Crush Your Enemy with Baneful Magic

This is an action-step follow through on my initial post, a Primer to Harmful Magic.

Do Not Proceed without Protection

Entering into agreement with the baneful without protective measures in place is worse than going to Las Vegas without condoms. Too much?

How about worse than letting a third-party manage your retirement account without defining your risk tolerance? If the first example disgusted you but, per the second you’re all ”Oh wow! you have my attention now.” I’m going to ask politely, for Christ’s sake click away from here and go punch a pillow, will you?

Back on track: You obviously wouldn’t, if thinking clearly, enter a dangerous environment without standard precautions. If spraying herbicide, you’ll wear gloves and a respirator. Opening day of deer season, you’re probably sporting an orange vest that nearly burns the retina if looked at directly. No need to take extra risks by charging into any potential hazard zone completely unprotected.

Before performing any hostile magical operations, it is crucial to take some basic measures. Here are a few elementary examples that will work if you don’t already have this covered.

  1. Light the Middle Pillar: This is the simple but powerful practice of bringing Light, either visualized as a descending ball or shaft, in through the top of your head, or crown, then deliberately guiding it along your spine and through the ground between your feet. Allow this energy to ripple out into your aura, where you create a spherical or egg-shaped shield of white light to seal your auric field.
    1. Alternatively, and especially if you’re a practitioner of Kundalini Principle, you may start from below and unleash a column of fire from your base and guide this upward and out through the crown, proceeding with the aura visualization from above.
  2. Keep a piece of steel or (even better) iron in your pocket as you prepare for and proceed with the harmful magical operations. This is a centuries old method, at the least, that has been used to effectively keep the Red Agency from laying calamity upon the magician.
  3. Call on or appeal to your protective spirits. Ask them to keep you safe from treachery and betrayal, and to protect against your own error. If you have no knowledge of your spiritual protection, you may invoke the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air as protective forces.
    1. Also, everyone has access to the Angelic forces of their Zodiac signs. I personally use (and not just in this scenario but as a daily practice) a system of three angels, which I call the Tri-Angelic Assembly. This consists of the angels for my Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising or Ascendant Sign.

After you’re all zipped up here, you may at last proceed with the hurt at hand.

Different Format for this Spell

You may notice I’m not using the standard format Ash uses when he adds spells to this blog. No little blue table with nifty headings, etc. This is because I don’t wish to make this particularly easy to identify as a spell to casual readers.

Crush Your Enemy Under Your Heel

This operation takes a typical folk magic attack-or-defense action and compounds it significantly with a few simple addendums.


Due to the nature of the spell I’ll say “as needed”, because the need to act my be pressing. If possible begin this on the day and hour of either Mars or Saturn, depending on personal affinity and inclination.

Material Concerns

You’d like a picture of thine enemy for this one. A photo is of course ideal, but if you’re an artist you can sketch them out. If you can believe a stick figure go ahead but probably something like their name badge from work or a sigil you create to represent them is better if no picture can be arranged.

  • The point is to have some small device that represents your target.
  • A few small pieces of led, no substitutions here. If you can’t get led just skip to the next material component.
  • A bit of sulfur in powder form.
  • Markers and cardstock, or pen and paper if you like (red and black ideal), will also come into play.
  • Finally, a small shovel or other digging implement and a small area of earth, perhaps 6 inches squared, are needed toward the closing.


Spend time contemplating the individual through your symbol for them. Notice immediately how inferior this person is. Seriously, it’s amazing how lesser than you a person can be once you fixate on that reality. This is a person you might otherwise expect to show pity on in life, so utterly pathetic is he or she.

Pity, however, is not what has been ordered. Indifferent dominion is the request to fulfill.

Main Procedure

Each morning for the next five*, as you begin your day, take a moment to harness all of your disgust and disdain for your target and then throw this harnessed force through their picture (or other) and onto their heads. Gather these feelings so thoroughly and hurl them like a missile so effectively that you no longer notice them (the negative feelings) in your conscious awareness after this act is performed.

