Answers to some FAQ about Magic

Here is some content that addresses many of the specific questions I hear, and probably asked myself, at some point regarding magical practice.

How to Use Your Wish-Granting Tree

The Wishing Tree

What if…

Surely everyone is familiar with the saying/exercise if you could wave a magic wand. The latter fragment is often completed as a question by adding something along the lines of how would your life look today(?) or what would your future lover be like(?). As practitioners of the magical arts, perhaps we find the question a bit amusing, especially if we actively employ wands within our workings. It’s a great exercise, one that can help you fine-tune your intentions and stay true to your deeper or higher (as you prefer) desires.

Tree Trumps Wand

I’m going to one-up the magic wand idea by several notches in this article, and anyone who uses a wand regularly will know, this is a bold claim indeed! If you had a magical tree empowered to grant your every desire, what would you use this tree to experience or accomplish in your life?

It’s a question worth answering, as you’re about to be introduced to this awesome tree. It contains the magic to fulfill all your wishes and wash away your wants.

I’m not trying to sell you a miracle Maple or pouch of enchanted seeds. This isn’t an article about the Tree of Life or the mighty World Tree of Norse lore, though I am rather fond of both of these avatars.

In botanical terms, the tree of focus is a type of Fig. If you don’t live in a tropical zone and don’t want houseplants, you needn’t be concerned so please don’t click away.

The archetypal form of this tree dwells in the garden of Indra, which I believe is not very far from the Garden of the Goddess in the realm of Victory, or maybe I’m confused and it’s close to the other Goddess Garden on the path between Wisdom and Understanding. Shoot, better not pull up Google Maps just yet and, thankfully, you won’t need to go looking anyway.

You already have an offspring of this marvelous tree. Think I’m kidding, or just crazy? Hold that thought.

You Must Harvest Your Own Fruit Before You Can Share

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, you can’t use this power to directly bless other people. I simply mean your wishing tree is unlikely to create change within the life of another person, absent your participation or interaction within that life. Certainly, you can do worlds of good with what I’ll be sharing in another moment, but miracles and joy for the people you wish to help will be the secondary results, coming from the action you choose to take with the blessings you receive from your tree.

This may come across as selfish. I can only tell you I don’t make the rules for this wonderful game; I’m just the guy who wants to share it with you.

I should also disclaim: There are practitioners who disagree with my interpretation (from above). Such challengers insist the power of this tree can be employed without limitation and can, therefore, definitely be used to directly benefit another without your ever getting involved physically with that beneficiary’s life.

Maybe they’re right, and I’m just not smart enough or sophisticated enough in my magic to get it done their way. I can only relay what I have, through experimentation and journaling, found to be the reliable truth of the matter.  

What and where is this Magical Tree?

The tree called Kalpataru (or Kalpataru Kalpavriksha) lives eternally in the paradise of Indra, and a child, some say reflection, of the tree exists within the Anandakanda Lotus, just below your heart chakra. The Light of the sun ever shines above and behind Kalpataru, and a jeweled altar rests before it. The sun is both the light of divine truth (in paradise) and the radiance of your soul (within you). The altar, partially in shadow and otherwise glimmering in the solar rays that fall upon it, represent the totality of ALL, clarifying that you and whatever you desire are not separate, but indeed already part of one another.

The metaphysics of this vision goes quite a bit deeper but I’m neither qualified nor inclined to teach Hindu theology. The amazing point is that if you simply close your eyes and intend to see into this part of yourself, linked inextricably with its cosmic counterpart, you will begin to see what I have described!

Better still, what follows is a very simple and efficacious method for attaining the presence of Kalpataru within you and accessing its tremendous power.

The Path to Your Wishing Tree

Let’s have a walk along the subtle pathways to your personal Wishing Tree. Shall we?

Lovely. You’ll of course want to read this exercise through at least once before stepping away and executing it.

Cleansing Breaths

Close your eyes, if you will, and have three cleansing breaths. First push, firmly but without urgency, the “stale” air out of your lungs and then allow your diaphragm to begin pulling air back in; this should happen right away. Inhale deeply, first bringing the air into the bottom of your lungs and gradually filling from bottom to top. Breathe in renewal and positive charge. Hold a moment, allowing the energy collected to surge and circulate as it will. When it feels right slowly exhale, releasing the air from the top of your lungs first and expelling the air, along with any harmful negativity or unhelpful energy, from top to bottom. Repeat this sequence twice more for a total of three.

Clearing the Manifestation Channel via Descending Tone Chakra Sequence

The subtle energy conduit discussed herein is also known as Sushumna and the Middle Pillar, and it is the main pathway for circulating and distributing life force and other mystical energies throughout your being. When the Middle Pillar is in a state of drawing spiritual energy down through the seven major chakras, to the base, it can aptly be called the Manifestation Channel.

This moniker is readily understood when you consider the qualitative nature of the energies each of the seven chakra centers deals with. Without digressing over much, we begin with spirit and mind at the crown and third eye centers, flowing through sound and ether via the throat chakra. At the heart, we reach the finest of the more “worldly” elements, which of course is air. The energy processed becomes gradually more and more dense as we descend, working with fire, water, and finally earth when focusing upon the solar plexus, sacral, and base chakras respectively.

Such is the cycle of creation, or manifestation, wherein the unmanifest evolves into cause and inspiration, then emerges as an idea, passes through the lips of the creator as a name, and is finally brought into being by the works of planning, passion, formation, and solidification or construction. The actual process, or methodology, is called the Elemental Ladder by magicians, the Work of Creation by Kabbalists, and many other names by initiates and adepts worldwide.

It’s a great idea to familiarize oneself with the personal Manifestation Channel, to strengthen this vessel and keep it energized and free from blockages. You can do much good by holding this intent while meditating with a citrine crystal and/or a piece of hypersthene. Burning the herb Rue or incense made from this herb is also helpful, as are banishment proceedings like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. I personally believe one of the most effective ways to treat and maintain your channel of manifestation is direct work on the chakras along the channel.

