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A Primer on Harmful Magic
By Bein Farr Posted in Baneful Magic on February 18, 2023 0 Comments
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Baneful Magic. What Does this Term Mean?

Just so the reader knows, by “harmful” magic I do not mean dangerous or risky pe se, athough such circumstances may be at hand here. By harmful, I mean baneful, as in combative, aggressive, aimed at doing damage to another.

Baneful magic is about lending grief to and damaging the plans of those who need a smack, and ruining or crushing he or she who would cause you harm.

Some call this “black magic” but I don’t care for that term; it’s weak and unspecific. In my mind, truly black magic is the arcana of Saturn, but I accept also the classification of black magic as being anything that seeks to effect a person or persons other than the caster. (I accept that such a classification is used, but I do not espouse it.) While striking out at someone via magic would certainly qualify under the aforementioned ideology as black art, this isn’t how I categorize things.

Harmful magic is black to the degree it is Saturnine, but also red to the extent to which it is Martial. I’ll use baneful instead of harmful henceforth in this and other post on the topic.

What is the Place of Baneful and Combative Magic?

Every big boy and big girl magician must answer this for themselves. For some the gasping answer will be “never”!

This latter group are no doubt part of the “all is love” gang. I’ll spare a word for them before they leave, if they haven’t gone already.

Beauty and love are part of the picture, my sweet-hearted friends, but only part. Show me a lovely sunrise greeting a forest, such a brilliant orange and pink awakening that proves the love of god. I’ll share your admiration, and perhaps say nothing. Alternatively I might, to prove a point, hasten to find nearby a trio of baby birds in the midst of starvation, their mother killed recently by a predator in plain view of the god and goddess. Hiding behind the sunrise, there is ugliness and viciousness.

There are ferocious things, even bad people who will wait for you in the shadows or stalk you at night. They care not about your pleasantries or charity, other than to use both against you and take what you have. For your sake and for the sake of all the members of the love and light brigade, I hope there is someone like me in your life who isn’t much disturbed by a little dirt and flesh beneath the fingernails.

I do not advocate frivolously harming any living creature and can rarely justify hurting things with more than two legs. I admit, in the Appalachians where I live we sometimes must shoot coyotes, wild pigs, hawks, and the mountain lions our wildlife management agencies tell us aren’t here. We do this to protect our own animals from predation, and while unpleasant work it must at times be done.

Physical self-defense and combative magic are equally joyless (most of the time) and every bit as sometimes necessary. I’m not a paranoid person, far from it, and I don’t see conniving enemies behind every tree. The vast majority of folks are good and reasonable, or at the worst end nothing more than assholes. People who want to do evil to others are a minority, but this gives them an advantage, for they will readily resort to a kind of savagery that is shocking and simply undoable for most of their victims.

What if Violence Really IS a Solution?

While those of us growing up in the West were raised on the great lie of “violence is not a solution”, in reality negative action towards an adversary, or let’s face it sometimes just a vile thing of a person who needs to be checked, DOES solve problems. Damn sure, violence and things akin to it will get results

Important to remember, always and of course, is the truth that said results may or may not be in the favor of he or she who throws that first punch. The gods of war relish the thrill of mayhem and struggle, and the spirits of strife care only about anguish, hate, suffering, and the teeth-clenchedoh god dammit” of those caught in the field of their influence. Only a fool believes such creatures take sides at all, much less care about any human’s cause.

Initiate force or foil, and a number of possible outcomes can be returned. Let’s imagine a simple fistfight as our analogy for the use of baneful magic.

  • You may get your ass kicked.
  • Win or lose, you could end up in legal trouble.
  • You might win the fight, but then deeply regret the hurt you cause your enemy.
  • Someone you care about could be hurt accidentally during the altercation.
  • You may end up looking over your shoulder for months or years after the fact due to imminent retaliation, either real or imagined.

These are but a few of the undesirable possibilities.

