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Easy Conjuration of Mercury

Using a Magic Marker to Evoke and Summon the Essence of the Miracle Maker

      All right. So I’m just gonna lay it out here, a simple operation (part of, rather) I recently and since have used call upon the currents and forces of Mercury. My aim with this post is brevity. (I try to do that once or twice a year ya know, not consume my […]

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Runic Gnosis through Sigil Magic

Futhark Runes are part of my go to magic, meaning they naturally emerge during magical work or provide inspiration for new operations. I’ve always felt a connection to the Runes, from the first day I saw a bag of casting stones 30 years ago. Rune vs. rune An important distinction I like to make is […]

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Magic Spell for Wisdom to Rule

Calling on the Favor of the All Father for Wisdom and Authority over the Rule of your Own Life

This is a good spell for Thursday, especially at sunrise or the eight planetary hour of the day. It can also be used to great effect on any other day, upon the hour of Jupiter. Colors of deep or royal blue and medium to dark purple will help cast the mood. Aromas of Cedar, Juniper, […]

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Cursed? More Likely Just Jinxed.

The Magical Subculture is Obsessed with Curses Tell me I’m wrong. Everywhere we look we find oils and incenses and spell kits for breaking a curse. Pre-made spells and custom-cast conjures to break curses or stop the evil eye, etc. fly off the rack at Etsy and other marketplaces. Everyone seems to think they are […]

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Crush Your Enemy with Baneful Magic

This is an action-step follow through on my initial post, a Primer to Harmful Magic. Do Not Proceed without Protection Entering into agreement with the baneful without protective measures in place is worse than going to Las Vegas without condoms. Too much? How about worse than letting a third-party manage your retirement account without defining […]

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A Primer on Harmful Magic

Photo by Erik Mclean:  Baneful Magic. What Does this Term Mean? Just so the reader knows, by “harmful” magic I do not mean dangerous or risky pe se, athough such circumstances may be at hand here. By harmful, I mean baneful, as in combative, aggressive, aimed at doing damage to another. Baneful magic is about lending […]

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Rune Spell for Gnosis and Magical Enhancement

Rune Spell for Gnosis and Magical Enhancement This is a very simple esoteric magical operation (or magic spell) using only three runes that will give your overall magical experience a boost. Use it as a stand-alone exercise for improving your psychic and magical fitness, then use it to sustain these improvements. You can also use it […]

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Quick Spell for the Truth and Honesty

Here’s a great one for newcomers to experiment with and really get a feel for the power inherent in magical work. It’s furthermore a useful spell for magicians of any experience level. While it is intended as a self-enchantment or magic you cast over yourself, I have heard of modified versions of this very incantation […]

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Incantation for Casting Runes

Here is an easy incantation for improving your experience with the casting of Futhark Runes. This can improve divinatory results and generally connect you with both the runes and the Runes. Prior to your casting of the runes and alongside whatever other preparation you like, recite the following: Runes of the ancient tribe I call out […]

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Understand runes and Runes

I utilize the Elder Futhark system of runes in order to connect with the eternal Runes. That’s my entry pitch, now what am I on about? It’s very simple. There are multiple sets of letter-systems from Europe known as runes. All the good ones are from Northern Europe – just kidding but the Futhark system […]

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