Empowerment of this channel and regular cleansing exercises will promote any sort of magic or mystical work you engage in, assuming there is some vein of manifesting or creating involved with the work. Your subtle body knows how and when to employ a strong Manifestation Channel, and much of the metaphysical process involved will be handled unconsciously unless you choose to be actively involved.

Think of it in the same light as exercising for a strong heart. You do what you can to improve your heart’s ability to handle stress and strain, but you have nothing to do with the day-to-day operation of the heart muscle, at the conscious level anyway.

Descending Tone Chakra Sequence

Allow your awareness to float gently outward and upward, perhaps into your aura, and then settle your focus upon the crown chakra, at the very top and in the center of your skull. Sound a long “e” (eee) at a comfortably high pitch; let this tone ring for three to four seconds.

At your own pace, ideally allowing three or four seconds per tone, work your way down from the crown to the base chakra using the vowel sounds below. With each new tone, you should lower the pitch slightly, ending up with a very low note by the time you arrive at the base.

The Do Re Mi song used by musical instructors and featured in the old Sound of Music film is a great model to base your tones upon. As you are working in descending tones, be sure to reverse the progression of notes or tones so you’re moving from highest to lowest.

  • Just a reminder, we began with a long “e” (like see) at the crown.
  • At the third eye, between and slightly above your physical eyes, sound a long “a” (aye).
  • For the throat chakra in the center of your vocal cords, sound long “I”, as in eye.
  • Dropping to the heart chakra in the center of your chest, behind the sternum, tone short “a” for an “ah” sound.
  • On the solar plexus, found on the centerline of the torso just below where your ribs meet, make a long “o” (oh) sound.
  • For the sacral chakra, approximately an inch and a half below your belly button, sound a long “u” (like the vowel sound in “new”).
  • When you arrive at the base of your spine and the base or root chakra, the tone is a short “u” (uh).

With the completion of this cycle, you have cleared and charged your Manifestation Channel. You may repeat the process if you like and can even flow back up the ladder of the chakras toning in reverse from low to high. When you are finished, whether after the first descent or following several trips up and down the spine, continue with the step in the next paragraph.

Spend a few to several seconds (longer is fine if you wish.) feeling solid, settled, stable, and strong with your weight comfortably beneath you. Find and release any tension in your neck, shoulders, and finally your hips. Imagine your feet sinking several inches or more into the earth or floor below.

Raise the Column of Light

With your focus on the base chakra, visualize and try to feel a cord of light wrapped tightly around a solid, ruby-colored sphere in the center of your base center. Deliberately unwind this coil of light one, two, and three times.

The cord rises immediately, becoming a shaft of light that alternates between gold, silver, and white as it shoots back up the path along your spine. Follow or guide the shaft of light into and through the six remaining chakras until you reach the crown once more.

On this return journey, be aware of each sphere as you pass through it, and either notice the following sensations/experiences, or apply visualizations. and the imagination to produce the appropriate experience.

  • Sacral Orange. The thrill of good friendships. A favorite song or dance.
  • Solar Plexus Yellow. Ambition and competitive drive. You are great!
  • Heart Green or pink. Deep love of a familial or intimate nature.
  • Throat Turquoise or light blue. “I am. The whole universe moves inside of me.”
  • Third Eye Indigo, dark blue, or purple. Look into your future and see.
  • Crown Purple orwhite, or clear. Be with absolutely nothing, in fact, be as nothing, completely free from obligation or attachment, if only for a fleeting moment.

Like letting go of a rock, let your attention drop, from crown to third eye, throat, and then stop.

At the heart, compress no less, in fairness, than your full awareness to a small point.

Now thrust this point of awareness to enter into the inner of the heart center.

Pause right there, light as the air without a care.

Have your being, as fully as possible, at the center of your heart chakra and allow the experience thereof to occupy all your silence and stillness.

Rest here with closed eyes. You’ve surely earned it.

Behold the Wishing Tree!

Keep your eyes closed but lower your inner gaze as if actually looking just below the heart center. The Anandakanda is there; a flower formed of light, with eight petals. Maybe this luminous flower is golden, or white and purple, or even has crimson streaks flickering through it. At this time whatever your inner being is showing you is perfect. Move your awareness, as if floating inward, down through the light into the center of the flower.

Imagine your feet touching down in a grassy field spotted with wildflowers. Behold the sight in front of you, your Wishing Tree!

This vision will unfold before you just as it should and you will perceive whether seeing with your inner eye or experiencing by intuitive knowing, the specific imagery that is proper for you at this time.

The glow or glare of the sun behind the tree is commonly observed, and it is typical that the branches of the tree sway and dance in the wind of a steady breeze. The shining altar, for some made of gold while others see a stone pedestal inlaid with gemstones galore, sits between you and the tree.

Approach the tree and kneel or sit in a relaxed manner before the altar. You aren’t being pious, just getting comfortable.

Focus on the tree. Open your heart and listen to the breeze between the branches.

In this moment you are alone with a higher aspect of yourself. There is no one to impress. You are obligated to no person, organization, or cause. Let the blowing breeze carry away all ideas of what you “should want” or what is “supposed to be important” for you. Allow the solar glow to purify your desires by burning away preconceived ideas or the things you think you want.

If you sit and concentrate gently for long enough, your true desires will emerge within your consciousness. You might be surprised, a little or even a lot, by what it turns out you want. Give yourself the chance to come into this moment of honesty with yourself.

This happens a lot for spiritual or magical practitioners. Our desires and intentions are continually evolving, and we find it increasingly difficult to be interested in trivial things that were once anything but trivial to us! The things we want tend to become more straightforward and also more about service or understanding than about material enjoyment.

Is it possible you’ll still want that shiny new car or amazing luxury getaway with your main squeeze? Definitely and if that turns out to be the case run with it guilt-free! We are inclined to wish (you know when we find Genie lamps laying around or travel to the Wishing Tree) for whatever our hearts really need at the time for healing and for sharing our compassion with others, and nobody can truly say ahead of time what that will look like.

