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Introduction to Magic
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Fair Warning

To whom seeks the path of magic. Turn back now unless you are 100% convinced this is the path for you. There are softer, gentler ways to find enlightenment or connect with spirit. The faint-hearted and weak who go beyond this point will be crushed and devoured by the keepers of the gateway and the […]

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Seven Facets of Magic - Overview of Magical System and Method

The concepts of a magical paradigm, a system of magic, and a magical method.

If you aren’t part of a tradition, lodge, coven, order, or some other formalized group of magicians and adepts, you may at times feel without direction or foundation, perhaps even lost. This hinderance to learning and drainer of focus and confidence can be mitigated easily by establishing a firm paradigm, creating a system to work […]

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Why Hierarchies Matter

Understanding the Nature of Spiritual Hierarchies

In an era where everyone (who practices magic) believes himself or herself to be a sorcerer, complex ideas like the use of spiritual hierarchies in planetary magic are potentially underutilized. It takes too much thinking and even planning for today’s chosen one, who prefers to hit the dabs, wave a crystal around and just “use […]

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Saturn Magic: Basic Tools?

Do You Need Specialized Equipment to Work Magic with Saturn?

I was recently asked what kind of tools one might need to engage with the magic of Saturn. I get it, the big, dark, mysterious character of the macrocosm might warrant special odds & ends, like a goat skull or bat’s blood, right? Not really. Saturn magic calls for many of the same utilities and […]

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Exciting or Stirring Up the Magical Virtue

What Writers in Past Centuries Said About the Magical State

[aweber listid=”6622490″ formid=”936554103″ formtype=”webform”] Excerpt from Fancis Barrett’s Magnetism and Cabalistical and Ceremonial Magic I will be covering some of the collected works of Barrett, entitled Magus which includes three full books and other articles. I think it’s good core material and it’s closer to the source material we descend from as magicians. i find […]

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Magical Initiation: Two Most Important Areas of Practice for Beginners

This post has to be quick due to mundane affairs I’m in the midst of but it will mark the start of a conversation, albeit one-sided for the most part, of an ongoing nature. Meaning I will make a few proper posts on this point when time allows. If I had a time machine or […]

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Magic Spell for ACTION or Overcoming Procrastination

Let’s keep this one simple and not write a novella (I tell myself.). As the title implies this magic spell is all about acting and moving and putting an end to stagnation and procrastination. This is the spell to get you unstuck and in motion when it matters most so simplicity and assertiveness are the way […]

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Grounding Your Energy: A Technical Description

Grounding yourself before and during magical work is very important. It is also misunderstood and inaccurately described far too often.

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Improving Early Results with Magic

Some people take to magic like a goblin in a cave or a fish to water, while other are befuddled and confounded in the early days. There are many reasons for this and an entire book might be written solely on the topic of how to assess and improve results during your first year of […]

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Real Magic Lesson Four PART TWO!

A Good Magic Spell or Magic Ritual for Beginners? In yesterday’s lesson we covered (extensively?) the foundation and formula of a magical operation. Today we’ll walk through an operation or two aimed at getting you some affirmative magical results as quickly as possible. These operations are structured in a very transparent manner so you can […]

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