Answers to some FAQ about Magic

Here is some content that addresses many of the specific questions I hear, and probably asked myself, at some point regarding magical practice.

Black Magic vs White Magic. Good and Evil?

Is good and evil really a matter of black or white in magic?

White Magic and Black Magic

The idea of black magic, this specific term, as the dark arts centered around summoning and working with demons and other evil entities is at least as old as the Middle Ages. Certainly, it has taken on more elaborate meaning and context since the 1800s, probably with most of its modern fashion coming into form over the past 50 years.

I’m honestly not sure white magic, the term, was really a thing prior to the self-righteous and virtue signaling pedants of the 19th-century magical lodges made it so. Like it colorless counterpart, white magic has enjoyed a surge of interest and reference in recent decades. White magic is generally believed to be good or selfless magic, and I know these two words are not direct interchanges of one-another; I put them together so you could spot the lack of uniformity for yourself.

It’s childish, the idea of evil magicians or purely good magic-users. We aren’t usually made that way, and generally have some of both in the mix. Being a living and dynamic entity in its own right, how then can magic be designated in these extreme polar terms?

A Deeper Look

The question of good and evil is often presented as some complex matter that requires this or that perspective. I’m saying…. bullshit.

True moral conundrums are not that common on the individual level or the small scale. Most of us know instantly if we are right or wrong in our actions. Even when we eloquently talk ourselves into taking a different view, our initial knowing remains, however deep it may be buried. Despite our best ethical somersaults and philosophical maneuvering, we are rarely able to shake the initial feeling and that’s because we know without needing to be told what is wrong, evil, etc. from what is right, good, and so forth.

Kicking a puppy is wrong, period. You can’t claim self-defense against an 8-week-old baby dog.

Side-kicking a rapist from a bridge when you catch him in the act is fine, and probably even a good thing to do. You might argue against this being all-out good but can you tell me it was wrong? The victim was saved, so is it not at least “ok” to old-school style, Chuck Norris the pervert off the side of the bridge?

I vote yes, and I doubt I needed to affirm that for any but the most dedicated contrarian reader, the person who cannot help himself or herself and who must always go against whoever or whatever is in front of them,

With all that said, a contemporary view of black and white magic that works better than the good and evil paradigm, though I still don’t care for it, is the following dichotomy:

  • White magic is that magic one performs mainly for purposes of personal, spiritual development and to a lesser extent for healing oneself or aiding oneself in minor ways excluding spells for love, money, or power. The magic must never directly impact another living creature or even alter the weather.
  • Black magic is any magical operation that targets another living being directly, no matter if the intent is to help or harm. Meddling with the weather or employing magic for profit, love, or power is also black magic according to this paradigm.

Some Unpacking

This view of black vs white magic is definitely presented in its most rigid and strict version. There are less fanatic angles represented in the public space.

For example some schools of thought are not put off by the idea of healing another person so long as you get their permission first. Presumably everyone is ok with the healing of domestic critters and if they aren’t I don’t want to even know.

The theme in this modernized and fashionable ideology – which again I do not espouse seems innocuous, even reasonable: Your goal should be (love it when this is specified for me by another don’t you?) the refinement of your soul/spirit and you have no right to meddle in the spiritual affairs of another.

I could probably be cool with this general statement of values, but when you look at what proponents of this religious attitude towards magic actually mean (shown above), to me it just becomes untenable.

By this measure I am, without a doubt and with no apology, a black magician.

To be more precise…

This blog isn’t about my ethics or moral code, it’s about sharing content with other magicians so we can all advance our prowess in the art. However, new practitioners are very interested in the black or white thing, hence this post.

The reasons I am a black magician, as measured by the preceding “code” are numerous.