It’s also possible that you will sit there before the splendid Wishing Tree and not want anything. That would be awesome. You’d be quite the spiritual rockstar to find out you don’t want for any wishes right now and are perfectly content, thanks anyway.

If this happens take the opportunity to pour gratitude and thanks onto your Wishing Tree and general heart region. As we know, gratitude is like steroids for magical energy, except there’s no drug test looming here and a mojo boost from saying “thanks” won’t get you kicked out of any league.

You get to decide how you communicate with the tree, what if anything you leave upon the alter, and when the time has come to return home, or to normal consciousness. A few deep but short breaths prior to opening your eyes is a good idea, as is taking a moment to feel into your body again after any vivid astral experience.

Cautionary Consideration

When you read Hindu or Buddhist accounts of the wishing trees, you’ll find language that suggests there is no distance between you and what you desire, and no time gap to delay fulfillment once your wish is known. This all relies, naturally, on the authenticity of your wish or desire, i.e. whether or not it comes from your true heart.

Add this to the lore about the heavenly wish-fulfilling trees once being on the earth. They had to be taken up into paradise because some people abused their power and wished for evil things.

What we have in these statements about no distance between wisher and wish, instant creation of the desired thing, and the possibility of evil deeds being enacted, is the ancient recognition that human will is a potent force that is accommodated more often than denied. That’s my overly dramatic way of saying: careful what you wish for, as you’re likely to get it.

Easy Sigils for Banishing and Clearing

Sigil for clearing the person or a space

Actually it’s one sigil that can be drawn in different directions or with variant angles to suit many purposes of banishing and clearing. I’ll share two versions that I use for clearing my personal energy matrix of clutter or unhelpful energy and for banishing unwanted currents or beings from a space.

Try these two and then feel free to vary the direction of the first two or three lines to see what works best in your magic.


Clearing the magician’s mind, body, and personal energy matrix of unhelpful and detrimental energies is done with this sigil.

Clearing your energy and aura etc.

Here is the order in which I draw this.

Follow the numbers

As you make the sigil mark proclaim “Exitium! Purifico!” to destroy the current form of the harmful energy in you and transform into a neutral current or cast out that which cannot be thusly vanquished.

Clearing the room and home, even the whole property if intended, is done with this sigil. The second image below shows the order in which I draw this sigil.

Banishing from a space, room, etc.

As you make the sigil mark proclaim “Exitium! Purifico!” to destroy the current form of the harmful energy in you and transform into a neutral current or cast out that which cannot be thusly vanquished.

Here’s how its drawn.

Try these on and see how they go for you. I find them more effective than the equal-armed cross and quicker than the pentagram.

Sigil Magic: Intro Rebooted

Seal of a Mercurian Intelligence above a channeling symbol.

It seems like forever ago, but I made a post introducing sigil magic to this blog, then just drifted further and further away from the topic as the months went on. I’ve added some (I think) pretty good stuff on crystal and gemstone magic but just never really got back to the sigils, aside from a couple of useful blurbs.

I’ll let you check out my previous intro to sigils if you like and won’t repeat all that info here. In this post I’ll dive right into the metaphysical mechanics of sigil magic.

How does Sigil Magic Work?

Metaphysics of Sigil Operation

A magical sigil is a symbol that corresponds to a specific magical effect, or to your clear intention to create a magical effect. You might have a sigil on your desk at work that is connected to the ideals of concentration and efficiency, for example, so these attributes become part of the environment and are easily tapped into. Or you may wish to improve your concentration across all areas of life, so you decide to create and activate a sigil for this purpose.

A magical sigil holds, like everything else in the manifest world, its own vibration or frequency that acts upon or within the reality of which it is a part. It may also be a sign or set of instructions to your unconscious mind, and to unseen forces and entities who in turn act in accordance with these directives.

Metaphysics of Sigil Creation

When drawing or creating a sigil, the paper or other medium you are drawing upon (wood, graphics editor window, etc.) represents both infinite possibility and the physical reality, or the world where we have our physical being. Right away you’re up to the elbows in pristine duality, in terms of magical philosophy.

The tools you use, whether pen pr mousepad, are as magic wands or staves channeling your magical intention. The symbol you create is the spell you cast, ferrying your intent and will to the formative spheres where the journey begins, and flowing, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, down through the ether and into the light of manifest reality.

What Symbols do you Use for Making Magical Sigils?

Any symbol you desire and find appropriate for the effect you will create may be used in your sigil magic. Some symbols have a natural impact on our psyche, due either to their base nature or use over the centuries for a particular purpose. You can and should also draw from your intuition (literally!) and come up with new-to-you symbols that match what you will to be. It’s very difficult to go wrong here, and generally the only error to make is being untrue to your intuition and desire.

How do You Actually Use These Sigils?

Sigils can be displayed in the setting of your choosing either to be seen and thus trigger desired magical/unconscious response or to emanate the vibratory effect intended. There is, quite hilariously, some controversy over this approach but I won’t honor it with any attention here.

Another method is to destroy the physical form of the sigil, thus releasing its unseen counterpart, the true Sigil, unto the formative worlds to begin enacting your magic. Burning is a popular and potent method of releasing a sigil, as the fire of transformation and passion are always great catalyst energies for magic. You might also choose to bury a sigil, send it downstream along the currents of a nearby creek, or shred it and loose it to a gust of wind (the winds of change).

Choose a method appropriate for your situation. Of primary importance is: once the sigil is gone, so too shall your thinking of the matter at hand. You must let go, RELEASE your intent and grand plans, allowing only your unconscious mind to there dwell. For it is the non-conscious part of you that knows well how to interact with causality and the creative agency of the universe, and your conscious mind will only slow things down or trip them up entirely.

Magical Invocation of Crystal or GemStone Properties

Carry a Gemstone’s Power without the Physical Stone

You don’t need to physically possess a stone to harness its properties

Crystals and gemstones (hereafter cgs) can be found for every magical purpose imaginable. While these are among my favorite magical resources, I avoid the trap of carrying too many.

