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Occult Reading
Books and documents on the occult in general, from mysticism and psychic development to magic, spirituality, and metaphysical philosophy. I am abusing the term occult like so many other modern writers or bloggers, but I couldn't bring myself to say "new age" instead.
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Exciting or Stirring Up the Magical Virtue

What Writers in Past Centuries Said About the Magical State

[aweber listid=”6622490″ formid=”936554103″ formtype=”webform”] Excerpt from Fancis Barrett’s Magnetism and Cabalistical and Ceremonial Magic I will be covering some of the collected works of Barrett, entitled Magus which includes three full books and other articles. I think it’s good core material and it’s closer to the source material we descend from as magicians. i find […]

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Mars Today vs the Ancient View

Quite often in modern Paganism and magical lore the Red Power known as Mars is either designated in a pejorative manner or is at best seriously watered-down. Typical attributes assigned Mars by any astrologer and in most books on planetary magic include strife, anger, and all things mean and ugly on the down side. The […]

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Magic, an Explanation

Many people today are not even aware of the existence of magic outside of books and movies. Everyone is of course familiar with the stage magician and illusionist, with his mesmerizing card tricks and other assorted trickery. As a child I couldn’t get enough David Copperfield and I’ve always found Houdini very interesting. Prior to […]

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What Books are Good for the Beginner Occultist?

I get this question from time to time and it’s definitely a good one to nerd out on. Perhaps a surprise (then maybe not) I’m not as well-read as your garden variety pedant/occultist, but I still have enough context and library space to offer some interesting recommendations. I should clarify a bit of deceptiveness on […]

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