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Be On Purpose
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Practice of Magic on May 29, 2023 0 Comments
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One key attribute of the successful magician is also one of the most obvious things I could possibly say to you. Be on purpose as you practice and work.

Yes, there is a grand statement in this, regarding your sense of purpose in life and so forth but we can leave that for another time. Here and now I don’t mean give attention to your life’s purpose or ponder what all this means (though you should probably do both).

Mind the Matter at Hand and Perform On Purpose

I’m really just saying be in the moment and remain fully engaged with the work you’re enacting. Nothing is rote. Never just go through the motions.

Every syllable, every gesture, every intent or thought matters profoundly.

But I’m not really even harping on attention to detail. That’s important and you need to cultivate it (as do we all!), but I’m getting at something even more rudimentary and essential.

Throwing Darts

Think of an old dartboard with the red and blue plastic darts. If you’re old like me you played with these as a youngster.

When you throw a dart at the bullseye, are you haphazardly projecting it as you think of something else? Do you rush the arm motion so you can get on to the next step?

Maybe you pay honorary attention to the alignment and spacing of your feet, just as your father or elder brother taught, but don’t bother putting much effort into that silliness. You’ve read about good follow through with the hand, moving beyond the point of release and pointing towards the target with the index finger, but that’s just some formal thing not to be bothered with, right?

If the last paragraph is familiar and agreeable, you should know your dart game would be much better if you adjusted attitude and took the position of your feet and the technical aspects of throwing more seriously. If, on the other hand, you scoff at the very idea of skimping or half-assing a physical technique like throwing a dart, you are seeing the light I wish to shine.

If darts don’t matter to you think of something that does. Maybe it’s planting a tree, walking a dog, playing the piano, or baking a pie. Surely there are areas in your so-called mundane life where you do not cut corners, activities wherein you put all your energy and presence.

So let it be with ALL of your magical actions and works.

Keep your awareness on thoroughness and precision and just really be where you are and earnestly do what there is to do. Throw darts into the bull’s eye whenever you trace that pentagram in the air or vibrate an angelic name or project Will through a wand or command an elemental current!

Do magic with a purpose. Said purpose is its own reward and is simply the correct and in-spirit doing of the deed.


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