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Introduction to Magic
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Magical Initiation: Two Most Important Areas of Practice for Beginners

This post has to be quick due to mundane affairs I’m in the midst of but it will mark the start of a conversation, albeit one-sided for the most part, of an ongoing nature. Meaning I will make a few proper posts on this point when time allows. If I had a time machine or […]

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Magic Spell for ACTION or Overcoming Procrastination

Let’s keep this one simple and not write a novella (I tell myself.). As the title implies this magic spell is all about acting and moving and putting an end to stagnation and procrastination. This is the spell to get you unstuck and in motion when it matters most so simplicity and assertiveness are the way […]

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Grounding Your Energy: A Technical Description

Grounding yourself before and during magical work is very important. It is also misunderstood and inaccurately described far too often.

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Improving Early Results with Magic

Some people take to magic like a goblin in a cave or a fish to water, while other are befuddled and confounded in the early days. There are many reasons for this and an entire book might be written solely on the topic of how to assess and improve results during your first year of […]

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Real Magic Lesson Four PART TWO!

A Good Magic Spell or Magic Ritual for Beginners? In yesterday’s lesson we covered (extensively?) the foundation and formula of a magical operation. Today we’ll walk through an operation or two aimed at getting you some affirmative magical results as quickly as possible. These operations are structured in a very transparent manner so you can […]

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Different Types of Magic

I’ll make a confession to you right at the top of the page: This article is a piece of “obligatory content”, which means I felt it was one I had to write for the benefit of others. In truth, my own, internal classification of magic is much looser than what you are about to read […]

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Quick Spell for the Truth and Honesty

Here’s a great one for newcomers to experiment with and really get a feel for the power inherent in magical work. It’s furthermore a useful spell for magicians of any experience level. While it is intended as a self-enchantment or magic you cast over yourself, I have heard of modified versions of this very incantation […]

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"Black Magic" is a Pejorative Misnomer

There's a Good Possibility You have been Misled on the Meaning of "Black Magic".

Warnings Against “Black Magic” are Virtue Signals and Self-Righteous Slander Disclaimer of “Black Magic” Fair warning then: many schools of magical thought like to throw the term black magic around (in general) especially in the context of working magic to affect another person without their permission. Even healing, these folks tell you, is a breach […]

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Synchronicity Serendipity, Again

Serendipitous Synchronicity Take Two Sometimes we know we need magic but can’t figure out exactly why or settle on just what kind of magical work we should go after. On these occasions and frankly at any other time, it can be productive to simply cast (magic) for good fortune, revelation of what’s next on our […]

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Serendipity Synchronicity

When You Know You Need Magic but You Don’t Know Exactly What Magic is Called For It’s not uncommon to know your life needs a spell or sigil or hell, even a ritual and just not be sure exactly what to cast or call down into manifest reality. At these times, and honestly at any […]

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