A pound of rocks in each pocket is not magic, but neurosis. You’ll clutter your mind and befuddle your subtle vibration before you accomplish anything worthwhile.

With limited space for toting crystals and such with you through the day, you’ll be pleased to know that you can harness the benefits of your magic minerals while leaving them at home. Consider the following, which we know from experience to be true:

  1. Stones and crystals usually (perhaps not always) activate energies latent within us rather than giving us entirely new capabilities.
  2. Stones and crystals carried and used actively over time will instill within the user the abilities transferred through use as long-term artifacts of said use.

Point #1 is true most of the time at least, if not always. Point #2, in my experience, is always the net result of repeated use of any mineral. Therefore, we have a sound premise for the notion that any property a stone (crystal, etc.) conveys can possibly be present without the stone.

Use of crystal towers, placed on altars or in other special places, can set up an antenna or transmitter function whereby you may tap into crystals set in the tower’s proximity, no matter where you are physically. This presumably operates via the etheric or astral principle, or both. After more experimentation I’ll eventually post about this practice.

In this post I’ll cover, quickly and easily, how simple magical invocation can allow you to leave a mineral at home while taking its properties and benefits, i.e. its magic, with you out the door for the day.

What is Magical Invocation

Invocation, in common usage may mean to act in the name of, or to call on the name of some creature or ideal. This is sometimes the case for this word’s use in magic, but more often in magical context when we invoke, we are bringing in to our being some property or properties of an outside force, power, or energy.

The most frequent use of magical invocation, at least if popular literature is to be the guide, is for drawing in aspects of spirits, elements, angels, or deities during ritual or spell work. In this manner, magicians may bring emphasis and authority to their work, for instance by invoking or absorbing the essence of an elemental king in order to more fully command the corresponding magical element.

How We May Easily Invoke the Magic of any Stone or Crystal

First, let me clarify,

You can use this approach to:

  • invoke one or more properties of any cgs
    • this could be a specific individual piece
    • or you may invoke qualities of a type of mineral, generally
  • invoke the spirit of a cgs
    • meaning the resident entity of one particular piece
    • or the custodial/ruling spirit of a class or type of mineral

So basically, you’ll be bringing into your person some aspect or power, or a specific spirit, and doing so from either a unique specimen (of amethyst for example) or from the entire quantity of some type of mineral (all the amethyst, then).

All things invoked will naturally fade away with time. This may mean once you sleep, or after a few hours, or it could take days for an effect to fade. It is advisable to “manually” banish or remove that which is invoked when your purpose has been served or you need the rest, rather than allowing any influence to just li9nger on as it will.

Methods for Invocation of Crystals/Stones

Hold the target mineral in hand or place it before you as a focal point. Or, if targeting a whole class of cgs, maybe you prefer to visualize a large field of stones or whatnot.

The easiest techniques for invocation of this kind are the pentagram, which represents you, the magician, and the equal-armed cross (Cross of Truth) which represents the four magical elements of nature and spirit. Obviously, the invoking pentagram of earth works well, but you may use any elemental pentagram that corresponds to the properties of the stone you will invoke. The best cross form (my opinion) is the “enter, blessed energy” stroke pattern of top-bottom then right-left (see below).

The Pentagram

Trace in the air or draw on paper the invoking pentagram of earth from the top point down to the lower left point and follow the line to form the pentagram until you arrive back at the starting point.

Invoking pentagram of earth
Cross of Truth

For the equal-armed cross, as mentioned, first draw the vertical shaft top to bottom, and then the horizontal bar from right to left.

With either symbol take your time and imagine that which you invoke being pulled into your aura, then your chakras and your physical form (or whatever arrangement you find appropriate). Verbally or mentally command this to occur, i.e. “Purple stone I invoke thee, now share your X with me!:”

Afterwards proceed with your day and put your invocation to work by drawing on the properties brought in as needed.

Set Your Intentions in Stone

You’ve heard the term “set in stone” used many times, and now you can actually do it with your goal or objective!

Basic Sigil for Power Drawn Upon Stone Paver

More than a Catchy Saying

One of the very cool things about magical practice is the opportunity and the ability to explore the true power of words. That’s a much bigger topic than what I want to explore in this post, but it’s cool to take a casual saying and turn it into a causal agent.

When we say a thing is “set in stone” we generally mean it’s unchangeable or unavoidable. What a great way to look at a magical intention!

Magic that MUST Become Reality

Think in terms of your Will being unavoidable, unstoppable, and immovable. Create a sigil to represent whatever you are working magically to achieve. Place this sigil onto stone, concrete, brick, etc.

You can use garden pavers, stone or pottery coasters and floor tiles, field stone, flag stone, natural rock you harvest yourself, or anything else of similar composition you are able to get your hands on. Magic markers, paint markers, brush tip markers, or paint sticks are good for rough surfaces, but you can probably use pen or fineliner for some of the smoother mortar items, if you prefer.

This is an operation that calls upon Elemental Earth so any mudras, mantras, spirits, or spells that help ground and solidify your being and intent are desirable first steps. When placing your sigil onto the stone or similar, feel the strength and stability of the medium you’re using and transfer this sturdiness onto your magic by way of intention and vibration.

This incantation may help:

Into this stone I cast my Will.

With my intent the future I seal.

Immovable my magic is and shall be.

My command is pure and perfect causality,

Play with this and always record your findings to improve future operations.

Three Magical Goals

Every Journey needs at least One Clear Destination…. so Why not Three?

Way back when I first approached the study and practice of magic, I did so because I wanted answers to basic questions many of us probably have. My questions were not spectacular or brilliant, just the basics like: Is there really an unseen world that affects our daily lives? In time, I had many of the answers I sought, or at least indicators thereof, and my aims shifted.

In fact, my goals with practicing magic have morphed more than once and, I assume, will continue to evolve as I continue casting and seeking. For now, my threefold aim or Three Rewards, are as follows.

