Venus and Mars Together Again

Who else is intrigued to have Valentine’s Day on the day of Mars? Interesting, at least I believe. Love and War Aside from Freya and the whole of the Norse pantheon, the mixing of Venus and Mars is typically a drama symbolic of reconciliation or harmonizing of opposites, as with the goddess Harmonia emerging from Venus and Mars Together Again

Handy Hexagram Intonation

You probably already know the Hexagram is a popular device within planetary magical operations, often used for conjuring (calling enticingly) or evoking (calling with authority) the various planetary powers. Intended initially for only the seven classical planets, the hexagram is both a seal of solar power & authority and a symbol of our soul’s connection Handy Hexagram Intonation

defining “energy” in magic

Crash Course on “energy” from the magical perspective smackdown on empty words and bunny fluff Right out of the gates let me admit that words like “energy” are sorely abused within the broad community of magic, mysticism, psychism, and New Age or spiritualism. I am painfully aware of the fact, and I work really hard defining “energy” in magic

The Air Element

Into the Plane of Elemental Air

“Advanced” Air Magic? This post covers an easy practice that can be used for magical development or for practical applications of magic. The star of today’s article is the element air, but I expect to write similar articles for the other three (maybe four) elements in the near future. While some of the content to Into the Plane of Elemental Air

Magic with Mercury Mind of the ALL

Image by Moon Child Easy Daily Spell (or Prayer) to Align with the Currents of Mercury Readers may want to check my disclaimer page for Planetary Magic and Astrology in general, I’ll add this simple preface for those lazy souls, or perhaps just those in a hurry, who won’t click the above link: I don’t Magic with Mercury Mind of the ALL

Gnosis: What Does this Word Mean?

Gnosis – that weird word that relates somehow to the Gnostics. Means knowledge, right? Well yeah purdy much, but on a different level from the standard Western word, ‘knowledge’. That’s why it’s often used to describe not only an experience, but a state one enters into, akin to or identical to my magical state. The Gnosis: What Does this Word Mean?

Seven Chakras

In this current age of mystical literacy and magical cognition, most folks are familiar with the seven (main) chakras. These “main seven” align with your spine and proceed from the perinium to the top of the skull. Each of these energy centers deals with multiple aspects of being human that essential to and synonymous with Seven Chakras