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Occult Philosophy & Magic Theory
Occult here means hidden knowledge, or more accurately given the revelations and illumination of the modern era, information that previously (for most of human history in fact) was kept away from the population and circulated among only the "enlightened" class, such as a priesthood or mystery school. This category will discuss accepted lore and perhaps controversial perspectives of the Magical Paradigm or Theory of the Magic Universe.
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Pentagram Occult Meaning

Mystical Nature of the Pentagram and What this Symbol Represents

First consider the dodecahedron, which is said by some to be the shape of the universe and the form of divine will or ideation. Most magical or mystical lore would comfortably accommodate the notion that the shape of our cosmos and the form taken by divine will/thought/word are one and the same. Plato listed this […]

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Saturn the Greatest of the Gods?

Is the Saturnine Power Necessary for All other Spheres to Act?

Of course every planet contains enfolded within it all the other planets. Equally obvious is the truth that planets/spheres, like people and other spirits, are comprised of all five elements. Maybe this post is about the Saturnine current present in all other planets. The drawing in, reducing, restraining, and focusing of energy or power in […]

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All Elemental Magic Neatly Summarized  

The Simple Truth About What Elementary Magic Is

There are a few different interpretations of the four classical elements and how to apply them to magic. theorists can argue for days about the nuances of the fractals and whether it should be air, fire, water, and earth or fire, air, water, and earth or even fire, water, air, then earth. as a nerd […]

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The Truth of What Spirit Is

More than a Phantom Mist or Ideological Anchor

The word spirit has many meanings and uses. It can mean the essence of a thing, or the collective core value of a community or group. It can also, as we know, refer to the soul or shadow of the departed, or to disembodied and non-physical entities originating from or living on the more subtle […]

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Libran Magic: Keeping Things in Balance

A Simple Operation for Tapping into the Balance of Libra

[aweber listid=”6027557″ formid=”433685207″ formtype=”webform”] The Solar power enters Libra on the 23rd of September and reigns until October 23rd. Hence much of the magic performed leading up to Halloween falls under the influence of Libra, at least to some degree. Despite the reality of the astrological timing, mild-mannered Libra may seem an odd addition to […]

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The Waning Moon is Not "Weak"

Luna is Weakened During Her Fall or Detriment but Not Her Wane.

[aweber listid=”6622490″ formid=”936554103″ formtype=”webform”] I could probably let it ride with just the title and subtitle, but I’ll elaborate a bit. Recently, a few times in fact, I have encountered older writings that discuss the moon in her “weak” state or phase. The writer is referring to the waning moon, or two weeks after the […]

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Basic Symbol Magic

Connecting the Power of the Unconscious Mind to the Limitless Potential of Causal Forces

[aweber listid=”6027557″ formid=”433685207″ formtype=”webform”] Few topics are as fundamental to magic studies as symbols or symbolism. In fact, it can be said that magic is really all about symbols and when/how they should be applied or combined. This post will do little justice to the broad topic of symbols in magic as a whole. For […]

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Symbol Magic 101

The Very Basic Fundamentals of how Symbol Magic Operates

Symbols are powerful tools that can be used to manifest your desires, heal yourself, and protect yourself from negative energies. Learn how to use magic symbols in your own life with these practical tips.

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The Secret Power of Symbols

The Nature of Symbols and How They Operate on a Magical Level

Symbols are all around us, and they have a profound impact on our psyche. Learn how to use magic symbols to trigger archetypes, provoke the unconscious mind, and evoke subtle energies and causal forces in your life.

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Being Like Water in Your Magical Practice. 

Applying the Elementary Essence of Water to Your Arcane Art

The study and practice of magic must be fluid, like moving water. Water flows in a definite direction yet is unbothered by objects and landscape features in its path. It simply moves around or over obstacles without much fuss or struggle. Water conforms to the shape of its container, just as you must adapt your […]

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