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Incantation Prior to Casting Runes for Improved Results

After whatever preparation you prefer, and prior to casting your divination, sing or chant the following. “Runes of the ancient tribes I call out to thee! Markings of elders past respond to me! Alphabet of my ancestors I will see, Letters for what is, has been and will be!” Proceed with your rune casting hereafter. […]

Sigil for Serpent Power

Serpent Power, Serpent Force, Kundalini, Shadow or Inner Dragon, Fire Serpent These are but a few names for the broad and distinct categories of “serpent magic” found in Hinduism, Kabbalah, and myriad other systems. There is more to this than tending to the column of force that rises through your seven centrifugal chakras. Masculine psychic […]

Answers to some FAQ about Magic

Here is some content that addresses many of the specific questions I hear, and probably asked myself, at some point regarding magical practice. What is magical initiation? What is Magic? How can I do magic? Requirements for spell casting? Esoteric vs Practical Magic? Magic or Mysticism? Does magic really work? How to enter a magical […]

Bloodstone and Tiger’s Eye: Will and Power

One of Many Ways to Use these Two Great Stones Both Tiger’s Eye and Bloodstone offer a plethora of attributes to be explored by the active crystal and gemstone magician. In this post I’ll be highlighting how to use them in combination to greatly bolster the power of your magical Will and add POWER to […]

Magical Rocks 101: Overview & How-to for Crystal and Gemstone Magic

Everybody has a pocket full of magic rocks these days, but how do you actually use them in your daily life? The crystal awakening, gemstone revival, whatever you’d like to call it, has been in full swing for decades now with no sign of losing momentum. Everyone seems to be hip to the “power” of […]

Was Pliny Right About Magic and the “Monstrous Art” of Osthanes?

 In his Natural History Volume 30, Pliny the Elder wrote “at some length” on “the most delusive of all the arts”, magic. With authority he claimed knowledge of its origins and evolution. I often see Pliny’s coverage of the topic held up as a sort of appeal to authority by pseudo-skeptics, or those who claim […]