Note, these are my reasons for practicing, not to be confused with the Three Treasures you may have read about before on this blog. While most people would assume treasures are things to be sought, like goals, in this context they are actually the processes, or experiences my magical study rests upon, and simultaneously the rewards of studying and practicing.

My Trifold Aims or Three Rewards, are the greater rewards that I can expect to manifest in an ongoing manner for as long as I continue to study and practice the magical art. Without much supporting fluff and in simple list format, these are:

  • Enlightenment – knowledge and understanding of myself, others, and the great continuum of energy and phenomena in which we all have our being, including the Other Realms.
  • Service of Benefit – The ability to help, heal, and mitigate suffering & bullshit for others.
  • Power – This means different things to different people. For me it is the active wherewithal to execute my will upon reality and its timelines & spaces, to the greatest extent possible and with or without regard for the designs of other beings.

That’s about all, y’all.

Subject to amendment or abolishment.

Three Treasures Reloaded

There are – according to Ash the Wise – 3 Treasures Prized by Magical Initiates

I made a post on this in January of 22 but got long-winded in the intro and my fabulous blog host arbitrarily forbids the editing of some posts, so I’m now posting the short and succinct version I originally planned. I hope it serves you.

What are the. attributes of a treasure, generally speaking?

  • It’s a thing of great value.
  • Often a concentration, or repository of wealth, or again, value.
  • In many cases a treasure must be discovered before it may be possessed. You can’t (usually) go out and buy a treasure, or ask for one (again, usually) on your birthday. You must seek and search and perhaps overcome conflict and hardship in order to find and lay hands on your treasure.
    • Once found, located, etc. another process of discovery unfolds, which is determining the nature of the treasure’s actual contents. This is the biggest rush of all for many treasure hunters.
  • One definition I found denotes a treasure as “usually from the ancient world”. Now that’s interesting!
  • This priceless thing or set of things from humanity’s distant past, the definition goes on, “has been lost to time, no longer known to exist for certain, and must be rediscovered and brought into the light.”! I’M NOT EVEN PLAYING! IS THAT PERFECT?

I’m a total nerd when it comes to mysticism and magical practice (two distinct things btw as I discuss here), and really most things metaphysical. I love digging in for long study sessions and I love running experiments (spells, etc.) for the pure joy of feeling the magic course through me and watching it play before my eyes in the world of the causal, then finally into the manifest real (this reality as we call it).

So, these activities or experiences, at once pursuits and talents, truly are treasures and gifts as far as I’m concerned. As a sort of bonus, they can also teach us a little about how magic works, or at least how it functions, as the true mechanics are likely unknowable within our current capacity for interpreting objective reality.

First Treasure: Psychism

Far more than mentalism (see how clumsy that term feels??), psychism is the naturally occurring set of senses and capabilities manifest in the human being, as part of the psychological and physiological makeup. Psychic abilities are present in the mind and in the body. To some degree attributes are present at birth with other assets remaining latent during infancy and becoming apparent during childhood, adolescence, or even adult life.

Simply put, we all have an array of psychic senses and capabilities, just as we are endowed with mundane senses (unless born with a deficiency such as blindness, etc.) and capabilities, with many of the latter (walking and talking come to mind) coming to fruition with age and instruction.

It’s a reasonable bet that ESP, premonition, empathy, some level of manifestation abilities, are all inherent to Homo Sapien (sapien?) with individuals possessing variant degrees of acuity per category, and sometimes experiencing deficiency due to genetic predisposition, in utero calamity, etc. In other words just as some folks need glasses, some people will have a lesser psychic or mind’s eye vision than others and just as some are born blind, so perhaps one can be born without psychic sight.

Also, in the same way we must develop a bit before learning to speak or walk upright, so to must we grow in some ways before we can recognize empathic or telepathic skills or astral travel. Likewise, some pre-existing condition or developmental trauma may prevent our acquisition of these psychic abilities altogether.

The point here is that natural psychic ability, while not magical in the strict sense, is the first treasure to discover and develop along your magical journey. In centuries past the lore of the era said a person either had psychic talent, or they did not. Similar ideas were advanced about magical ability, though many also regarded magic as a skill that could be learned by anyone of sufficient intelligence. In the present-day we students of the arcane generally understand that both are available to everyone, though in different manners as covered above.

You can and definitely should use your basic magical instruction to enhance and refine any psychic abilities you are currently aware of, and even to awaken any latent potential that will respond to such effort. You have probably heard or read about the notion of developing your magical senses, such as the ability to sense energy as you direct it in ritual or being able to see a person’s aura as you perform a Tarot or other reading on their behalf. These articles of practice and application are part of your psychic composition and hence, jewels within your First Treasure. A lifetime could be spent exploring and pushing the boundaries of sensitivity, ability to project, and more.

Psychic experiences take place typically within and can be categorized under the heading of the Personal Energy Matrix (hereafter PEM). This includes your aura, chakra and meridian system, etheric principal or etheric body, etc. and the term subtle energy(ies) is a reference to any or all of these aspects of your being.

Second Treasure: Natural Magic or Integrated Energy

The Second Treasure I call Natural Magic or, more recently, the Integrated Energy Matrix (IEM henceforth). The IEM is the result of bringing the PEM into work and harmony with the Universal Energy Matrix (You guessed it, UEM from here on.), which in turn simply covers all the energetic forces, currents, pools, and phenomenon outside of and beyond the reach of your energy body or bodies.

At this point, I recognize the need to cover in detail the fundamentals of (mostly subtle) energy systems. I’ll post on that topic soon and link to it from here.


