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Was Pliny Right About Magic and the “Monstrous Art” of Osthanes?

 In his Natural History Volume 30, Pliny the Elder wrote “at some length” on “the most delusive of all the arts”, magic. With authority he claimed knowledge of its origins and evolution. I often see Pliny’s coverage of the topic held up as a sort of appeal to authority by pseudo-skeptics, or those who claim […]

Requirements for Magical Spell Casting?

What do you need to start casting magic spells, performing rituals, and so forth? The answer to this question may vary widely, perhaps even wildly, between experienced magicians to whom it is posed. I feel like anyone who responds with a complex answer is either trying to sell you something, or they’re a tad insecure […]

Easy Method for Entering a Magical State

When someone is new to magic and inexperienced with meditation how can I help them achieve the Magical State sooner than later? I sought and found an answer to this question soon after I realized people were, for whatever reason, asking me for help in taking their first magical steps. While there’s no substitute for […]

Magical Will: A State of Being More than an Intention

Will is the driver of magical operations. While not the only consideration, it’s almost guaranteed a waste of time if this element is not intact. If the Will is not properly and powerfully placed and results are still obtained, it means magic wasn’t needed in the first place. W In the present age, and perhaps […]

Initiation Into Magic

Taking the Mystery out of Initiation All processes, all journeys, have their beginning. In the practice of magic, this is often called an Initiation, which in fact means beginning or starting point. It’s an often overly-romanticized notion, and therefore a potential stumbling block. New magicians, it turns out, are prone to worrying about whether or […]

Esoteric Magic, Practical Magic – What’s What?

It’s a fair question: What’s the difference between practical magic and esoteric magic? What do these terms mean? I can make this super simple for you as follows: Practical magic is about getting things done. Protecting a home, finding new money, confounding a stalker, healing, summoning a spirit, are just a few examples of how […]

The Magical State Briefly Explained

What do I mean by magical state? A Magical State (sometimes M. State or simply M. hereafter) is the condition of unified mental and physiological high performance the magician intends to enter or create in order to undertake magical operations. The circumstance is one of clarity, adaptability, and prowess in all areas of function, as […]

Magic, an Explanation

Many people today are not even aware of the existence of magic outside of books and movies. Everyone is of course familiar with the stage magician and illusionist, with his mesmerizing card tricks and other assorted trickery. As a child I couldn’t get enough David Copperfield and I’ve always found Houdini very interesting. Prior to […]