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3-Step Method used to Build Any Spell
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Practice of Magic on October 30, 2022 0 Comments
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Learn and Apply these Three Simple Processes to Create Spells of Every Kind and for Any Purpose!

There are many different types of magic and a variety of forms, or methods for applying magical intent. In this Golden Age of Magic where a magician has access to every culture and system from the pages of history (except those still hidden from us) it’s a simple matter to seek out a system that fits your individuality.

It can also be easy, in the midst of this magical revival we’ve enjoyed for the past decade or more, to be overwhelmed by too much information and variety.

Keep things ultimately simple, is my advice. Focus on momentum and flow, i.e. living the magic or staying in your magic wherever you are. Results are king and queen of every day, so refine your practice to get what you want from it consistently.

Simplify the Process of Creating and Executing Magical Operations (Spells, Rituals, etc.)

Here’s an easy 3-step formula that should work with most, perhaps all systems of magic. I certainly didn’t create the formula but I have used it for many years. Here’s what it looks like in shortlist form:

  1. Gather and raise the energy for your operation.
  2. Bind and compel this energy.
  3. Send and release both the energy and the intention.

NOTE: This formula is enacted after you have set a clear intention and decided you deserve and will have the victory of your intent. Only once you know without doubt what you desire, understand that you deserve absolutely the desire’s fruition, and can bring to bear an immovable, indomitable force of will unto your intentions to have, do, or be this thing, can magic do its work upon the worlds.

Use these 3 steps for building any magical operation.

Three Steps Expanded/Explained

Gather and Raise Energy

Years ago when I first found this 3-part formula in a Scott Cunningham book he used the term “raise energy”. In the true spirit of nerding out I use gather because energy may need to be brought up from below, down from above, out from within, or other and probably in combination, depending on the operation at hand.

Some magicians rely on crystals to power their work. The more religiously inclined call on their deities of choice. We all add some measure of psychic power to our work as well.

Energy is even derived from the time during which your work is done. Planetary days/hours and the elements in their course are examples of this.

The point is you must first have the energy needed for the magical work before you can get anything done. Once you have drawn upon the sources of energy and power you have chosen, use your emotions, imagination, and WILLPOWER to raise the frequency of this energy as high as possible.

Powerful chanting, even tensing the muscles, and other excitatory methods will help. The best vehicle for this is a calm, focused mind thus regular meditation is a great idea for aspiring magicians.

Bind and Compel this Energy

Here I’m using the language of sorcery or spirit evocation but if fits well with any sort of magical work. Cunningham used the phrase “program energy” here.

Once your energy is raised, you must infuse it with its purpose, which will be the same as your intention. Do this by visualizing what you want and transferring this vision – an act of intent – into the raised energy. COMMAND the energy to do your bidding and see/feel the end and successful result of this with all your being.

Bind & Compel means to Program Energy with Intention.

Send and Release the Energy and the Intention

Forcefully or at least with certainty, cast your spell or send your magic to do your work. There will be a definite sense of energy leaving your body and the area, though this may take time and practice to develop.

A stomp, hammer of the fist onto the altar, or simply a sharp “DONE!” can work well. Once the energy is cast or sent, so too you must let go fully of the intention, for now the unconscious mind and the causal forces of reality must do their work unimpeded by your ongoing concern or “help”.

This release of intent is paramount to great success and quite difficult for some. I tried to cheat on this one for years before finally realizing I was cutting my magical effect in half or worse by refusing to shut down my conscious interference with my own work.

LET IT GO AND GET ON WITH SOMETHING ELSE! If your magic doesn’t work the first time you’ll simply have at it again, perhaps with a multi-day ritual this time. Keeping the intent with you and “picking at it” will do no good and may sabotage your efforts.

Use this three-part formula to create rituals or spells, in other words magical operations of all kinds and for every purpose including protection, divination, charms, and more.

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