself. On a level beyond even the simple, technical point Cleansing Breaths

Centering and Grounding Exercise

The Value of Being Grounded and Centered It’s difficult to overstate the importance of being properly centered within yourself and in your activities. The ability to be focused at the center of you helps you remain in the moment with a clear mind, and since the center is equal distance to everything else, you will Centering and Grounding Exercise

Magical Conditioning: Daily Basics

Among other things magic is a skill to be learned, advanced, maintained. polished, and refined over the course of a lifetime. As deep and broad as a conversation about the arcane arts is likely to get at the end of all the talk what we still have is an ability based upon sets of prerequisite Magical Conditioning: Daily Basics