  1. First, magic is not inherently about spiritual development, or it wasn’t until the late 1800s. Grimoires from the Middle Ages were often and oddly couched in excessive Christian language, but this always seemed more like an apology or some sort of linguistic insurance policy against the penalties for being involved with magic. (There’s actually little in the Bible to discourage magic but the mainstream church definitely prohibits it.) Only within the last century and change has the notion developed that magic and spiritual development in the light” or whatever are one and same. THEY AIN’T, DAMMIT!
    1. Magic is a method or means to X. It can be used for refining the spirit, have at it, but it’s not inherently meant for just that.
  2. I laugh out loud at suggestions that money, power, and love/sex are somehow off limits to the “good magician”.
    1. Yep, just the stuff people want and need the most, let’s all boycott those things and just get better at casting spells to tickle fairy giggles or whatever. I can’t call BULLSHIT loudly enough. I’m reminded of the gross little diddy that tells us: The purpose of learning magic is to realize that you don’t need it. (gagging sound) No, um… (wretching noise) No the point of learning magic is to be able to perform magical acts and get shit done, for yourself and others, that might otherwise be too difficult or out of reach.
  3. If I want to heal someone without their consent (which may not be possible if they actually don’t want to be healed or get better.), I will have a go at it. Actually, I’ll throw magic out and put some spin on that ball for whatever my objective may be. Again, I learned it to use it and I have/do work magic for money and prosperity, for healing, to thwart or damage those who would see me harmed (rarely ever necessary in my life), to discern future events, when possible, even to shift the weather if I choose to make that effort. I will not use the art to try and force someone to love me.

Unintended at the start of this post, readers now have a good window into the morality of little ol’ Ash L’har. Think of or do with this what you will.

What Gives Me, or You, the Right?

What gives the magician the right to do things like heal others, screw around with weather, and put the whoop-ass on his enemies through the unseen hand? Depending on where you live, you may not have the “right”, which is of course a legal term often used here in the U.S and abroad.

In my home state Tennessee I don’t have a legal right to practice the art and it is certainly unlawful to use magic in self-defense or to win the state lottery. Ask me if I care? There are MANY laws on today’s books that provide government over-reach and that support corruption – feel free to ignore those is my advice but to each their own.

The human being may or may not do as he or she pleases and has the capability to support. Everyone who wants to own and carry a gun is doing so regardless of any law or anti-gun attitude. Everyone who wants to use cocaine is so engaged at this time regardless of the laws in place. Everyone who wants to pray will pray whether anyone else likes it or not, as it should be.

It’s not my business what others do a s long as they don’t threaten me or take freedom from me or do either of these to my family. However if they are able to violate my wishes and succeed at attacking or taking from me, then it is done. Of course I’ll consult the police and/or take my own reciprocal actions if I survive the initial offense. The true rights are always determined by the Victory.

I believe most of us are good and have no harm for others in mind. I also believe that if we as individuals or collectively can do a thing, it’s probably got a place somewhere in the continuum of life and reality.

If we can heal, let us heal. If we can harm, there are those in need of our attention, but focus wisely. If we can prosper let’s do that, too and share as we go. If science can someday stop the sun from going supernova they should totally go for it. If the gods get pissed let them bitch, but perhaps they should have done a better job of it all and we wouldn’t have needed to intervene.

I recognized at the end of this post that an entire, separate post is needed about the ethics of weather management, combative magic, etc. Coming soon.

Waning Moon Spell: Release Toxic Influences and Detrimental Energy

Sigil of Waning Moon

During the wane period (after the full moon as Luna recedes towards New) meditate to connect with the Lunar energies and mentally “give” the Goddess your unwanted thought forms, emotional currents, habits, etc. and ask her to remove energetic blockages and spirit infesters. There is a process and a period of time wherein you feel the connection with the moon take shape and become tangible; this is key to the simple operation at hand.

When you submit these blockages, shortcomings, unwanted energy patterns (which of course covers everything here!) and undesirable spiritual presence(s) to Luna during her wane, she will remove or reduce them for you. This may take time and need to be executed over several waning cycles.

It’s a good idea to choose one or two things to offer at first. Concentrating on a smaller target will allow you to see results more quicky and increase your confidence, in turn improving results even more.

