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Waning Moon Spell: Release Toxic Influences and Detrimental Energy

During the wane period (after the full moon as Luna recedes towards New) meditate to connect with the Lunar energies and mentally “give” the Goddess your unwanted thought forms, emotional currents, habits, etc. and ask her to remove energetic blockages and spirit infesters. There is a process and a period of time wherein you feel […]

Incantation Prior to Casting Runes for Improved Results

After whatever preparation you prefer, and prior to casting your divination, sing or chant the following. “Runes of the ancient tribes I call out to thee! Markings of elders past respond to me! Alphabet of my ancestors I will see, Letters for what is, has been and will be!” Proceed with your rune casting hereafter. […]

Sigil Magic 1 – Introduction

A sigil is a symbol to represent a concept, idea, or individual. These symbols sometimes are called seals, due to their function of sealing an act, conveying authority (such as from a ruler or god), or “containing” at least some attribute(s) of the thing represented. More generically, the word sign can be interchanged with sigil, […]