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Esoteric Magic, Practical Magic – What’s What?

It’s a fair question: What’s the difference between practical magic and esoteric magic? What do these terms mean? I can make this super simple for you as follows: Practical magic is about getting things done. Protecting a home, finding new money, confounding a stalker, healing, summoning a spirit, are just a few examples of how […]

The Magical State Briefly Explained

What do I mean by magical state? A Magical State (sometimes M. State or simply M. hereafter) is the condition of unified mental and physiological high performance the magician intends to enter or create in order to undertake magical operations. The circumstance is one of clarity, adaptability, and prowess in all areas of function, as […]

Magic, an Explanation

Many people today are not even aware of the existence of magic outside of books and movies. Everyone is of course familiar with the stage magician and illusionist, with his mesmerizing card tricks and other assorted trickery. As a child I couldn’t get enough David Copperfield and I’ve always found Houdini very interesting. Prior to […]

What Books are Good for the Beginner Occultist?

I get this question from time to time and it’s definitely a good one to nerd out on. Perhaps a surprise (then maybe not) I’m not as well-read as your garden variety pedant/occultist, but I still have enough context and library space to offer some interesting recommendations. I should clarify a bit of deceptiveness on […]