On the sunnier side, positive results could include cessation of hostilities toward you from the person whose ass you just thoroughly kicked, and/or simply a deep and lasting sense of personal satisfaction. There is much to be said about the goodness of blowing off serious frustration and establishing self-confidence through victory.

Most often, unless you are highly trained, experienced or both, victory will not be clean and without mandatory sacrifice. Win or lose, the process of a fight can be both taxing and painful.

I often say to someone who has never been in a fistfight, should aforementioned individual be considering participation in a physical altercation:

How comfortable are you with the taste of your own blood?

If he or she is horrified by, or even uncomfortable with, the idea of a hot and salty mouthful of their own life’s blood, I strongly recommend said confrontation be avoided in favor of something more civilized.

Question number one, then, is:  Are you willing to suffer and perhaps bleed, or worse, in order to punish or smash this person you want to hurl dark magic into?

There’s no shame in saying no and backing out; no shame at all. You probably have other options, or, maybe you know someone who is willing to take a lump on your behalf and they can enact the baneful work.

Neither is there any glory in being candidly samurai about the issue, and being willing to die for the mere opportunity to kill your opponent. It just is what it is, as the saying goes. Antagonism, violence, competition, and etc are just part of this shit-show we call life here on Earth.

That’s a simple admission, not a glorification.

A Few Rules of Engagement

For anyone determined to embark on the path of baneful magic, here are my recommended considerations and cautions. First of all I would like to say:

Don’t. Just don’t do it if it’s possible to solve the problem another way. Yes, I am being a hypocrite, but I don’t want you to suffer – is that so bad?

It takes a special disposition and a strong will, even a strong stomach, to follow through on the baneful without wavering, and to waver is to suffer. Furthermore, your people problems are not the place to employ baneful magic. The guy who aways gets your parking space, the acquaintance who thinks he’s a friend who knocks on the door too late and drunk every time, even the neighbor whose dog pisses in your flower bed (and the dog doing the deed) are not suitable targets for this kind of work. Neither is the lover who left or the other he left with a right target, nor the boss who fired you and not even the drug addict who stole $50 out of your wallet that time.

Magic aimed at hurting is serious shit. People can die or be changed for the rest of their lives. Reserve this work only for those who honesty plan to hurt or torment you or your family. (If you don’t mind my saying.)


In no special order

  • Take charge of the directional flow of the energy you raise. This is work that calls for magic, force, et al to flow through and outward or away from you and your home, family, etc
  • Your presence and engagement with the spirits, forces, and powers of this work shall be RUTHLESS and UNFORGIVING. You don’t ask if the Red Star would, you call and detail your command sharply, demanding and expecting to see full compliance.
  • Perhaps a redundancy, but a follow up on the last: As with any magical operation, it is possible you may attract the attention of and/or directly interact with spirits or other unseen intelligences. Treat any entities you encounter through this work sternly and even roughly! They do not understand or respect cordiality and in the name of whatever god you favor do not for any reason be kind or even amicable. Note also, they may try to deceive you in various ways.
  • Never waver in your willingness to harm the target, and smash anything resembling regret/remorse the minute you sense the first molecule try to creep in. PLEASE understand that to falter on these grounds, that is, to become squeamish about the task or feel bad for your target is to almost certainly turn the blade against yourself; Strife loves to cut the hand that directs it, to splinter the tongue and afflict the loved ones of he/she who called it forth.
  • Always, always, and always perform thorough banishing(s) at the close of this work. I typically perform and recommend basic pentagram banishing such as that demonstrated in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. or LBRP. A Google search will produce hundreds of examples and tutorials. The equal-armed cross, traced with the left hand top to bottom, then with left hand, left to right, is another effective and fast way to clear an immediate vicinity.

I think it’s safe to assume you don’t want the currents and unseen critters evoked by this work just wandering about your living room, playing with any pets or children found therein, or meddling under the hood of your car. Let that imagery sink in, take it seriously, and allow it to properly motivate you towards the conduct outlined above.

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