Combine Green Jade Life Force Stone w. other Crystals for Magical Enhancements

Green Jade, among other things, enhances and protects your vital force

Like many green stones, Green Jade corresponds to the life force or vital energy. I’m talking about the subtle but amazing energy that animates our bodies and sustains our minds.

(Hey if this is a new idea to you check out this page to get up to speed!)

Different aspects of this force have been named and studied variously by many global cultures. I think most modern practitioners of magic are familiar with prana, chi, etc., but did you know these terms, while pretty much discussing the same concept, actually diverge slightly based on context?

Use the Force

To avoid confusion on this blog, I will use the terms life force/energy or vital energy/force when referencing the subtle current of energy conducted by our physical, etheric, and mental bodies as we occupy this material plane. Vital force, for instance, is the energy present within a living thing and underlying all other currents, such as heat or magnetism, etc.

Whether or not the vital force causes life, it (the life energy) is present only in what we would call biology or biological creatures. A spiritual being, such as an angel or the presence of a deceased ancestor, while composed and consisting of various subtle energies, does not appear to circulate the same life force as you and I.

It is, therefore, a bit of a mystery how Green Jade, Ruby Fuchsite, and other gemstones or crystals are able to stimulate the presence and flow of vital energy within a handler. I never claimed to have all the answers, and this post is about how to channel such benefits, not about what causes them to occur.

Anything we choose to do in this life is driven by vital energy. Thinking is a living process. Certainly, inspired motion is very much alive. Magic, no exception, you are reaching via the life force into elemental lattices when you focus on grounding energy, et al and merging your living essence with the causal substance as you visualize whatever sort of success you’re casting for.

Simple Correspondence Practices

Here are a few examples of how you might charge your life force for a specific experience or for greater success in magical operations, using simple correspondences. Begin by meditating or playing with your piece of green jade. Activate the vital force stimulation of the piece by intending this to happen. Try to feel the green energy inside you and pay attention to any subtle currents you feel in your hands or about your aura. When you are ready, proceed with these examples or other combinations you wish to try:

Green Jade with Aragonite
Green Jade with Aragonite

Aragonite is an earth-energy stone, specifically tied to the Goddess. Use this combination after grounding work to explore the grounded state and reap the most from the earth energies. Hold in the receptive hand, along with Green Jade, and recite “Sacred Mother beneath me, hold me close and merge with my essence through these stones.”

Green Jade with Moonstone
Green Jade and Peach Moonstone

While we’re on the topic of bonding with Goddess energy, another good stone for this is any type of moonstone. Pictured is a Peach Moonstone. Hold and chant: “Come down Lady Luna to the palm of my hand and hold us three likewise in your hand.”

Green Jade with Lepidolite
Green Jade and Lepidolite

Use Lepidolite to enchant your life force with the highest and best good for your being. That is worth reading a second time to capture the value of what is being suggested. Simply meditate or visualize blessed energy of white, pink, purple, or the color that arises in your mind filling your body from the stones in your hand.

Green Jade and Red Jasper
Green Jade with Red Jasper

For protection, fire, assertiveness, and other warrior-grade energies, combination with Red Jasper will do the trick. Hold your stones in the projective hand and repeat as often as needed: Might of the red power fill me and move with me on this hour.”

Unlimited Possibility

What other combinations are possible? Well…

How many stones do you possess? How many attributes would you like to assimilate magically into your life force, thereby integrating said attributes with your very essence?

There’s your answer. Enjoy.

Blue Apatite Combo is All You Need for Manifestation Magic

Blue Apatite atop (left to right) Golden Healer, Rainbow Moonstone w Black Tourmaline, Danburite shard, and Black Obsidian

Crystal and gemstone combinations very close to this one are a large part of my personal daily work, and I’ll have more examples up at some point. Blue Apatite in its role as manifesting agent are at the core of the arrangement.

Judy Hall wrote that Blue Apatite occupies the space between thought and physical manifestation. This really struck me, and although apatite has many other uses, I have since thoroughly explored the stone’s capability as manifester.

Blue Apatite Represents the Point Between the Energy of Your Idea and its Material Manifestation in the Physical World

Focus on this magical truism while understanding the following:

Rainbow Moonstone represents the hall of images, or the imagination fed by the subconscious mind. Draw power from here and visualize what you will create. Black Tourmaline within the moonstone aids in solidification of intent and breaking through barriers as you go.