For this incantation, do what you do to enact a lunar ritual. The sigil above will conjure the force of the waning lunar tides. Other points to consider are:

  1. Lunar colors include purple, lavender, violet, grays, silver, and black in the case of waning.
  2. The correct direction for addressing Luna from within the magic circle is the West. This is also the right direction for contacting the Spirits of the Air ruling Monday, who are Lunar in nature.
  3. As alluded to, the day of the Moon is Monday/
  4. Check your planetary hours to find the hour of the moon on any day, if Monday can’t be scheduled or you don’t wish to wait. Planetary Times is a great app for this.
    1. Saturn helps the waning Moon in her magical endeavors, so Saturday could be a good time to consider.
  5. Good herbs to burn are Lavendar, Damiana, Spruce, Cedar, and Myrr
  6. Use the Lunar Hexagram (see below) or Six-Armed Cross for evoking Luna.
Lunar Hexagram

Once you contact Luna’s energy you want to be with this connection a few moments until you begin to feel that your magic and your mind are flowing to the rhythm of the Night Queen. Such a connection is very important for any magic that seeks to work with the lunar tides, especially spells like this wherein you will release or gather something within yourself using said tides.

Main Incantation

When you are satisfied with the connection you have made, declare the following (repeat as needed).

Luna as you decrease, so do I, in this way.

Receive from me and take away

All iniquity and stagnant energy.

Dissolve the detrimental and remove any toxicity.

As your face from the night sky recedes complete this magic for me.

Feel free to adapt or adjust this in any way you like. Once you are finished you should feel a definite weight lifted and sense of relief. Be sure to dismiss/banish the lunar energy from your area before walking away from the spell.

Gnosis: What Does this Word Mean?

Spirits answering my call one fine day.

Gnosis – that weird word that relates somehow to the Gnostics. Means knowledge, right?

Well yeah purdy much, but on a different level from the standard Western word, ‘knowledge’. That’s why it’s often used to describe not only an experience, but a state one enters into, akin to or identical to my magical state.

The best way I can describe the difference between memorized learning and repetition, or even the internalization of a concept or skill through practice, and gnosis is to say that gnosis is experience-infused-with-knowing.

I’ll reprint that all big and bold…

Gnosis is experience-infused-with-knowing.

Not knowledge, but knowing as in, both an action and a certainty.

This is the gift received by the magician or mystic from “above” or the spirits or upper worlds. It is the counterpart to inspiration and sibling to revelation. It is when you KNOW to the depths of your being because you saw in a flash of insight or feel like you lived or lived in the wisdom if only for a brief moment.

Sometimes that initial rush fades with time and you must refresh it. Other times your knowing will be just as epic a year or many years later as it was the first moment it occurred.

Just wanted to touch on this as it came up in recent convo and it is such an important ideal in our work.

Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras and the Bolt of Lightening

In this current age of mystical literacy and magical cognition, most folks are familiar with the seven (main) chakras. These “main seven” align with your spine and proceed from the perinium to the top of the skull. Each of these energy centers deals with multiple aspects of being human that essential to and synonymous with metaphysical wellbeing and mystical ideology.

Quick clarification / refresher before we continue. Most writers describe chakras as wheels of force, centers of energy and/or consciousness, etc. that govern specific areas of life, correspond to certain elements and planets, and connect us to the various levels of spiritual awakening.

I’m good with all this, aside from the fact that it’s just a little more complicated than I’d prefer to be, in the event of a newcomer to the idea reading my explanation.

While chakras are areas along energy meridians or pathways that circulate, clean, and collect subtle energies (ether, astral substance, etc.) and vital force (life force, i.e. prana, ki, etc.), for practical purposes – that is from the perspective of tapping into the chakras and reaping their benefits – we can think of a chakra as a focal point over a specific area of the body whereupon we may meditate or concentrate in order to gain access to the problems, properties, and powers governed by the chakra attached to the point of focus.

Let’s Stay in the Simple

I apologize for any laxity or overemphasis in my writing up to this point. To maximize the potential for success, it is ideal to use the broadest and simplest language available any time we deal with the Personal Energy Matrix, or the collective fields and currents of energy:

  1. from which the quanta and atoms, et al that make our physical form emerge
  2. that connects us to the “higher realities” or “upper worlds”
  3. which together form the vehicle that carries our soul or central connection to all other aspects of our being
  4. comprised of the aura, astral body etheric double, meridians, and more, including the complete system of many minor chakras and 7 to 14 (depending on school of thought) major or primary chakras

Vital Energy for All Purposes and

Graduated Levels of Consciousness

The seven main chakras consist of specific energies to cover the full array of human experience and potential advances in mystical and psychic development, from physical survival and strength to making friends, artistic creation, looking into the future, charming another or conversing with departed loved ones. The best way to connect and communicate with your seven chakras is relaxation and simple meditation, followed by exercises specific to individual chakras.

