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Blue Apatite Combo is All You Need for Manifestation Magic
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Crystal and Stone Combinations on April 30, 2022 0 Comments
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Blue Apatite atop (left to right) Golden Healer, Rainbow Moonstone w Black Tourmaline, Danburite shard, and Black Obsidian

Crystal and gemstone combinations very close to this one are a large part of my personal daily work, and I’ll have more examples up at some point. Blue Apatite in its role as manifesting agent are at the core of the arrangement.

Judy Hall wrote that Blue Apatite occupies the space between thought and physical manifestation. This really struck me, and although apatite has many other uses, I have since thoroughly explored the stone’s capability as manifester.

Blue Apatite Represents the Point Between the Energy of Your Idea and its Material Manifestation in the Physical World

Focus on this magical truism while understanding the following:

Rainbow Moonstone represents the hall of images, or the imagination fed by the subconscious mind. Draw power from here and visualize what you will create. Black Tourmaline within the moonstone aids in solidification of intent and breaking through barriers as you go.

Danburite is the mystical clarity for seeing past-present-future in manifestation magic, also for connecting you to any and all energies needed to sense and act as appropriate

Black Obsidian grounds spiritual forces into your physical form, and into the work at hand, Furthermore, it aids in bringing the formed vision you hold in the Apatite “down” from the Water element into Earth, and unto the world of tangible experience.

Golden Healer, in this context, works alongside of and replicates the role of the Obsidian above, bringing Fire to the forge, so to speak, easing the process and protecting the magic to its completion.

Give this one a try alongside your next manifestation project or as a booster to any ritual you like.

blue apatite crystal crystal and gemstone magic crystal and stone combinations danburite golden healer rainbow moonstone

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