Danburite is the mystical clarity for seeing past-present-future in manifestation magic, also for connecting you to any and all energies needed to sense and act as appropriate

Black Obsidian grounds spiritual forces into your physical form, and into the work at hand, Furthermore, it aids in bringing the formed vision you hold in the Apatite “down” from the Water element into Earth, and unto the world of tangible experience.

Golden Healer, in this context, works alongside of and replicates the role of the Obsidian above, bringing Fire to the forge, so to speak, easing the process and protecting the magic to its completion.

Give this one a try alongside your next manifestation project or as a booster to any ritual you like.

Mercury the Reconciler of Contrast and Compliment

Mercury the Reconciler General, Appraiser, Intercessor, Intermediary, Adjudicator, Adjuster, Moderator!

Consider: Mercury is the sphere that governs not only transfer and transaction, i.e. “god of” merchants and thieves and gamblers, called by them to aid their endeavor but also appealed to by those who oppose and would foil a trader or crook or dicer.

Now contemplate the nature of the Agate to balance a body, space, or system, reconciling the masculine-feminine and bringing general harmony and – if possible – balance into the present circumstances or as directed by the attendant rock mage or crystal witch.

The agate being generally associated with Mercury I thought this example appropriate for attuning to our concept for this post. A great way to direct and apply the currents of Mercury, and a fundamental use I don’t see discussed enough, is to cast said power for the purpose of rectifying a problem or adjusting a mistake within your magical or mystical work.

Give this some consideration and play with the idea. Like any skill magic takes practice and of course prowess is built upon a foundation of failure and error. Like any other art magic might be stifled at the moment of release only to be adjusted later with a stroke of love or a molding of reconsideration.

An operation fallen astray or a spell that loses its way need not be marked out as a loss and crumpled in the ash tray. Sometimes this is true so forgetting and omitting is the thing to do but more often than we sometimes think our work is closer to the brink of brilliance if only we adjust or give a nudge or change a stroke and move a line. We simply must remain willing and keep an open mind and sometimes it’s quite appropriate to summon that which can acquit and redefine.

[Example: A sigil or its maker has failed to connect the purpose and Will for which it was made. Before discarding and trying again a simple, off-the-cuff Mercurian ritual may be applied to “reconfigure” the subtle forces and magical connections of the sigil and the operation as a whole.]

Original file with audio too much for wimpy blog…

A process as simple as dragging the sigil over the flame of a candle prepared and burned for Mercury, representing the purifying flame between our mundane world and “the House of Spells” on the Astral Plane, or cleansing the sigil in the smoke of burning Rosemary (corresponds to Mercury) could be the basis of a reconciliation spell that sets your magic back on track towards your initial goal.

I hope you’ll give it a try or at least contemplate and store in your repertoire for later experimentation.

Gemstone Magic initiation | Crystal Gnosis

This is super easy way to tap into crystal, gem stone, mineral magic in general. You can also use it to simply connect with the Earth current of elemental magic.

Your intention is to connect with the magic of minerals and allow the Earth spirits and energy to give you gnosis, or revelation and inspiration of how to proceed. This spell will enhance your connection with your stones and give you flashes of inspiration on new methods of working magic with crystals etc.

Spell Components Needed

  • Choice of Earth grounding stone. Pictured examples are:
    •   Emerald
    • Raw Hematite
    • Raw Mystic Merlinite
    • Hematite polished cube(ish)
    • Obsidian polished cube
    • Quartz pyramid
  • Earth colors green, brown et cetera for any altar dressings
  • Candle of appropriate color
    • Earth symbols Earth spirit names et cetera place on the candle
  • Any Earth elemental symbols you like. Shown are pentagram and alchemical triangle.

You can do this without most of the above if you like. A good Earth energy or grounding stone and the following incantation will suffice. For fellow nerds I include all the accouterments.

After meditation or otherwise preparing for the work, face North. The ritual fundamentalists among you may prefer South depending on the way your circle rolls. North is a safe bet for anyone involved as it aligns with the standard pentagram, quartered circle arrangement.

Relax your neck, then shoulders, hips, feel your weight sink down your legs and into your feet. If you are sitting or kneeling adjust accordingly the Point is to settle your weight beneath you.  Allow yourself to sink, metaphorically into the Earth.