I recommend my short work 7 Chakras in 7 Minutes, available in paperback and e-book. This booklet can be read in one sitting and the exercises within are designed to get results.

Below is a very brief and basic overview of each chakra, beginning with the base and working upwards through the crown.

Base Chakra

Found at the bottom or base of the spine, this chakra’s energy is that of raw and vital essence. Being alive and in this space, particularly grounded and part of the earth, are integral to the base experience. Survival, safety, procreation and abundance, strength, immovability are other keywords for this chakra.

Sacral Chakra

Find this chakra between your genitals and belly button, as seen in the image above. Movement of all kinds, from physical to emotional and spiritual, characterize the awareness governed by the sacral chakra. Pleasure and joy, connections to nature and to other living beings are also hallmarks or expressions of the sacral energy. Be adaptable and soft yet unstoppable – like water.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This center radiates from your center, below the sternum at the top of your abdomen. The solar plexus gives a fierce aliveness beyond mere survival and into the domination of one’s personhood and daily affairs. Consume to digest or to change what lies in your path, you are the fire at the center of your life’s experience or purpose.

Heart Chakra

Directly behind your breastbone, over your physical heart is the home of this chakra. Here there is true and unbiased compassion and love for living. This is the unstruck chord of all your potential, born of the desire of your soul or center. Free and expansive like the air around and above us all is the experience of the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra

All communication is governed by the chakra in your throat. This includes verbal, body-lingo, and spirit communion, such as with guides and angels. The throat center is the source of expression and the processor of both truth and deception. This is also the center where ether is drawn into the aura and body with each breath, to be processed by your personal energy matrix as various subtle energies you use for magic and mundane purposes.

Third Eye Chakra

Above and between your physical eyes, the third eye is the eye of the mind and the vision of spirit. This chakra aids in psychic development and is crucial for magical focus. It is the center that corresponds with OM.

Crown Chakra

Here in the center of the top of your head is the chakra of union with god. This is the place you connect with when meditation has fulfilled its task and brought you to the realization of ONE. Silence and honest seeking will also bring you to this center.

Not Even an Introduction

I realized pretty quickly that the topic at hand, i.e. the human chakra system or experience, is way beyond my ability to just casually address, especially to a reader who is unfamiliar with the material. But I did what bloggers do… I finished my post and hoped for the best.

Western magic does not require a study of the chakra system, but I believe this is mainly because our (Western) approach to the study of human energetics has been largely lost to time, destroyed by the Vatican or forgotten as oral traditions are when no initiates remain to inherit them. I firmly advocate an ongoing study of the chakras and practical application of this understanding within magical work.

You can get a really fast, effective hands-on experience of all seven chakras in my 7 Chakras in 7 Minutes paperback or e-book. It’s designed to be an immersion-by-doing process that sticks with you and propels you into progress.

Magic the Art of the Magi?

We’ve been told time after time that “Magic derives from an old Greek word referring to the Persian Magi”…

This is true, of course. In fact words like magica and magicae etc. probably all are derived from reference to the mysterious and powerful Magi. Eventually these terms branched out to cover all phenomena, practices, and happenings of an unexplainable/occult nature.

Today we have magic, or for the extra-pretentious, magicK, and no Magi in site.

Some insist, however, that we owe all this glorious art and adventure to those ancient servants of Zoroaster mentioned above. Pliny, among others, took as a foregone conclusion that magic originated inside Persia.

With neither clout nor image to push my point, I disagree, or maybe simply divert from this magi-centric lore. I kindly do thank the ancient Persians for Zoroaster, the Magi, and other philosophical and metaphysical contributions they made to the human story. Seriously; bravo ya’ll.

To think that cultures elsewhere (probably everywhere else, to be blunt) were not engaged in their own processes of magical discovery, however, is ludicrous. How about the folks of Northern Europe, and that whole Celtic thing?

The Druids, you might say, were the Celtic parallel to the Persian Magi. They (Druids) were an educated priest class assigned the sacred duties of medicine, astrology, natural lore, history,, justice, and more.

