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Active Empty Space
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic, Magical Preliminaries on December 14, 2022 One Comment
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I disclaim thusly: The following post describes something more akin to psychic development or mysticism than to magic. It happens. Crossover and whatnot

How truly empty is the empty space about and between us?

If you’re a good animist (not one who half-asses the whole paradigm and is going to hell) you know it – empty space – is not empty at all.
I’m lazy today so I’m gonna let you imagine here some spill about dark matter, quantum this and subatomic that. Got it? Awesome cuz I hate writing that shit.
I’m not a physicist, you see, and so I find it silly for me to be the guy who fills the other non-physicists in on the aforementioned subject. I do know the smart guys and gals who tinker in the lab and write the textbooks will tell you that empty space is full of all kinds of goodies.
As magicians, we rely on experimentation and the examination of our experience or of objective results that emerge from our piddling about with the source code of life.  Here’s a good experimental concept for you.
Perhaps you are aware of the mindfulness technique of setting your awareness upon the space between yourself and the objects in the room with you, or taking note of the space between you and other people. This is a great way to stay in the moment or return to it instantly if you get dragged away by some daydream or other perturbation of the monkey mind.

Let us Take Things a Step or Three Further

Engage the basic exercise of paying attention to the vacant space about you. Then try to feel it, first against your skin but then out a few inches, upon your aura.
Keep pressing your “feelers” out to a foot, three feet, six, nine, as far as you can honestly hold the conception of almost tangibly feeling the space out beyond your body.
It’s a nice sensation somewhere between physical and emotional and you can miss it if your mind isn’t still and your psychic senses are underdeveloped.
Once you succeed at making this contact, you should be able to feel the vibrating, maybe pulsing activity within this space. It may occur to your intuition as an “aliveness”.
Be with the experience. Take a firm hold on the currents you find and let them show and tell you their nature.
Inhabit, dwell in this space.
Imbibe, soak in, and digest the energy therein, for it is plentiful.
VA KUM DELORUS (vah-come-day-lower-us)
DO SINIUS (doe-seen-ee-us)
As you repeat this chant, it becomes time to get serious.
Surf and ride the tides of energy from emptiness.
Draw these currents into your being and allow them to dance and sing.
At your command this energy will organize itself. Use it to power your visualizations, and healing manifestation…. use it for all of your magic and DELIGHT in the being of a sorcerer!
See where this takes you. Be sure to make use of the journal, recording notes and questions, perhaps ideas for expanding the exercise in new directions.

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