Dwell on all things solid, stable, abundance, the essence of Earth energy and Mother Earth herself. Recite:

Guh roon.
Guh roon.
Lord of the secrets of the Earth
Gan Gan
Om Gan
Gan ah pa tie aye
Share with me.
Guh roon.
Guh roonig.

Repeat 4, 8, 16,  Or any block of times divisible by 4, that feel right to you.  I think you’ll lock this one, enjoy.

Another diddy, much simplified, you can use for connecting more deeply with your rocks and crystals is:

I (long as in I am) atu (ah too) tho (like throw) so (long o sound).
So without clutter…
I Atu So Tho
Repeat as you like.

Also, give this nice gal a visit. She helped me out recently, and I found her content quite useful: Charms of Light.

Obsidian Vessel for Transfer of Spirit

As mover and shaker crystals go, Black Obsidian is one of my favorites. There are many attributes and uses that make this mineral a potent choice, but the focus of this post is one use in particular.

Most reputable crystal experts will list among the benefits for black obsidian something to the effect of:

Grounds the soul into the physical body.

Draws spiritual energy into daily life.

Brings into the body or to the moment subtle energies, causal forces, etc.

Pretty clearly then, we are told black obsidian is useful for conjuring or drawing to ourselves the unseen currents useful for magical or mystical pursuits. Solar or Soul essence, etheric alignment, astral or causal force, spirit – whatever terms you like let’s be clear that we are speaking of the fuel or processing power that drives the mechanics of our spells or ritual work.

With only a small amount of experimentation, you’ll find the lore rings true. Meditate with or simply hold a piece of the black glass-like mineral and focus your will, and you’ll feel the potent surge of subtle energy begin to take form. Shift from a general raising of energy to a specific, say an elemental current.

It’s a pleasant sensation to pull these pulses and streams of power into your focused awareness and bringing them deliberately into your body can be quite an ecstatic experience. I expect I don’t need to spell this out, but I will: obviously once you are in (temporary) possession of this field of raw and magical energy you may direct it into any magical project, idea, or simple intention you like.

Don’t take my word for it or just read this and think it’s a cool idea. DO IT! A little practice will go a long way, and it’s surprising how easy black obsidian can be used to harness spiritual content.

But this is only the beginning. The REALLY cool thing I’ve found with this crystal is…

You aren’t limited to drawing forces into your personal space or physical form. you can literally use a piece of obsidian (any color honestly but black seems best for this) to draw subtle energy or spiritual forces into anything you can point to or clearly envision. This could be another stone, a candle, a person, an area within a room, your car, someone else’s car, and on the list goes.

Try this right away. I’m telling you it’s awesome. You can either conjure the unseen force directly to the target, or transfer energy you have raised or drawn to yourself. This could be a game changer for practitioners who are struggling with consistent results as, in a real way, much of the processing that takes place after a ritual or other operation can be bypassed by placing a field of intent and spiritual force directly where you want it.

There is a lot to unpack from that last statement so I’m just going to set it down and walk away for the time being. Experiment and enjoy.

Understanding the Lunar Tides

Photo by Alex Andrews:

The Magic Moon

In magical terms Luna, our Moon, is the first luminary beyond the earthly realm. and thus the gateway to the astral or causal realms. The Pearl of the Night also represents the Goddess, and subsequently the feminine aspect of the individual.

Further, Luna is the inner self, both the private mind shown in your astrological Moon Sign and the unconscious part of your being, represented by the Shadow concept of Jung and of many modern Pagan philosophies.

Deities like Hecate are symbolic of the moon’s intricate and intimate connection to the mysteries and magic Similarly, and due again to her placement in proximity to us within the great scheme of creation Luna and her spirit play a major role in manifestation of magical results.

These are only the high points. I could carry on for pages about the finer points of the Lady’s nature and persona.

Magical Timing of the Moon Made Simple

While there is much to learn of the moon and her magic, all lunar metaphysical systems tend to agree on the importance of aligning operations with the cyclic movements of the Lady as she progresses along her 28-day cycle. Here is a simplified view on this cycle and how it can be harnessed within your magic.

New Moon

The New Moon, of course, is actually more like no moon in terms of her visibility. Also called the dark moon because there is no visible trace of the lunar body, this is an obvious beginning for the cycle.