  1. Personal Energy Matrix (PEM) is a closed energy system of the human mind and body, including conventional measurements like heat and magnetism but largely composed of the subtle energies of etheric, astral, and other natures. PEM expresses via the acupuncture channels, chakras, aura, brain waves, vital or life force (chi, ki, prana) and a few other processes.
  2. Universal Energy Matrix (UEM) is the system of myriad forces and connections we candidly refer to as Nature, reality, and so forth. This includes All known and unknown phenomena, events, permutations, et al. We interact with this matrix constantly, usually as a matter of being but sometimes as a conscious decision. In fact you can turn any given moment into a deliberate interaction with UEM by focusing on your breathing (one of many possible examples). Following your breath in, then out relaxes you into state of One, or oneness with the moment, at which point you can start to channel energy from your breathing into your body movements or visualization or any number of things really. In this manner we may achieve integration.
  3. Integrated Energy Matrix (IEM) Integrating, harmoniously combining, properly joining your own energy with the pulse of the room you’re in or the tides of a waxing moon or just “the vibes” of a creek in the back yard results in a third matrix. This blended state gives you access to greater volumes and diversity of energy than you can achieve with your individual resources and is the basis for much of what has for centuries been called “Natural Magic”.
    1. A footnote of sorts: We are never truly separated from the great whole. As everything now in existence emerged from earlier states and movements which ultimately derived from the matter and energy “contained” (surely not the correct term) within the singularity present at or before (cringes again – I know that’s not right) the Big Bang. every particle and wave of reality is connected to the rest. God bless, that’s a wretched mess of a run-on. Sorry I’m getting tired so just going to leave it for now.
    2. Addendum, because two footnotes for a list of three items is just bad form: Combining two or more PEMs will also result in a type of IEM, to be clarified perhaps in a future posting.

In a seed husk exterior (nutshell if you prefer the boring approach.) the Second Treasure is about guiding and directing, perhaps truncating, diverting, transmuting, etc. natural currents and utilizing the same for the working of magic. This is of course precisely what a magician is doing each time he or she sets an intention and begins aligning correspondences with said intention to eventually create the desired outcome.

Third Treasure: Sorcery

Having dealt with the magician’s personal energy field(s) plus the myriad energies of the big, wide world around him/her, what’s left to consider? Names and dispositions, of course!

The remaining type or category of phenomena a magician is likely to encounter, and the substance of the Third Treasure, is the realm of named (and normally unseen) intelligences. Other terms for this category include spirit world, angelic or demonic realm, faerie kingdoms, elemental planes, etc.

I’m talking about those “other” critters who inhabit our world or at least travel through and about it. The souls or spirits of our departed are in the mix as well, but primarily I mean to refer to nature spirits, angels & demons, and beings from the planetary spheres, as these are most often the work force behind the magic we weave, whether or not we are aware of or even believe in such creatures.

Discovery of our Third Treasure is coming to know the words of power that enable us to connect with and perhaps command the named intelligences. It is working with the various species of spiritual beings and learning about the hierarchies that bind them and the laws that drive and regulate their movements through the ether and astral. Such is the domain of the planetary days & hours, and the substance of magic squares and the names we can derive from them.

It’s probably easy enough for you to imagine the invisible currents moving through nature, many of which you can reach out and take hold of as part of a ritual operation. Consider the subjects of Sorcery, these intelligent energy systems our ancestors anthropomorphized and organized neatly for our benefit, as the caretakers or even manufacturers and deliverers of those aforementioned natural currents and processes of force or energy.

Whether or not these beings actually exist, I can’t say because I don’t know. What I do know, and so I will say, is that our universe, reality behaves very much as if the demons, faeries, angels, and elementals of our lore are real, and that’s all that matters. (Last sentiment, if not statement, stolen from Skinner, run through the chop shop, and then shamelessly shared here as if it were my own.)

It’s not difficult, at least I suspect, to see correlation between the mainline Models and the Treasures from my private philosophy. Psychological/Consciousness Model formulae and challenges can both be found within and applied to First Treasure treatises and circumstances, and so on.

I honestly don’t recall if I deliberately kept close to the outlines of the models, or if this is just a lovely example of Princess Serendipity passing through my study. Either way, should you find value in my Three Treasures construct, please take it in part or whole and make it your own, with whatever edits and additions you are led to make.

How to Learn a New Stone’s Properties DIRECTLY from the Stone

Your Crystals and Stones will Share their Secrets with You if You Learn to Listen.

You found or were given a stone and aren’t entirely sure what you have.

Or perhaps you do know the name of the crystal or stone but are unfamiliar with its metaphysical properties, correspondences, etc.

Not a problem. Here’s how to gather information directly from the mineral!

In fact I’ll give you multiple ways to attune and receive info from any mineral you care to hold and give some attention. You can even use these methods to discover new attributes in old rocks, stones, or crystals.

In fact MANY gemstones and crystals offer benefits you won’t see in the popular literature, but YOU can discover them with just a little effort and focus.

First thing’s first, and I recommend a moment or two of relaxation and meditation before proceeding. As always, you’ll want to enter your magical state to encourage the flow of proper energies and frequencies.

Method #1 Direct Communion

Find a quiet place, preferably outdoors or at least in the presence of some house plants. Relax well and perform any basic grounding exercise you like.

Hold the stone or crystal in your receptive hand (opposite the hand you write with) and let your weight settle underneath you.

As you hold your piece, relax your shoulders and let the weight sink down your torso. Relax your abdomen and then your hips, allowing the weight of your body to fall onto your thighs. Release this heaviness further, into your calves and finally into and through the soles of your feet, until you feel the weight of your form beneath you, keeping you in balance and anchoring you to where you are positioned. If you’d rather be seated that’s fine, the same method is used to center weight under your bottom instead of your feet. Imagine your presence sinking a foot or two into the floor or ground underneath you and consciously relax into this sensation.

Now focus on the rock, stone, or crystal in your receptive hand. Reach, using your mind, deep into the center of this piece and let your attention come to rest. Telepathically say to the stone: little gem (or crystal, etc.) you are now mine and I am yours. I give of myself to you, and in return you share your secrets with me.

Sit quietly and listen, receive. If something very vividly comes to you, write it down and return to your still and listening state. Often people will not immediately receive clear and obvious communication, and that’s fine, because communion is really just about being still and sharing/exchanging energy with another being.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov:

Little gem (or crystal, etc.) you are now mine and I am yours. I give of myself to you, and in return you share your secrets with me.