Old words like drui in time became druadh and draoi, et al., and from among these emerged draiochta which means variously magic, witchcraft, occult sciences, the art of the druids, and so on. I’m rather fond of this quaint (to my rough English ears) word and have mused that, but for a twist or two of fortune and the swapping of a handful of dusty old manuscripts held in high esteem by Western historians, we might all be studying “draiocht”, with “magic” being an odd term few are familiar with.

I recognize that Druids may have come along much later than the magi. I say may because this notion is based upon when writings about the Druids were first penned by outsiders; truthfully, we have no firm idea of how long the Druids were on the scene.

Irrelevant at any rate as the Gymnosophistae of India, Semitic Chaldaei, and numerous other priest or sorcerer classes who definitely could have been contemporary to or older than the Magi are to be found upon the stage of history.

I can’t emphasize enough, that I’m not posting this to put a smack on the Magi or the Persians. I am simply pointing out the possibility that a point of view can be “taken to and run with” by a few popular talking heads and then treated as immovable gospel henceforth, whether or not it be accurate.

Also…. I really do think Draiochtai is a much cooler word, and we should all give “magic” the boot right now and start saying draiocht instead.

Combine Green Jade Life Force Stone w. other Crystals for Magical Enhancements

Green Jade, among other things, enhances and protects your vital force

Like many green stones, Green Jade corresponds to the life force or vital energy. I’m talking about the subtle but amazing energy that animates our bodies and sustains our minds.

(Hey if this is a new idea to you check out this page to get up to speed!)

Different aspects of this force have been named and studied variously by many global cultures. I think most modern practitioners of magic are familiar with prana, chi, etc., but did you know these terms, while pretty much discussing the same concept, actually diverge slightly based on context?

Use the Force

To avoid confusion on this blog, I will use the terms life force/energy or vital energy/force when referencing the subtle current of energy conducted by our physical, etheric, and mental bodies as we occupy this material plane. Vital force, for instance, is the energy present within a living thing and underlying all other currents, such as heat or magnetism, etc.

Whether or not the vital force causes life, it (the life energy) is present only in what we would call biology or biological creatures. A spiritual being, such as an angel or the presence of a deceased ancestor, while composed and consisting of various subtle energies, does not appear to circulate the same life force as you and I.

It is, therefore, a bit of a mystery how Green Jade, Ruby Fuchsite, and other gemstones or crystals are able to stimulate the presence and flow of vital energy within a handler. I never claimed to have all the answers, and this post is about how to channel such benefits, not about what causes them to occur.

Anything we choose to do in this life is driven by vital energy. Thinking is a living process. Certainly, inspired motion is very much alive. Magic, no exception, you are reaching via the life force into elemental lattices when you focus on grounding energy, et al and merging your living essence with the causal substance as you visualize whatever sort of success you’re casting for.

Simple Correspondence Practices

Here are a few examples of how you might charge your life force for a specific experience or for greater success in magical operations, using simple correspondences. Begin by meditating or playing with your piece of green jade. Activate the vital force stimulation of the piece by intending this to happen. Try to feel the green energy inside you and pay attention to any subtle currents you feel in your hands or about your aura. When you are ready, proceed with these examples or other combinations you wish to try:

Green Jade with Aragonite
Green Jade with Aragonite

Aragonite is an earth-energy stone, specifically tied to the Goddess. Use this combination after grounding work to explore the grounded state and reap the most from the earth energies. Hold in the receptive hand, along with Green Jade, and recite “Sacred Mother beneath me, hold me close and merge with my essence through these stones.”

Green Jade with Moonstone
Green Jade and Peach Moonstone

While we’re on the topic of bonding with Goddess energy, another good stone for this is any type of moonstone. Pictured is a Peach Moonstone. Hold and chant: “Come down Lady Luna to the palm of my hand and hold us three likewise in your hand.”

Green Jade with Lepidolite
Green Jade and Lepidolite

Use Lepidolite to enchant your life force with the highest and best good for your being. That is worth reading a second time to capture the value of what is being suggested. Simply meditate or visualize blessed energy of white, pink, purple, or the color that arises in your mind filling your body from the stones in your hand.

Green Jade and Red Jasper
Green Jade with Red Jasper

For protection, fire, assertiveness, and other warrior-grade energies, combination with Red Jasper will do the trick. Hold your stones in the projective hand and repeat as often as needed: Might of the red power fill me and move with me on this hour.”