A clean slate. The void.

Magical operations relating to beginning, initiation, renewal, blank page or clean slate, forgiveness, rest & replenishment, healing, birth and etc. are ideal at this time. So are rituals or spells dealing with entry, preceding or beforehand, empty (and ready for filling), honesty & truth, mystery, the unknown, etc.

Don’t just fixate on the word new or the notion of blank or vacant. The Dark Moon and the Wane that brings her is also close to Saturn’s finality, and (esp. paired with the Waxing to come) Pluto’s death-and-regeneration. Intuitively, you can see from the symbol of the black, empty disc concepts like death, defeat, silence, cessation, ouroboros, the nexus of a cycle, etc are inherent to the mechanics of the New Moon.

Photo by luizclas:
Waxing Moon

This phase is the growth and expansion, also filling or fulfillment to come out of the New Moon and travel for two weeks into the Full Moon. It should be clear that all things pertaining to growth, acquisition, manifesting, bearing fruit, reaching a goal, and so forth are the magical domain of this phase.

Most authors and teachers today will sell you the idea that waxing tide is for gain or increase, and waning tide is for loss or decrease. This is obviously correct, but it is also only a partial or surface representation of the opportunities at hand.

Technical applications during the waxing should be geared towards increase, expanding, et al but actual goals can run the full spectrum of desires and intentions. People understand readily that a waxing moon can be used to gather money, but improperly believe this is a poor time to cast for weight loss or some other call for a decrease.

In the latter example you could easily apply the filling moon’s tidal force to bolster your resolve or enhance the effectiveness of your weight loss medicine or diet program. The net result would be an increase in quality or value of x which hopefully helps with the loss of unwanted weight.

Full Moon

The point of maximum, of fulfilment, the Full Moon corresponds to the nature of completion. For this reason all magic of success and final victory is well-applied here. There’s no limit to how and where you might put this force to work within your magic as literally success or finality in any venture is fair game.

This is also typically a good time for communion or gnosis centered around any Goddess figure. Venus, Saturn, the Earth, and all feminine divinity in between ALL have their center or sister within the lunar sphere and her time of great radiance is thus a good time for any of them as well.

Waning Moon

The decline or decrease from fullness and into the path toward newness or darkness is ideal for – you guessed it… magic of decrease, decline, limitation, termination, etc. Obviously this can be applied to the final goal: prevent her from calling, take away this desire, remove these obstacles, reduce this party’s interest in x, and so on.

Just as you saw with the waxing tide, the waning moon can be applied to any objective, even those directly opposite the tide’s nature. You could increase gains by taking away or decreasing certain opposition, or cause fulfillment by reducing doubts.

Appropriately, Luna is the Queen of Imagination, so you need not be limited by the rigidity of modern magical theory as it clings to popular dogma and the low hanging fruit of the cooperative consensus.

In Defense of the Spontaneous Magical Act

Many authors and teachers and other authority types, so it seems, will caution against so-called spontaneous magical work. It’s dangerous they claim. Sloppy and lazy, the notion has been called.

True magic, these fuddy duds tell, is about careful planning and meticulous execution. This is true: solid planning and care to attention and detail are important. A good ritual or spell is worth our time in study and preparation, for sure.

I say nothing to take away from the latter idea.

I do call B.S. on the “movement” against spur-of-the-moment magic, howeva.”

Not only is it obviously sometimes necessary to lay down some magic right here and right now, it’s also potentially a lot of fun and a beautiful artistic expression to walk into the study or temple and just start riffing.

My magic is my art, and my art is magic.

Just as the musician can pick up a guitar and “jam” with a friend or two impromptus, so I (we, our kind) may take up the wand or tarot deck or crystal or Rune and just let go, let it out, cut loose,

Unleash some magic to the music of whatever aspect of my being has brought me to this unexpected place of action!

In fact I’m doing it right now and this crude, unpolished little blog post is part of the (un)ceremony, if you will.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’re new have a poke at some of the other posts and links and I assure you it’s normally a lot more interesting and informative around here.

I’ll be back soon with some actual content.


Does the Magic Actually Emerge from the Crystal/Stone or is it from Within You?

A Common Question and Classic Debate Topic that Relates to Many Aspects of Modern Practice.