What you want to do is essentially remain in a neutral state, not adding any thoughts or feelings and just surf on the energy of the connection you have with the piece in your hand, absorbing the energy it returns to you. After a few moments, or whenever you feel you have taken in what you need, return to a normal conscious state and allow thoughts to form.

Write down any immediate impressions or words, ideas, etc. you may have coming out of this communion. Don’t force anything, as it may take time for your rational mind to process whatever your intuition provides from its “meeting” with your mineral. Sometimes I will receive a flash of aha! a day or two after communion (I’m a little slow at times).

You can always repeat the exercise, or use one of the following methods, if you feel you didn’t get what you asked for.

For some people, holding the crystal or stone against the forehead, over the third eye chakra, is more effective than holding it in the receptive hand. Try both and see where it gets you.

Photo by Olha Ruskykh:

Method #2 Channeling Crystal

Sometimes holding the target stone in the receptive hand while wielding a channeling crystal in the projective hand can yield solid results. A “channeler” crystal point of clear quartz or amethyst will do nicely.

The “channeler” is a rough crystal point whereupon one of the facets at the end or tip of the point has seven or more sides, Typically the facets have six and sometimes fewer sides or edges. Here’s a photo for clarification.

Count the lines along the outer edge of this facet. How many do you see?

A chip or break along one edge can create an additional “side” where the outline resumes after said break. This is far more common than a crystal with seven distinct and naturally occurring sides along a facet.

Danburite is also a great channeling crystal. It helps you sense and sometimes see and hear subtle energy that is undetectable (for most of us) via the normal senses. I have found Danburite useful for decoding the vibrations I receive from communion with crystals and other entities.

Crystal balls or spheres, often quartz, obsidian, or amethyst may also help here, and apophyllite points can also receive and clarify subtle or spiritual energy/information. You have plenty of options and the method is pretty much the same whatever channeling device you choose to use.

Follow the procedure of Method #1, but here you will apply, or consciously direct, the channeling crystal to draw out and make sense of what your target mineral is offering.

Method #3 Elemental Earth

From the top point, stroke down the left side and continue to follow the pentagram until you return to the top again.

Invoke the powers of Elemental Earth using the earth-invoking pentagram shown above. Face North. From the top point, in the air or on the ground, using your index finger or a wand, stroke downward and keep following the pentagram in a single unbroken line until you return to the top. Next, “pierce” the form of the pentagram by thrusting your hand or wand through its center and proclaim “Terra” or “Talamh” or “Earth”! This will bring into your consciousness, aura, and body the elemental/spiritual/magical energies of Earth.

The earth energy, in magical context actually

  1. implies more than the rock and soil beneath us and,
  2. may not even refer to the physical product of earth

…. but that’s a lot to unpack and I’m not doing it here.

For purposes of this operation, you are indeed referring to the earth beneath us, to the Goddess of said place/stuff, and to all the spiritual or magical energies pertaining to this use of the term “earth”. Once invoked, direct the spirits and powers of earth to reveal to you what your target crystal or stone have to offer in the way of metaphysical attributes and magical properties.

If you prefer not to invoke energies into your being at this time, you may place your stone or crystal on the ground and trace the triangle symbol for elemental earth around it. Of course, you could also set it on paper and actually draw the symbol with a green marker if you like. In this case you will command or commune with the spirits and powers of the earth and direct them to give you the information you seek.

Elemental Earth

If using this method and you begin to feel particularly dialed into the earthen sphere, you might try the word of power or conjuration: “Paluksirra” (pah-loo-k-sear-ah). Say or chant this deeply and with authority, and then take your awareness to the crown chakra while focusing on the crystal or stone; ideally you will have a connection with the spirit of the stone at this time.

Method #4 Call Upon Phorlock

You may, either in tandem with any of the above or as a stand-alone method, decide to call in the big guns and ask a spirit or angel of the earth sphere, by name, to assist you in uncovering the traits and powers of your crystal or rock. Phorlock is an “angel of earth” in the hierarchy of Uriel, and is quick to respond when called upon.

Having relaxed, grounded, and so forth, take up a piece of angelite, seraphinite, or petalite and use it to focus and attune to the angelic realms. It may be useful to “climb the elemental ladder” from earth through water and fire, to air, and then focus into the ether or spirit. the aforementioned stones make it quite easy to contact the angelic, whether or not you consciously register a dramatic change in feeling or awareness.

You can say something along these lines when ready:

“Of the earthen sphere, Phorlock, I call.

Phorlock! Phorlock! Phorlock! Phorlock!

In the name and authority of Uriel, hear my call and let thy agency respond! Reveal to me the knowledge of this stone (crystal, etc.). Give me the gnosis of this thing that my good works may employ it forthwith!”

Or you can simply chant the angel’s name over and over and intermittently ask for the knowing and gnosis of this stone/crystal. Your call.

Give these a try and let me know if they help. Remember, this not only works for new and unfamiliar stones and crystals, it can also help you uncover unknown attributes of minerals you already have and use!

Black Magic vs White Magic. Good and Evil?

Is good and evil really a matter of black or white in magic?

White Magic and Black Magic

The idea of black magic, this specific term, as the dark arts centered around summoning and working with demons and other evil entities is at least as old as the Middle Ages. Certainly, it has taken on more elaborate meaning and context since the 1800s, probably with most of its modern fashion coming into form over the past 50 years.

I’m honestly not sure white magic, the term, was really a thing prior to the self-righteous and virtue signaling pedants of the 19th-century magical lodges made it so. Like it colorless counterpart, white magic has enjoyed a surge of interest and reference in recent decades. White magic is generally believed to be good or selfless magic, and I know these two words are not direct interchanges of one-another; I put them together so you could spot the lack of uniformity for yourself.

It’s childish, the idea of evil magicians or purely good magic-users. We aren’t usually made that way, and generally have some of both in the mix. Being a living and dynamic entity in its own right, how then can magic be designated in these extreme polar terms?