Unlimited Possibility

What other combinations are possible? Well…

How many stones do you possess? How many attributes would you like to assimilate magically into your life force, thereby integrating said attributes with your very essence?

There’s your answer. Enjoy.

Blue Apatite Combo is All You Need for Manifestation Magic

Blue Apatite atop (left to right) Golden Healer, Rainbow Moonstone w Black Tourmaline, Danburite shard, and Black Obsidian

Crystal and gemstone combinations very close to this one are a large part of my personal daily work, and I’ll have more examples up at some point. Blue Apatite in its role as manifesting agent are at the core of the arrangement.

Judy Hall wrote that Blue Apatite occupies the space between thought and physical manifestation. This really struck me, and although apatite has many other uses, I have since thoroughly explored the stone’s capability as manifester.

Blue Apatite Represents the Point Between the Energy of Your Idea and its Material Manifestation in the Physical World

Focus on this magical truism while understanding the following:

Rainbow Moonstone represents the hall of images, or the imagination fed by the subconscious mind. Draw power from here and visualize what you will create. Black Tourmaline within the moonstone aids in solidification of intent and breaking through barriers as you go.

Danburite is the mystical clarity for seeing past-present-future in manifestation magic, also for connecting you to any and all energies needed to sense and act as appropriate

Black Obsidian grounds spiritual forces into your physical form, and into the work at hand, Furthermore, it aids in bringing the formed vision you hold in the Apatite “down” from the Water element into Earth, and unto the world of tangible experience.

Golden Healer, in this context, works alongside of and replicates the role of the Obsidian above, bringing Fire to the forge, so to speak, easing the process and protecting the magic to its completion.

Give this one a try alongside your next manifestation project or as a booster to any ritual you like.

Mercury the Reconciler of Contrast and Compliment

Mercury the Reconciler General, Appraiser, Intercessor, Intermediary, Adjudicator, Adjuster, Moderator!

Consider: Mercury is the sphere that governs not only transfer and transaction, i.e. “god of” merchants and thieves and gamblers, called by them to aid their endeavor but also appealed to by those who oppose and would foil a trader or crook or dicer.

Now contemplate the nature of the Agate to balance a body, space, or system, reconciling the masculine-feminine and bringing general harmony and – if possible – balance into the present circumstances or as directed by the attendant rock mage or crystal witch.

The agate being generally associated with Mercury I thought this example appropriate for attuning to our concept for this post. A great way to direct and apply the currents of Mercury, and a fundamental use I don’t see discussed enough, is to cast said power for the purpose of rectifying a problem or adjusting a mistake within your magical or mystical work.

Give this some consideration and play with the idea. Like any skill magic takes practice and of course prowess is built upon a foundation of failure and error. Like any other art magic might be stifled at the moment of release only to be adjusted later with a stroke of love or a molding of reconsideration.

An operation fallen astray or a spell that loses its way need not be marked out as a loss and crumpled in the ash tray. Sometimes this is true so forgetting and omitting is the thing to do but more often than we sometimes think our work is closer to the brink of brilliance if only we adjust or give a nudge or change a stroke and move a line. We simply must remain willing and keep an open mind and sometimes it’s quite appropriate to summon that which can acquit and redefine.

[Example: A sigil or its maker has failed to connect the purpose and Will for which it was made. Before discarding and trying again a simple, off-the-cuff Mercurian ritual may be applied to “reconfigure” the subtle forces and magical connections of the sigil and the operation as a whole.]

Original file with audio too much for wimpy blog…

A process as simple as dragging the sigil over the flame of a candle prepared and burned for Mercury, representing the purifying flame between our mundane world and “the House of Spells” on the Astral Plane, or cleansing the sigil in the smoke of burning Rosemary (corresponds to Mercury) could be the basis of a reconciliation spell that sets your magic back on track towards your initial goal.

I hope you’ll give it a try or at least contemplate and store in your repertoire for later experimentation.

Gemstone Magic initiation | Crystal Gnosis

This is super easy way to tap into crystal, gem stone, mineral magic in general. You can also use it to simply connect with the Earth current of elemental magic.