I’m going to keep this simple and focused, no wandering down side trails or diving into rabbit holes today. As mentioned, the inquiry at the core of this post easily expands into a greater discussion of overall magical theory and the balance of subjective-objective realities therein. I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks on all that wonderful philosophical maze-touring, and perhaps I’ll revisit the opportunity with a part 2.

To reiterate and expand a bit, the question is:

When using a crystal or stone for magical purposes, does the energy for this work emit from the mineral in question, or is the object a mere catalyst for the magic or psychic energy inside of you, which actually performs the magical work to be done?


It seems clear in my experience that both scenarios, plus more, are in play, Below is a brief verbal diagram that should help you dig into the substance of your practice and derive the greatest possible effect.

Please recognize (as you probably do) that I can’t prove any of the mechanics I’m about to lay out. This is an example of magical theory, and the ideas & terms below are based on well-demonstrated, widely accepted lore that has survived dozens of centuries and crossed multiple cultures during that time. It’s as sound as can be, in my opinion, given the drawback that I can’t raise the hood, so to speak, and point to each component part as it performs measurable work in an exactly specified, observable manner.

Don’t confuse the last statement with an admission of unreliability. I didn’t say magic is unreliable, nor do I need to say that because the opposite is true. Magic is quite predictable and repeatable, we just can’t be sure exactly how and why it works, or even what specific forces are doing this work.

The Magic Within You

Some degree of magical energy, however little, must be present within the operator, either by way of his/her genes or as the result of cultivation through study and practice, before any sort of spell or magic operation can hope to succeed. The question is really just a consideration of how or in what manner said energy will be deployed.

In our example scenario, Sedona the Sorceress may use her innate ability to initiate the attributes of her Amethyst, which she has chosen for a specific undertaking. Alternatively, she may apply her intent to the task of drawing the desired energy out of the crystal and then directing it from there as she sees fit.

The Magic of the Stone or Crystal

It’s safe to assume that every gemstone and crystal contains some quality and quantity of magical or metaphysical energy. In fact, over the centuries magicians have gone to great length and trouble to catalog and cross reference these energies with lists of corresponding powers and spheres.

Side note or teaching moment: When I say “energy” I’m referring to the potential for or ability to work, i.e. move a thing, shake a thing, influence emotional states, attract another type of energy, and so on & so forth. When I say “power/sphere” I mean to indicate the control center or directing intelligence of energy/energies and, in magical context, this often refers to what we call Planets, Gods, Angels, Sephiroth, and the like. Such powers or spheres may be free-thinking entities like but much greater than people, or they could be “blind” forces of nature, or even (and most likely) some combination thereof.

Again, the question used as the title of this blog post is really an invitation to explore your perspective of the matter. In what way do the energies of the mineral and its human user interact to create the magical effect to be used in the spell or operation?

Considerations for interacting with the energy of stones and crystals may be arrived at intuitively, in the moment. Or you may study a particular method or idea and enter an operation with the plan of applying this approach to your magic. Useable methodology can include the following:

1. Building up a current of raw will, “placing” this within the crystal/gemstone (C/GS hereafter) and next using the mineral as you would a wand to project and direct your magic.

2. Drawing energy or force out of the C/GS, programming this with your intention and a bit of your own mojo, and then releasing or sending the combined energies into the astral (or wherever appropriate) to carry out the change you desire.

3. Sending a beam of fully formed intent and magical will, as if “through” your C/GS (or a whole bag of them!) and toward the vision of your target result. It’s as if the minerals behave like a “filter” that correct, perfect, and help direct your magic after you push it through them.

4. Conducting your magic however you will, and “inhabiting” the C/GS during the process. That is, imagining yourself actually inside of the object, surrounded by its color, hardness, aura, and etc. as you work.

5. Similar to 4, perform your operation and then push your perfected vision of the ideal outcome deep into the heart of the C/GS. Think beyond the molecular and into the quantum field*, uniting both vision and C/GS at the most fundamental of levels before releasing the work to magical Nature for completion.

I understand how abstract this all sounds and I acknowledge that most of these items are essentially repeating one-another in slightly different language. It’s a blog about magic, what were you expecting if not abstract and imagery-centric language? Use your intuition and emotion, if you’re an artist in the traditional sense (meaning only if you use pen and paint, clay, etc. of the allegedly non-magical sort) apply that warm current of whatever it is that drives your art projects, totally put that to work following the instructions above and you’ll totally get it, I believe. 😉

* I apologize to physicists everywhere, and to physics as a whole for my abuse of the term quantum. This was a legit effort to convey meaning and not some pretense of understanding (of physics) on my part.

