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Being Like Water in Your Magical Practice. 
Applying the Elementary Essence of Water to Your Arcane Art
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Elemental Magic, Occult Philosophy & Magic Theory on September 15, 2023 0 Comments
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The study and practice of magic must be fluid, like moving water. Water flows in a definite direction yet is unbothered by objects and landscape features in its path. It simply moves around or over obstacles without much fuss or struggle. Water conforms to the shape of its container, just as you must adapt your study to the mood you are in or the tone of the day or environment wherein your study takes place. Just flow, keeping your mind alert but allowing it to remain free from worry or obsession.

If you are interrupted, move to another position and continue.

If someone you trust doesn’t believe you, let the feelings that emerge roll off and away from you.

If your magic fails, gather the lessons and return to the beginning.

Nervous energy can be channeled and utilized. Do not suppress it.

Find your rhythm. It does not matter whether you can dance or not, just find the rhythm that feels home to you.

Baby talk your animals or sing that tune you love even when other people are nearby and care not how this comes across to spectators. Wherever you are, you are home, residing in your aura and body, so get comfortable and have fun when you can.

When the storms come roll with the hurt and anger and fear and whatever else. These are just feelings and they will rise and fall regardless of what you think or how you act. To the extent you are able go with the flow and when you f**k that up, shrug that off as well.

Image by intographics from Pixabay

If you blow every suggestion made in this post and instead of going water end up stuck like a chunk of stubborn earth or fly off like a searing flame… It’s cool. Circle on back to water anyhow by knowing it’s all good either way and you are as you are.

Now please go make some badass magic, the kind that scares your mother and gives birth to rumors in the neighborhood about “the witch” or “sorcerer” who “lives up the street”.

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