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Occult Philosophy & Magic Theory
Occult here means hidden knowledge, or more accurately given the revelations and illumination of the modern era, information that previously (for most of human history in fact) was kept away from the population and circulated among only the "enlightened" class, such as a priesthood or mystery school. This category will discuss accepted lore and perhaps controversial perspectives of the Magical Paradigm or Theory of the Magic Universe.
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Symbol Magic 101

The Very Basic Fundamentals of how Symbol Magic Operates

Symbols are powerful tools that can be used to manifest your desires, heal yourself, and protect yourself from negative energies. Learn how to use magic symbols in your own life with these practical tips.

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The Secret Power of Symbols

The Nature of Symbols and How They Operate on a Magical Level

Symbols are all around us, and they have a profound impact on our psyche. Learn how to use magic symbols to trigger archetypes, provoke the unconscious mind, and evoke subtle energies and causal forces in your life.

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Being Like Water in Your Magical Practice. 

Applying the Elementary Essence of Water to Your Arcane Art

The study and practice of magic must be fluid, like moving water. Water flows in a definite direction yet is unbothered by objects and landscape features in its path. It simply moves around or over obstacles without much fuss or struggle. Water conforms to the shape of its container, just as you must adapt your […]

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Easy Conjuration of Mercury

Using a Magic Marker to Evoke and Summon the Essence of the Miracle Maker

      All right. So I’m just gonna lay it out here, a simple operation (part of, rather) I recently and since have used call upon the currents and forces of Mercury. My aim with this post is brevity. (I try to do that once or twice a year ya know, not consume my […]

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Magical Axiom of the Five Worlds

Most contemporary lore holds a multiverse-oriented view wherein the magical universe is discussed as having four or five worlds, realms, planes, etc. Simplified philosophies may address three realms, i.e. the Underworld, our material plane, and the Heavens. Such thinking, while not as rigorous, is not entirely unlike the scientific models used to study alternate realities […]

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Cursed? More Likely Just Jinxed.

The Magical Subculture is Obsessed with Curses Tell me I’m wrong. Everywhere we look we find oils and incenses and spell kits for breaking a curse. Pre-made spells and custom-cast conjures to break curses or stop the evil eye, etc. fly off the rack at Etsy and other marketplaces. Everyone seems to think they are […]

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Sensing Subtle Energy Pt 1

What is Subtle Energy? For that matter, what do I mean when I say “energy” in the first place? If you have not already checked out my post on defining energy in a magical context, you may want to read that before you continue with this article. In the aforementioned content, I address the oft-abused […]

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Mars Today vs the Ancient View

Quite often in modern Paganism and magical lore the Red Power known as Mars is either designated in a pejorative manner or is at best seriously watered-down. Typical attributes assigned Mars by any astrologer and in most books on planetary magic include strife, anger, and all things mean and ugly on the down side. The […]

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Venus and Mars Together Again

Who else is intrigued to have Valentine’s Day on the day of Mars? Interesting, at least I believe. Love and War Aside from Freya and the whole of the Norse pantheon, the mixing of Venus and Mars is typically a drama symbolic of reconciliation or harmonizing of opposites, as with the goddess Harmonia emerging from […]

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"Black Magic" is a Pejorative Misnomer

There's a Good Possibility You have been Misled on the Meaning of "Black Magic".

Warnings Against “Black Magic” are Virtue Signals and Self-Righteous Slander Disclaimer of “Black Magic” Fair warning then: many schools of magical thought like to throw the term black magic around (in general) especially in the context of working magic to affect another person without their permission. Even healing, these folks tell you, is a breach […]

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