Your intention is to connect with the magic of minerals and allow the Earth spirits and energy to give you gnosis, or revelation and inspiration of how to proceed. This spell will enhance your connection with your stones and give you flashes of inspiration on new methods of working magic with crystals etc.

Spell Components Needed

  • Choice of Earth grounding stone. Pictured examples are:
    •   Emerald
    • Raw Hematite
    • Raw Mystic Merlinite
    • Hematite polished cube(ish)
    • Obsidian polished cube
    • Quartz pyramid
  • Earth colors green, brown et cetera for any altar dressings
  • Candle of appropriate color
    • Earth symbols Earth spirit names et cetera place on the candle
  • Any Earth elemental symbols you like. Shown are pentagram and alchemical triangle.

You can do this without most of the above if you like. A good Earth energy or grounding stone and the following incantation will suffice. For fellow nerds I include all the accouterments.

After meditation or otherwise preparing for the work, face North. The ritual fundamentalists among you may prefer South depending on the way your circle rolls. North is a safe bet for anyone involved as it aligns with the standard pentagram, quartered circle arrangement.

Relax your neck, then shoulders, hips, feel your weight sink down your legs and into your feet. If you are sitting or kneeling adjust accordingly the Point is to settle your weight beneath you.  Allow yourself to sink, metaphorically into the Earth.

Dwell on all things solid, stable, abundance, the essence of Earth energy and Mother Earth herself. Recite:

Guh roon.
Guh roon.
Lord of the secrets of the Earth
Gan Gan
Om Gan
Gan ah pa tie aye
Share with me.
Guh roon.
Guh roonig.

Repeat 4, 8, 16,  Or any block of times divisible by 4, that feel right to you.  I think you’ll lock this one, enjoy.

Another diddy, much simplified, you can use for connecting more deeply with your rocks and crystals is:

I (long as in I am) atu (ah too) tho (like throw) so (long o sound).
So without clutter…
I Atu So Tho
Repeat as you like.

Also, give this nice gal a visit. She helped me out recently, and I found her content quite useful: Charms of Light.

Obsidian Vessel for Transfer of Spirit

As mover and shaker crystals go, Black Obsidian is one of my favorites. There are many attributes and uses that make this mineral a potent choice, but the focus of this post is one use in particular.

Most reputable crystal experts will list among the benefits for black obsidian something to the effect of:

Grounds the soul into the physical body.

Draws spiritual energy into daily life.

Brings into the body or to the moment subtle energies, causal forces, etc.

Pretty clearly then, we are told black obsidian is useful for conjuring or drawing to ourselves the unseen currents useful for magical or mystical pursuits. Solar or Soul essence, etheric alignment, astral or causal force, spirit – whatever terms you like let’s be clear that we are speaking of the fuel or processing power that drives the mechanics of our spells or ritual work.

With only a small amount of experimentation, you’ll find the lore rings true. Meditate with or simply hold a piece of the black glass-like mineral and focus your will, and you’ll feel the potent surge of subtle energy begin to take form. Shift from a general raising of energy to a specific, say an elemental current.

It’s a pleasant sensation to pull these pulses and streams of power into your focused awareness and bringing them deliberately into your body can be quite an ecstatic experience. I expect I don’t need to spell this out, but I will: obviously once you are in (temporary) possession of this field of raw and magical energy you may direct it into any magical project, idea, or simple intention you like.

Don’t take my word for it or just read this and think it’s a cool idea. DO IT! A little practice will go a long way, and it’s surprising how easy black obsidian can be used to harness spiritual content.

But this is only the beginning. The REALLY cool thing I’ve found with this crystal is…

You aren’t limited to drawing forces into your personal space or physical form. you can literally use a piece of obsidian (any color honestly but black seems best for this) to draw subtle energy or spiritual forces into anything you can point to or clearly envision. This could be another stone, a candle, a person, an area within a room, your car, someone else’s car, and on the list goes.

Try this right away. I’m telling you it’s awesome. You can either conjure the unseen force directly to the target, or transfer energy you have raised or drawn to yourself. This could be a game changer for practitioners who are struggling with consistent results as, in a real way, much of the processing that takes place after a ritual or other operation can be bypassed by placing a field of intent and spiritual force directly where you want it.

There is a lot to unpack from that last statement so I’m just going to set it down and walk away for the time being. Experiment and enjoy.