A Deeper Look

The question of good and evil is often presented as some complex matter that requires this or that perspective. I’m saying…. bullshit.

True moral conundrums are not that common on the individual level or the small scale. Most of us know instantly if we are right or wrong in our actions. Even when we eloquently talk ourselves into taking a different view, our initial knowing remains, however deep it may be buried. Despite our best ethical somersaults and philosophical maneuvering, we are rarely able to shake the initial feeling and that’s because we know without needing to be told what is wrong, evil, etc. from what is right, good, and so forth.

Kicking a puppy is wrong, period. You can’t claim self-defense against an 8-week-old baby dog.

Side-kicking a rapist from a bridge when you catch him in the act is fine, and probably even a good thing to do. You might argue against this being all-out good but can you tell me it was wrong? The victim was saved, so is it not at least “ok” to old-school style, Chuck Norris the pervert off the side of the bridge?

I vote yes, and I doubt I needed to affirm that for any but the most dedicated contrarian reader, the person who cannot help himself or herself and who must always go against whoever or whatever is in front of them,

With all that said, a contemporary view of black and white magic that works better than the good and evil paradigm, though I still don’t care for it, is the following dichotomy:

  • White magic is that magic one performs mainly for purposes of personal, spiritual development and to a lesser extent for healing oneself or aiding oneself in minor ways excluding spells for love, money, or power. The magic must never directly impact another living creature or even alter the weather.
  • Black magic is any magical operation that targets another living being directly, no matter if the intent is to help or harm. Meddling with the weather or employing magic for profit, love, or power is also black magic according to this paradigm.

Some Unpacking

This view of black vs white magic is definitely presented in its most rigid and strict version. There are less fanatic angles represented in the public space.

For example some schools of thought are not put off by the idea of healing another person so long as you get their permission first. Presumably everyone is ok with the healing of domestic critters and if they aren’t I don’t want to even know.

The theme in this modernized and fashionable ideology – which again I do not espouse seems innocuous, even reasonable: Your goal should be (love it when this is specified for me by another don’t you?) the refinement of your soul/spirit and you have no right to meddle in the spiritual affairs of another.

I could probably be cool with this general statement of values, but when you look at what proponents of this religious attitude towards magic actually mean (shown above), to me it just becomes untenable.

By this measure I am, without a doubt and with no apology, a black magician.

To be more precise…

This blog isn’t about my ethics or moral code, it’s about sharing content with other magicians so we can all advance our prowess in the art. However, new practitioners are very interested in the black or white thing, hence this post.

The reasons I am a black magician, as measured by the preceding “code” are numerous.

  1. First, magic is not inherently about spiritual development, or it wasn’t until the late 1800s. Grimoires from the Middle Ages were often and oddly couched in excessive Christian language, but this always seemed more like an apology or some sort of linguistic insurance policy against the penalties for being involved with magic. (There’s actually little in the Bible to discourage magic but the mainstream church definitely prohibits it.) Only within the last century and change has the notion developed that magic and spiritual development in the light” or whatever are one and same. THEY AIN’T, DAMMIT!
    1. Magic is a method or means to X. It can be used for refining the spirit, have at it, but it’s not inherently meant for just that.
  2. I laugh out loud at suggestions that money, power, and love/sex are somehow off limits to the “good magician”.
    1. Yep, just the stuff people want and need the most, let’s all boycott those things and just get better at casting spells to tickle fairy giggles or whatever. I can’t call BULLSHIT loudly enough. I’m reminded of the gross little diddy that tells us: The purpose of learning magic is to realize that you don’t need it. (gagging sound) No, um… (wretching noise) No the point of learning magic is to be able to perform magical acts and get shit done, for yourself and others, that might otherwise be too difficult or out of reach.
  3. If I want to heal someone without their consent (which may not be possible if they actually don’t want to be healed or get better.), I will have a go at it. Actually, I’ll throw magic out and put some spin on that ball for whatever my objective may be. Again, I learned it to use it and I have/do work magic for money and prosperity, for healing, to thwart or damage those who would see me harmed (rarely ever necessary in my life), to discern future events, when possible, even to shift the weather if I choose to make that effort. I will not use the art to try and force someone to love me.

Unintended at the start of this post, readers now have a good window into the morality of little ol’ Ash L’har. Think of or do with this what you will.

What Gives Me, or You, the Right?

What gives the magician the right to do things like heal others, screw around with weather, and put the whoop-ass on his enemies through the unseen hand? Depending on where you live, you may not have the “right”, which is of course a legal term often used here in the U.S and abroad.

In my home state Tennessee I don’t have a legal right to practice the art and it is certainly unlawful to use magic in self-defense or to win the state lottery. Ask me if I care? There are MANY laws on today’s books that provide government over-reach and that support corruption – feel free to ignore those is my advice but to each their own.

The human being may or may not do as he or she pleases and has the capability to support. Everyone who wants to own and carry a gun is doing so regardless of any law or anti-gun attitude. Everyone who wants to use cocaine is so engaged at this time regardless of the laws in place. Everyone who wants to pray will pray whether anyone else likes it or not, as it should be.

It’s not my business what others do a s long as they don’t threaten me or take freedom from me or do either of these to my family. However if they are able to violate my wishes and succeed at attacking or taking from me, then it is done. Of course I’ll consult the police and/or take my own reciprocal actions if I survive the initial offense. The true rights are always determined by the Victory.

I believe most of us are good and have no harm for others in mind. I also believe that if we as individuals or collectively can do a thing, it’s probably got a place somewhere in the continuum of life and reality.

If we can heal, let us heal. If we can harm, there are those in need of our attention, but focus wisely. If we can prosper let’s do that, too and share as we go. If science can someday stop the sun from going supernova they should totally go for it. If the gods get pissed let them bitch, but perhaps they should have done a better job of it all and we wouldn’t have needed to intervene.

I recognized at the end of this post that an entire, separate post is needed about the ethics of weather management, combative magic, etc. Coming soon.