Casting a Shadow

This is a spell for use with shadow work or exploring the dark side of your subconscious. Such work can be extremely useful and informative, but also disturbing.

The shadow holds and keeps hidden from view those parts of our consciousness that reflect taboo ideas and feelings. Herein we find aspects of ourselves that go against our obligatory values, or morals informed by mainstream culture that many of us go along with to avoid friction and trouble. The shadow itself is not necessarily evil, though some of its contents may very well be just that, depending on your point of view.

You must learn from your shadow and examine what lies within it in order to fully know yourself. What’s more, if you ignore the shadow, as we are all trained by society to do, it will emerge in the most inappropriate places rt the wort of times and embarrass you or get you into trouble.

Drawing the Shadow Out Safely at the Time and Place of Your Choosing

I find this spell to be ideal for a wand of Hawthorne. Spend some time considering your shadow, based upon my brief description and whatever else you may know. The better you understand the concept, the more effective this spell will be so I urge you to read a page or two of Jung, etc. in the lead up to this spell. Point the wand at the ground 5 or 6 feet in front of you and use this incantation:

I cast a shadow where I can see.
I cast a shadow from deep within me.
Murky, darkness, swirling about,
This wand selects a shadow and cast it out!

The Very Magical Hawthorne Tree

Hawthorne Trees like this one are among the most magical trees in Western Tradition

The Hawthorne is one of my favorite trees in terms of magical philosophy, and it’s one of the most magical trees in the entirety of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Given the last point, it’s somewhere between weird and amusing that I knew very little about the Hawthorne’s magical properties until just a few years ago.

I’m not sure how she had slipped past my radar for so long. I place such emphasis on the Hawthorne in particular areas of practice that I really do wonder but don’t remember what I did in these cases before I caught on to Genus Crataegus.

A Special Tree Among the Fairies

I use the leaves and the berries, plus cut wands from the Hawthorne.

Hawthorne are believed to be a sacred tree among fairy folk and nature spirits. It is possible the tree is used either to guard certain portals and gateways between worlds, or perhaps the tree itself is the gateway or series of gateways.

Hawthorne spirits and all parts of the tree are powerful protection elements in any magical operation. In particular they repel vampires, which means amulets and potions from the Hawthorne can protect from a variety of energy-leeching spirits and personality types. There is much to contemplate on this point, and I’ll leave you to it as time is limited at the time of this writing.

I have read many times that a Hawthorne spirit or use of a wand of Hawthorne can open the doors – all of the doors – into the magic of fairies plus protect you from the magic wielded by the Fae and nature spirits as you travel to or draw from their planes of existence.

Of Saturn and the Goddess

Hawthorne corresponds to the rune Hagalaz, and thus to the path of Tau on the Tree of Life, joining this material world to the Underworld of Saturn and the Goddess Hecate. The etheric principle and the astral realms are easily accessed via Hawthorne magic, and the power to bring down and manifest from the upper worlds (for as above, so below) is great in the essence of this tree.

Gateway of Gateways

Hawthorne is the tree corresponding to Path 32, or Path of Tau, on the Tree of Life. What this essentially means is this tree represents and is connected magically to the channel connecting our material reality to the astral realm ruled by Luna, or the Moon. This channel is typically said to be ruled by the sphere of Saturn, and I think many magicians would agree the ruling influence along this path is somehow shared between Lunar, Saturnine, and terrestrial Elemental forces.

Understanding this pathway in one form or another and working with the influences and concepts involved is an immensely important aspect of magical training. Some will disagree here, but I believe this boy of work holds the keys to astral projection and travel, plus bringing causal and higher forces down and into our world, i.e. most types of manifestation work.

The Hawthorne is also symbolic of marriage, and the union of Divine Male and Divine Female. The source for many of my wands is actually a tree at a gateway and crossroads on a local wedding venue.

“The Wishing Tree” is actually a title attributed to more than one plant, but indeed the Hawthorne is one of the title holders. It’s a fair fit, given the correspondence with the astral pathways (and thus manifestation) discussed above.