* Timeline can be adjusted to fit needs. One day is fine for a minor settlement, or # of days can be chosen for numerological values that are significant to you or to the cause. Keeping the #5 somehow embedded here would be recommended, however, i.e. if one day is chosen for spell do the initial “hurling of energy” above five times, like a series of punches.


If the rivalry or need to avenge is sufficient, you’ll add this step. If it’s not warranted move on to the next step. Only you know the right play here.

Place the picture near the top of a piece of paper or cardstock. Repeat five times the phrase: I ignite the fires of strife. Go make ash and cinder of [enemy’s name] life!”

Draw an inverted Pentagram of Fire beneath your target. Because the pentagram is inverted, by placing it under the photo or whatever you have, you are indeed pointing the force represented by the five-pointed star directly into the life of your enemy. You can follow this diagram if you aren’t sure what I mean by pentagram of fire:

Under Your Heel

At the end of all procedures place your target’s picture into the heel of the shoe for your dominant foot. To find your dominant foot run to the nearest door now for a $100 prize. Forgive my classlessness friend, but I’m not actually giving you a bill if you just ran to a door. I just wanted you to take note of which foot you stepped or would have stepped forward with first; that’d be the dominant one. You can use tape to secure the picture if you like, what matters is that your enemy is going to spend the day where he or she is rightly placed.

Under the grind of your heel with each step you take, and beneath you no matter what work you might be performing. Be aware of this as you go about your day, and place occasional emphasis on the fact with a stomp or scuff, as desired.

At the end of each day, (after work, when you return home for the day, etc.) remove the picture from your shoe and place it under your magical dagger or sword if you have one of these, otherwise under a red brick or rock will suffice. Forget about the target and the magic for the remainder of your waking time. Do your best to sleep like a baby each night.

At the end of five days, remove the picture and tear it neatly in two from top to bottom. Say “It is done.” Spit the malice from your mouth and say: You get what you deserve.”

Take the torn picture to your pre-determined plot of earth and bury it 8 inches below the surface. Drop the pieces of led into the hole with it and sprinkle the sulfur generously into the soil as you back fill the hole. Tamp the soil of the burial down neatly and replace any sod; make it so nobody will ever know the earth has been disturbed. If you like, piss on the burial spot.  Once you’re finished get on with life; don’t give another thought toward the work you have done or, to the extent possible, to the target.

Alternative Finish

If the above is a bit too intense for you, given the results you are after, do this instead:

At the end of five days, remove the picture and tear it neatly in two from top to bottom. Say “It is done.” Spit the malice from your mouth and say: “You get what you deserve.”

Very casually toss the torn picture into the household trash, as if it were little more than a bottle cap or candy wrapper you scooped up off the ground. It means nothing to you. Get on with your life from here, not giving another thought to the work you have done, nor (to the extent possible) to the target.

Remember to execute basic banishing measures! At the end of each day during this work, I recommend either the banishing pentagram of fire, or the equal-armed cross general banishing. Alternatively, you may use a pendulum or whatever clearing methods you prefer to rid your body and aura of any unpleasant residual energy resembling strife, malice, etc.I DO NOT recommend the use of banishing hexagrams, as this method may disrupt the forces you have set into motion on the astral/causal planes.  

What To Expect

This spell is about wearing the enemy down, grinding steadily on them and chipping away at their defenses/aura, and then at them directly once this natural or magical protection is pierced. Results could range from fatigue and general distress, i.e. shitty day syndrome ongoing, all the way out to horrific and destructive events that disrupt their lives on a major scale. There are too many factors involved, variables I have no way of knowing, so I can’t give you a specific forecast.

If you’re not trying to ruin someone’s life, well probably you should refrain from all of this in the first place, but beyond that skip the optional step with the pentagram and perhaps do the initiatory chanting only once at the start of the process. Simply place the photo in the heel of your shoe and grind at them for five days to perhaps attain results on the lower end of the spectrum.

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