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Casting a Shadow
By Bein Farr Posted in Spells for Beginners on February 26, 2022 0 Comments
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This is a spell for use with shadow work or exploring the dark side of your subconscious. Such work can be extremely useful and informative, but also disturbing.

The shadow holds and keeps hidden from view those parts of our consciousness that reflect taboo ideas and feelings. Herein we find aspects of ourselves that go against our obligatory values, or morals informed by mainstream culture that many of us go along with to avoid friction and trouble. The shadow itself is not necessarily evil, though some of its contents may very well be just that, depending on your point of view.

You must learn from your shadow and examine what lies within it in order to fully know yourself. What’s more, if you ignore the shadow, as we are all trained by society to do, it will emerge in the most inappropriate places at the worst of times and embarrass you or get you into trouble.

Drawing the Shadow Out Safely at the Time and Place of Your Choosing

I find this spell to be ideal for a wand of Hawthorne. Spend some time considering your shadow, based upon my brief description and whatever else you may know. The better you understand the concept, the more effective this spell will be so I urge you to read a page or two of Jung, etc. in the lead up to this spell. Point the wand at the ground 5 or 6 feet in front of you and use this incantation:

I cast a shadow where I can see.
I cast a shadow from deep within me.
Murky, darkness, swirling about,
This wand selects a shadow and cast it out!

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