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Experience the Truth of Magic Through The Modern Eclectic Esoteric Tradition!

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How to Learn a New Stone’s Properties DIRECTLY from the Stone

You found or were given a stone and aren’t entirely sure what you have. Or perhaps you do know the name of the crystal or stone but are unfamiliar with its metaphysical properties, correspondences, etc. Not a problem. Here’s how to gather information directly from the mineral! In fact I’ll give you multiple ways to […]

Black Magic vs White Magic. Good and Evil?

White Magic and Black Magic The idea of black magic, this specific term, as the dark arts centered around summoning and working with demons and other evil entities is at least as old as the Middle Ages. Certainly, it has taken on more elaborate meaning and context since the 1800s, probably with most of its […]

Waning Moon Spell: Release Toxic Influences and Detrimental Energy

During the wane period (after the full moon as Luna recedes towards New) meditate to connect with the Lunar energies and mentally “give” the Goddess your unwanted thought forms, emotional currents, habits, etc. and ask her to remove energetic blockages and spirit infesters. There is a process and a period of time wherein you feel […]

Gnosis: What Does this Word Mean?

Gnosis – that weird word that relates somehow to the Gnostics. Means knowledge, right? Well yeah purdy much, but on a different level from the standard Western word, ‘knowledge’. That’s why it’s often used to describe not only an experience, but a state one enters into, akin to or identical to my magical state. The […]

Seven Chakras

In this current age of mystical literacy and magical cognition, most folks are familiar with the seven (main) chakras. These “main seven” align with your spine and proceed from the perinium to the top of the skull. Each of these energy centers deals with multiple aspects of being human that essential to and synonymous with […]